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About this City Journal

Watch me learn how to work out the issues and mods in my region and watch it grow.

Entries in this City Journal


A few weeks ago I added the BSC canal pack to my plug ins folder. immediately after I had to make the hard decision as to create a separate zone in my headlining city (Capitol City), or create a brand new flatter map that I could better make a city completely based off the presence of canals.

ultimately I decided to go with working on a special area for the canals in capitol city.
Considering the fact that there was very little room on the large map due to the fact that most of the infrastructure had been pre-built to deal with a metropolis I was hard pressed to find a nice area for the canals.
I eventually found it in the far west corner of the map, although it was right off a highway I decided I could make it look decent and even pretty using good features like highway walls.

These were the results. I'm still having issues with putting pictures in. I've managed to get the .jpg sharing thing down but I still don't know how to put in HTML code for the pictures.





Capitol City and the Montgomerian Nation will be undergoing drastic changes in the following weeks.

On the night of November 10th 2013, enemy forces from the nearby Westmar Republic destroyed Capitol City and as a result, the Montgomerian Nation was forced to move to its barely populated far territory of Bridgmanian.

President Matthew Willhelm the 2nd proclaimed that it would be of best interests of the nation to move and recreate its capitol in the territory.

This plan is a drastic overhall and much work will have to be done in order to save the Montgomerian Nation.

What really is happening: I decided that my last city journal was not up to my standards. The city was also not up to my standards and I wanted a chance to create a nation completely from scratch.

These next few CJ will show that, a complete rebuilding of the Capital and the building of a entire map.

Please bear with me as I make this transition.


Capitol City Progress Report #2

The Suburbs (construction)

sorry for bad picture quality, i'm still trying to figure how to make the pictures looks good.

Construction so far has been going decent on Capitol City, I have figured out some missing files and fixed several buildings. Work is still going on however and I continue to innovate with the city.

As of now work is in full swing for the suburbs. I have plotted out several areas of housing in 2x2 lots

Construction on the suburbs started the way a area normally starts for me, square lots between roads. I eventually stopped doing constant squares and evened it out to include diagonal streets and roundabouts onto the road. (this will be shown in the next CJ)

Also shown in this picture is the highschool and its football field as well as the areas main hospital.


After this was done the area looked like this, since than trees have been added to the lots much like the commercial district of the suburbs.


A closer view of the houses being built in the area. (Note I am missing some files for the maxis housing for some reason). Trees have been added since.


Stay tuned for more information on Capitol city, I am getting the hang of handling NAM and dependency issues so the city will continue to look better with each passing City Journal.

Thanks for reading.


Its been a few days since my last city journal and I've been working hard to make Capitol City look better.

As shown here, the commercial area I planned out under Celtic lake has grown very large. I originally had planned for the downtown to be across the Mont River, unfortunately the travel time to get from the residential center around Hoover lake to there would have taken forever and as a result, no buildings that were very large were constructed there. I thus decided to build on the peninsula.


The picture bellow was the result of my attempt to make my populace want to drive over the river in order to get to the commercial center. It ended up looking more suburban than anything so my plan now is to start work on a large suburban and smaller commercial sprawl. The idea being the river will provide a barrier between the downtown and suburbs.


I've also been working on the beauty aspect of the city more. I build canals on a unzoned part of the city (I will show this in a later journal) and created several new parks and wooded areas. I also decided to change the terrain away from the default and the water away from the default. What you see in this picture was a cathedral/ wooded area I built in my planned suburban center (pre switch to planning it across the river).


This is what that area looks like today. I decided not to take it out due to the fact that it provided a nice looking park area in the commercial downtown. I also went ahead and zoned the medium residential area that I had planned originally (although I never expanded on it and it was very small).



  • Industrial port area
  • The suburbs across the river
  • sea walls/ barriers in the commercial downtown district
  • More use of NAM highways (I want to build a new smaller highway from the large highrise residential area to the industrial center)
  • A subway system and revamped road system


The following entry will showcase some of my more down to earth locations in Capitol City, most of these pictures will involve the Celtic lake area.

The Artisan District:

Built along Hoover Lake, the Artisan district showcases bright buildings and hotels. Many of the cities rich live in this district. Shown in this picture is the Harper Building, which operates a luxury hotel out of it and a bed and breakfast. Next door is the Utopia Tower, home to some of the best views of downtown Capitol in the city.


Celtic Lake Area

Shown here is the Celtic lake middle to upper class neighborhood which is slowly developing into a calm suburban area. Served by the cities top school district and the cities largest hospital, the Capitol City Regional Medical center, the standard of living is very high here.

Shown here is the districts walkway, which has since inspired other projects in other districts that will be shown later.


The Capitol City Regional Medical center and Celtic Lake School District:

Shown here is the showcase of the standard of living for the people of Capitol City. The CCRM currently holds up to 60,000 sick and is filled at this moment with about 20,000 sick sims. Also included off campus is a Medical School which offers hands on learning...

The Celtic School district owns a very large tract of land just outside of the main zoned suburbs, the zone includes a forest for biology and other science classes to visit, a football field, and a outdoor tennis court.blogentry-342654-0-58870500-1386029793_t

More to come later, i'm working on several new districts.


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