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About this City Journal

After the Great War of 2077, a group of tribes founded the New California Republic. It is now 2577, 500 years later.

Entries in this City Journal



: Thank you. I recently added a dump, and they are currently taking care of the citizen's unwanted "wastes". As for the futuristic shiz, this is based off the game series Fallout so, the the technological advance of humanity was stagnated.




In the Great War, the City of Thousand Oaks was obliterated by the bombs that struck nearby Los Angeles (present-day Las Palamas). It has a relatively small population now, around 5,000 residents. It's citizens consist of dwellers of vaults 221, 2, and 14. In 2576, Capital County absorbed the town.


This is the cities mall.


In the town of New Thousand Oaks, there are two neighborhoods: Brookhaven and Longsville. This, is the parks section of the Brookhaven community. It is one of the more affluent neighborhoods of Capital County.



This is the Longsville Neighborhood. It is a mix of middle-class and upper-class households.






City of Las Palamas

The year is 2577. It has been 500 years since the Great War which wiped the Earth of life, and made the surface inhabitable. The people who stayed in vaults, came out around 2130 in the area formely known as "California". They founded the town of "Las Palamas", and named their new country, the New California Republic. Soon, peoples from other vaults joined the Republic, and now, 500 years later, the nation has progressed to a state of that of the former land known as the "United States of America"...


This area, Central Square, is one of the more commercial parts of town, however, the seat of the National Government of the Republic, sits on the right.


The poorer, older district of town. This area was founded only a few weeks after the survivors left the vaults.


A larger commercial part of the City. Much of the city was planned by the same contractor, due to the shortage of them after the War.


The community of Los Angeles is located along the beach, and the more "affluent" people live here.

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