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About this City Journal

I recreate my own version of one of the largest cities in the world. Follow my journey.

Entries in this City Journal


2: Waves of Progress


Progress in the city is going well as one of the most iconic bridges in the metropolis has been erected. Designed to handle freight trucks, commuters like it well. It has enough truss power to withstand a earthquake and a hurricane, (COMBINED)

This bridge has pedestrian walkways under it, and paralyzing views of the future city.


Residents are quickly flocking here to get the future condos and high rise apartments worth buckets of money! The mayor has called out for big companies to move quickly here to seed the massive metro area.

Normally, the area would be swept by gentrification, but it is being worked on by the people.


Black Hole Waste Management Co. is servicing the NY Metro Area by kicking trash in its ass!


Will Wright Medical Services is here to help at your resident's service!


Uptown City's shipyard just opened up here. A wide variety of boats to "borrow", that's if they are returned. Bah, the owner is a filthy rich millionaire living off of city expenses and your mother's welfare money, he doesn't care if you bring back the damn boat or not...


Historic Sosavola General High School is done it's yearly renovations. Go to school, kids!


High rise apartments rise in front of the park.



1: A New Start


While doing this, I ask if you can give me constructive criticism or there is something I am doing wrong, this is my first time so assistance would be nice. First of all, this map is not mine. It was created by Izidor44 and it is a amazing map, even though too massive but it replicates the NYC metro area so perfectly. Big shoutout to that guy, so yeah... I begin my journey on recreating the NYC area flavored to my tastes.


As you all may know, we all know what New York is. NYC is one of the biggest cities in the world and the most populated in the United States...... I want to recreate it in the way I want, starting with Manhattan.


What am I planning to do is that I want to do Manhattan how it looks in real life with skyscrapers, dense zoning, etc. Yes, I am using mods and unlock cheats, but I am recreating this the way I feel, not for competition.

All other boroughs will have urban sprawl techniques I have spent months fabricating to put in Simcity. There will be downtown areas, and also, grit too.

New Jersey side will have the same, but I will develop with rapid hi-tech industry and where there are deciduous areas like down north, etc will be rural communities.

The sea will have some fabrications to it too, so stay tuned as I will update you all on it.

Nothing much to say here, but some progress coming soon !!!

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