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(SC4) Oggeyria

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Oggeyria, a communistic Scandinavian country.

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Nice layout. Are the repetitive buildings intended?

Thank you! They are indeed, as the commies tended to do that.

Well, nice start and lovely to see high story grey buildings ala communist nation.

Is Stalin going to be making an apperance? :)

Thanks, If I learn modular airports who knows, maybe he'll come for a visit ;)

Needs less depression.

You'll be happy after the party's done with you (:<

The classic depressing communist state. A very neat intro to the country :)

Thank you very much :)

It's good. The city is well organized and the tone is well-done for a communistic city. My only advice would be adding a few plaza and statues to monumentalize the city, which socialist cities tended to do :)

Thank you very much! And yeah I've been trying to find communist looking plazas, thanks for the advice.



Welcome to Oggeyria! As for a short introduction. Oggeyria is a communist country set in today's Scandinavia. In Oggeyria, communism is on the way out and the people have begun the slow and painful journey of ending the communist era of the country. Surveillance is everything in Oggeyria and the people have close to no rights at all. There is a small private sector in the markets of food industries aswell as leisure. The official religion of Oggeyria is protestantism but the country is very secularized.

Our first journey brings us to the far eastern part of Oggeyria's major city. Östmark. A modern communistic "paradise". Östmark was a small town of 3.000 until 1970 where the party decided on a new massive nuclear powerplant and therefor also decided on expanding the town to be able to give workers of the plant a living near the plant itself. Today Östmark is Oggeyria's 5th biggest city with a population of 102.000 inhabitants. Oggeyria is strictly a sleeping city and one of the few entertainment sources for the people is the Östmark Arena, which holds events on behalf of the party every Saturday.


The Östmark Arena and the city centre, with the Transoggeyrian Highway running through the heart of the city.


The Ingvar Apartment Complex which is where the workers on the nearby powerplant, Marka Kärnkraftverk have been given dwellings for when not working.


The apartments around the Transoggeyrian Highway. It is here the poorest of the inhabitants live.


The Marka Kärnkraftverk. The biggest powerplant in Oggeyria aswell as supplier of the most power in Oggeyria. This enourmous facility provides work for 10.000 people.


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