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About this City Journal

Follow the tale of 20 foreclosed men from Franklin County attempt to establish a new life on Bluff Island. Along the way, they will encounter the destruction of their ship, the discovery of...

Entries in this City Journal

Patricius Maximus

Well, I announce here what you might call the death of Bluff Island. It died because of lack of time and interest in updating the city journal. I simply do not have the time nor the extremely high vitality needed to update three city journals simultaneously. I have not lost interest in the plot, however, so it will be re-incorporated into Franklin County, my other and most successful city journal. The spinoff has been spun back in.

In a nutshell, the plot and region of Bluff Island will be assimilated by Franklin County effective immediately.

Thanks to all the fans. You can still follow their adventure in Franklin County.

- Patricius Maximus

Patricius Maximus


n-m-2k8-yeah: Thank you.

Raft Point continues to grow, and more and more companies are siezing the opportunity of the decade for cheap land and huge profits, including heavy industry...




...and for the first time in Bluff Island's history, retailers:



There is even a gas station near the dock. Currently Raft Point's population has passed 100, and has stimulated the homebuilders, and created new opportunity for them, where it had been exhausted in Franklin.

The island has also peeked the interest of Patrician Holding Company, and there are rumors they have clandestinely sent reconnaisance teams to scout for minerals. The idea is that if minerals are discovered, PHC will buy the land over them. So far PHC has declined to comment on the rumors, but it is an interesting idea.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus

Well, from the announcement at the forums, many of you are aware that Bluff Island is moving to the new CJ section. I have examined the state of Bluff Island very carefully, and I believe it would be suited to this format. Furthur updates will be here, and replies to the previous update in the forums as well as here will be responded to in the next update.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus

Time passes. After one month, drilling for oil commences, and it is exported out of the island to be refined.


More people come to Raft Point, and soon Bluff Island is refining its own oil and exporting it:


The population has more than doubled to over 50, and many of them have taken up residency here:


And, lastly, a close-up of the new industrial development:


Bluff Island is growing, and due to the influence of crude oil, growing rapidly.

I know that Bluff Island hasn't been updated in 20 days, and I apologize for the long absence. It is due to the fact that I've been rather busy through March, and this is a secondary CJ for me (FC and the Patrician Showcase have priority), so it has gone unupdated.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus

At Bluff Island, drilling has started in the place, now christened "Carbon Bay".


There is a road going from the main settlement to the drilling sites, starting here:


At Carbon bay, the road turns upwards:



And here is the actual drilling site:


The VO team is monitoring the drills closely, looking for any sign of hydrocarbon fuel deposits...


...however, at the above drilling rig, something has come up out of the shaft that is a viscious black liquid.

The VO team has sampled it, and found that it was... crude oil.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus

Time Passes

Since the last update, about 60 days has passed in Bluff Island. The Virgin Oil team has set out to look for fossil fuel deposits, and the colony has become self-sustaning where food is concerned, with their staple food being fish.

There is also a ferry terminal for a sea link to the outside world:


Lastly, the VO team, exploring the mountains, has detected extensive carbon deposits around this area:


Will this mean oil, gas, coal, or another fuel altogether, and a source of revenue for the colony? Find out in the next update, part of a three-update coordinated event, beginning with the 150th update for Franklin.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus

After the landing, the Franklinite government sent the colonists a resupply of everything they took on their ship, and the colony is shaping up as planned.

Here's where they landed, now being dubbed Raft Point:


They've cleared a road, set up a few houses, and even constructed a solar panel, to provide power:


And a far-out view:


With the resupply from Franklin, it is as if the shipwreck in the Atlantic never happened. Slowly but surely, the colonists are establishing their colony. It is hoped that Bluff Island will have a booming future.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus

The Landing

All looked lost for the expedition. But, hope was in sight.


Over their position, the departing winds of the storm intersected with a high pressure system, creating a pressure gradient which produced a wind which blew them towards Bluff Island.

The men in the expedition noticed this, and then tried to contact Franklin via radio. They got a response from the Franklinite search-and-rescue forces. The men said they don't wish to be rescued, since they're heading towards their target, but they would like to be monitored.

They immediately sent a fleet of planes to track their movements, as well as the wind:


Luckilly, the winds continued, gently pushing them towards Bluff Island.

They arrived on the beach, waving to the airplane as it departed with the news of their successful arrival:


They may have arrived successfully, but they need aid from the Franklinite government to successfully set up their colony, and begin a new home on Bluff Island.

Their success seems more likely now, pushing BVE stock higher, but whether the colony will be successful remains to be seen.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus

The Storm

Don't worry, I'm still here. Bluff Island will be updated less often than Franklin County, most often an update every 10 days, or a pair of updates every 10 days.

Now, back to the storyline of the Bluff Ventures expedition.

An Atlantic storm, which has quickly formed off the coast of the Eastern United States, is heading northwest towards Greenland, and towards the expedition:


The equipment aboard the ship can detect an incoming storm, but they cannot outrun it. They have to try to endure it and come out in one piece:



Enduring 140 kph winds and waves tens of feet high, the men secure themselves:


After the ship was almost broke apart, the last major rain band passes through, and the men come out, and gaze at the departing storm:


Using GPS systems, the crew found they were blown 180 kilometers off course. They correct their course, and engage engines. Then something happens.

All the engines, which were damaged by the storm, explode, breaking the weakened ship apart. One of the Virgin Oil people calls for the crew to abandon ship.

They lower life rafts, and abandon the vessel:


Some take their radios and GPS systems with them, which will prove invaluable.

The men look on as their ship sinks into the deep waters of the North Atlantic:


More than 20 people in 5 life boats, with only a radio and GPS unit, are adrift in the North Atlantic, in the shadow of a vicious storm, more than 100 kilometers from Bluff Island...

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus

Well, I think Bluff Island is off to a good start, and I will work to keep it that way. Before any more updates come, however, there must be an introduction. This is that introduction.

Bluff Ventures is, as you know, the joint stock company that is financing and sending the expedition to Bluff Island. The company is listed on the Franklin County Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol BVE, and is currently trading at around 18 AFD per share.

Below is a chart of the stock price since the initial listing:


The Franklin Assembly has passed legislation recognizing Bluff Venture's ownership of Bluff Island, and entitling it to the protection of the Franklinite government.

BVE has also signed a deal with Virgin Oil (VO), to send a 5 man team to Bluff Island, to search for oil and minerals. If any are found, BVE will get 10 percent of the profits from them.

For those who don't know, Virgin Oil is the oil company of Virgin Shores, a CJ authored by Deathtopumpkins, a regular replier in all of my CJs, as well as a fellow member in the Alliance of Fuel Developing and Exporting States (AFDES).

For obvious reasons, Bluff Island is not an AFDES member state, since it is under the protection of Franklin County.

Now for some geographical information.

Bluff Island is an uninhabited island 14 kilometers long, about 500 kilometers from Franklin. Here are their locations on a world map:


Bluff Island is closer to Canada than Franklin is, and is part of the overall group of islands Franklin is in in the North Atlantic.

Bluff Island, like Franklin County, is warmed up by the Gulf Stream, and has a climate similar to Southern England.

The geological history of Bluff Island is like many other islands in the North Atlantic, formed by volcanism. Bluff Island first broke through the ocean surface 42 million years ago. For 15 million more years, the volcano erupted periodically and grew the island until the volcano went extinct.

Since then, erosion has acted on the island, in some places revealing the hard metamorphic rock beneath the surface. Geologists believe that rock may contain precious minerals, so the Virgin Oil crew could have a chance of success in their venture.

That's all for the introduction.

In the next update, something significant will happen to the expedition in the North Atlantic, something which could change the entire focus of the settlement on Bluff Island.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

Patricius Maximus



Those who follow Franklin County may have seen some hints of this in the last few updates. For those who are new to Franklin's history, a recap.

The current economic crisis in Franklin has hit the stock market, the economy, and the housing sector. Interest rates moving higher caused an increase in payments of adjustable rate mortgages. The inhabitants were unable to make the new payments, and so they were foreclosed upon.

In one such area, on Bluff Street in Forest Bluff, twenty men that were recently rendered homeless are tired of their lives in Franklin County. They wish a new start, a new opportunity for themselves.

The men invested all the money they had left into a joint stock company, Bluff Ventures LLC. They have recieved enough funds to finance an expedition to an uninhabited island 500 kilometers from Franklin County, christened Bluff Island:


The twenty men set out on a ship towards the island, along with a 5 man crew from Virgin Oil, to search for oil and minerals on the island:


What awaits them in the depths of the North Atlantic, and the island, remains to be seen.

Please post comments, suggestions, and questions.

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