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My Mandigao. My Home.

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Game Crashed !

It is my sad duty to tell you that I will no longer continue this PJ for the reason that the map cannot function correctly. I tried to restore the game using the file that I save in my backup but that effort failed. Maybe I could start all over again with a new map. My apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you for those who commented on this journal. I truly appreciated it.

Leina Dortzack.


Finally, the final phase of the MCP has already been finished. It was a challenging experience to build an expressway between Mt. Sampang's mountainside and the Binuluan Bay. For the MCP Phase 2, MDA spent 77.515 Mln Mandigao Pesos. In totality, the whole stretch of the MCP is worth 119.829 Mln Mandigao Pesos. Now that we finished our expressway system, we will now start building the National Road and the Binakayan District Road in order to start the development of the region.


We start with smooth ride from the MDE-MCP interchange.


The adventure begins.....





And finally, we reached the end of the parkway at Licbungan District.


Whoa! It seems that our MDA road construction team is getting inspired to work hard, smart, and fast. They finished the Phase 1 of the MCP in just 10 months. Good job team. You will receive a productivity bonus on your next salary. Well, we spent 42.314 Mln Mandigao Pesos for this project. The next phase would be a challenging one.


The MDE-MCP Interchange




After 5 years of construction, the Mandigao Expressway (MDE) Phase 2 has been finished. The northward expansion completed the 14.4 kilometer expressway from Mangkayan District to Mandigao District. The Mandigao Development Authority spent 148.729 Mln Mandigao Pesos for the MDE Phase 2. In total, they spent 215.876 Mln Mandigao Pesos for the whole stretch of the expressway.. Now, MDA will now embark on its third project, the Mandigao Coastal Parkway (MCP). Like the MDE, the construction of the MCP will divided into 2 phases. In phase 1 MDA will construct a interchange that will connect MDE to MCP and goes eastward, while Phase 1 will go west to Licbungan District.











The southern end of the MDE where it will be connected to the MCP by constructing an interchange.


Hello there. Tomas Dela Cruz here with a good news. After one and a half years of construction, the Guatlo Airport Expressway (GAE) has been completed. We spent 33.595 Mln Mandigao Pesos for this 5-km expressway. We are now concentrating our energies in building the pan-regional Mandigao Expressway(MDE). It will be divided into two phases. Phase 1 will start from the GAE interchange going down south to Mangkayan, while Phase 2 will extend from the same interchange going up north to Mandigao.

Erratum: The transportation map on the last progress report has a single error. It should have been "Mandigao Coastal Parkway (MCP)" instead of "Mandigao Coastal Expressway(MCE)". My apologies.

That's it for now. See you on our next progress report !!!


Hello there. I'm back with the details about our proposed projects: As I said on my last PJ, I've mentioned that we are planning to build Three expressways and two roads. Allow me give the details of these projects:

1) Guatlo Airport Expressway (GAE) - GAE is a 5-km expressway that will connect Guatlo District to the Mandigao Expressway(MDE). This expressway is now being constructed as we speak.

2) Mandigao Expressway (MDE) - This 14.4 km. expressway will connect the nearby districts of the region from Mangkayan to Mandigao.

3) Mandigao Coastal Parkway (MCP) - MCP will connect Mandigao to Licbungan and it spans 9.3 km. in distance.

4) National Road - The National Road will serve as a alternative route for motorists in case our expressways are congested.

5) Binakayan District Road - This road will connect Binakayan to the MDE and National Road.

Along with the five major projects, four new projects are in the works at the planning department. The four are Mangkayan District Road, Licbungan District Road, Guatlo-Binakayan Diversion Road and Guatlo-Mangkayan Diversion Road.

Attached here on this PJ is the transportation and political map for your reference.

Until then, see you on the next progress report.




Hello and welcome to the official project journal of the Mandigao Special Administrative Region. I am Tomas Dela Cruz, Chief Administrator of the Mandigao Development Authority. I'll be providing you with updates on the progress of our project that we are planning and making in this region. So far, as per our initial planning with the team, we agreed upon two things. First is the establishment of five districts: Mandigao, Licbungan, Guatlo, Mangkayan, and Binakayan. And second, the construction of three expressways, a national road connecting Mandigao and Guatlo, and another road that will connect to Binakayan. Further details are to follow in the next updates. Attached on this journal is the map of the Mandigao Special Administrative Region for your reference. That's it for now. See you on the next journal.


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