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Tocoma City

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A realistic little city

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Tocoma City

Welcome to the cj of Tocoma City. I created Tocoma City that is a mid-size city about a year ago. It is one of my favorite and realistic cities. It currently has a population of about 130 000 people in the city core. Enjoy the photos! :) comments and likes are appreciated!

Here is a layout of central downtown


The start of the Tocoma Highway which starts of with 2 lanes and expands into 10 lanes as it gets denser into the city


More of the Tocoma Highway:


Exit and on ramps and also a sign where the local Mcdonalds is:


Up town in Tocoma suburbs just on the outskirts of the city:


Tocoma industrial. Normally buildings are not allowed backed up on the highway but the old car factory was built much before the highway itself.


Here is Central bridge, built 78 years ago. It leads into Tocoma with commuters and travelers having to pay a toll. The highway follows for many miles down south. The bridge enters just east of Tocoma downtown. To the right is mostly factories and to the left, is the municipal airport and the population gets denser as it nears the city centre.


Here leading more into downtown with Tocoma university. It is small but very diverse with many of these buildings also being apart of the university such as the medical center on the bottom left. Many of the students take the monorail into school which next stops downtown.


Here we can see Tocoma Central church. It was built almost 200 years ago when the Swiss started colonizing which gave the church as Swiss background and look. It is one of Tocoma's oldest buildings. Also you can see many expensive apartments and condos looking over the water, which rise on the banks on Tocoma's downtown.


You can see Tocoma universities soccer field. Home to the Tocoma Tigers. It seats 30 000 and mostly sells out every game. It is located right infront of central downtown on many busy streets and monrails. It is located in some of the poorer parts, which most cities have.


Passed the monorail line, starts the downtown core. The white clock tower is the second 3rd oldest building in Tocoma just after the old city library top middle. Many of the buildings in the picture are much older than the rest, being Tocoma's old district, with fine architecture.


AND HERE IS THE BEAUTIFUL DOWNTOWN CORE. A midsize city with character and flare. The building on the water in the large house at the right is the mayor's mansion. The middle is the city hall at the old district, with the city museums and churches and the old clock tower, the left is the financial and business distict with more modern glass buildings. More left is the Swiss church with the unique diagonal building leading to downtown, and there are also many fancy residences along the water with beaches. We will look more into all this below.


A closer look at central Tocoma


This is Tocoma tower, a brown building with a spiking radio and television spire. It is the oldest and tallest building in Tocoma from its large spire.



On to the more modern part as the financial and business district with Lavista hotel in the center, it cost $1000 a night to stay there.


More downtown, day then night:



A view of downtown from the water:


Side view:


View of the whole city. Downtown at the front, Central Bridge, the outskirts and the highways:


It was a city a created long ago and one of my most favorite ones. Thanks for viewing and sorry about some of the job bubbles that pop up some pictures. Couldnt get them to go away :@ :@

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