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Volvic Islands

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About this City Journal

My first CJ. A region with huge cities, small towns and fun cities.

Entries in this City Journal


Bournville 1

Ok here it is at last. More updates of Bournville will follow!!! Please enjoy, this part of my CJ is focused on realism!

This is Bournville Nature Reserve-


This posh manor is Bournville Castle. Bournville has plenty of heritage-


This is the Castle Hotel. The hotel is in a rural location on the road to the Castle. It has been rated ***** for a great seaside



This is the densly built up City Centre-


Now on to the main suburb of Wetlands. This is the town centre with the empty market and shops are beginning to open-


This is Wetlands Cathedral. It is the largest in the Volvic Islands and attracts 301793 visitors a year. It was built in 1205

by King Bob VII-


That's it for now, Wetlands and other areas of Bournville will be updated soon!





Here is a teaser for Bournville, my next city

It will be a british style city and will also have a small town feel to it as well.


Now on to New Dubai.

This area is Harbourside. It has remained quiet as it is far away from the city centre. It almost has a rural feel to it although there are tall buildings around. There are some small shops and the residents may never leave for downtown and there are offices too.


Where the road to Harbourside begins (it was upgraded from a street to a road after I took the picture) there is this office park called Clapsham.


Some pictures of Downtown- scroll the bar at bottom to see rest- there are four.


This a very low wealth area however there are some nice buildings to make it look nicer-


OK that's it. Bournville will come soon!



Hi everyone,
As promised here is an update

This is Towerton, a brand new suburb near the shore and next to the M1 and either side of the A2. Traffic is low as no-one currently lives here yet. A high street is currently under construction:

Here is picture of almost the whole city-

Annoyingly I downloaded a tacky Sears Tower which doesn't appear at Zoom 5, just a grey square. there are 2 in the pic.
OK gotta go. Update tomorrow and then a new city


Sorry for the long wait people, I don't have much free time. Hope the update is OK.
Note the mods I have used:

Extra Cheats Plugin, RH Plop Modd, eurocar mod new instances, euro traffic generator, NAM, ROM, Money Cheats and LOTS of downloads.

OK Here we go-

This is one of two signs in New Dubai on the entrance into the city.
This is the other sign by the sea.
This is Gurneyton. It has a pridominantely british architectural style however there are other types here too.
Another area of the Gurneyton suburb.
Moving away from Gurneyton into Nottchester-Grantville. A high-rise area close to the Airport.
Another view showing the airport.
Downtown shopping area.

Update 2 will arrive extremely shortly (today)
Bye for now!


New Dubai Region Shot

New Dubai is the capital city of the Volvic Islands. Currently, there are not many islands but due to constant
earth activity there will soon be more.

New Dubai from Region view (so far) -

OK your first reaction is "what the hell?". It's understandable. There are three huge buildings, the "tiny" one is
the Burj Dubai which is the tallest in the real world. There are 2 of them in New Dubai. They used to be the
tallest until the Polaris Tower (the tallest) and Coruscant came along.

The city is made completely of ploppables, so it is a test city for new BATs I've downloaded as well as

OK that's it for now, I will update soon!

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