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About this City Journal

Congratulations! Welcome to Texca University. Your admission application has been approved! Come see our REAL lectures on Urban Planning

Entries in this City Journal


Great Kingdom of


As a great institution of learning and culture throughout our history, Texca University continues to be the leader in prestige and education throughout the Simworld. Today, the university proudly presents to the public a new lecture series from the College of Urban Planning and Design.


Welcome to the Texca University Public University Lectures Series. We hope this program will bring insight to your mind and some new learning of things or places not before thought of.


In our lovely campus we have several colleges. This series will be led by the College of Urban Planning and Design. Enjoy!


Welcome to Lecture 1 of the Urban Planning and Design department.

We have several lectures that will be coming from this department. Today's lecture will focus on the urban design phenomenon known as Breaks.

The following lectures will available in the coming weeks:

1. Breaks

2. Nodes

3. Edges

4. Urban Renewal

5. Urban Sprawl

Once past these lectures, more will be posted. Lets begin!

​We will first begin with defining what a Break is. You have seen these breaks everywhere in your maps, many times. As city enthusiasts, we study the city, we define the city, we design the city. In this design, we have a certain grid pattern. In Downtown Texca Hills, the pattern looks like this:


This pattern is typically known as Gridiron or Grid, as it's commonly called. The grid pattern is very square and whether facing north-south or north-west to south-east, the pattern is always in a box like shape. There are curves and cuts here and there, but most of the pattern is similar.

How do we identify a break? A Break occurs wherever any street pattern is broken and the grid or any other pattern changes dramatically, as done by Avenue of the Hills:


Avenue of the Hills acts as a break in downtown. South of the street, the pattern is north-south. When those streets reach Avenue of the Hills, the grid pattern changes to east-west. Remember, in order for a street to be a break, the entire pattern must change, not just one street's change.

So on this map, here is an example of what is not a break:


Crossfields Blvd is a diagonal street that cuts through downtown but is not a break. With the exception of one street, Crossfields does not "break" the street pattern, neither does the grid change dramatically. Even if the street is diagonal, it can still be a break, but not in this case.

As you continue to design your cities, keep in mind this natural phenomenon. It is not just designed. Breaks are usually in place where a town began to grow dramatically and altered its course. Most cities began along shores, but when they grew inland, breaks began to occur to accommodate for this growth.

Take a look at any city maps, and you will find breaks. Can you spot the many breaks in the Central Quadrant?


Thats all for breaks! We hope you learned something valuable in urban design today. Reply with examples of breaks from your cities, as proof of your Break awareness. See you next lecture. Class dismissed!



Great Kingdom of


It is now time to get to know the great heart of Texca Hills. The city center, the central business district, the crossroads, downtown, are all adjectives to be thought about when the heart of the city springs up in our minds. Great things occur in these areas such as governmental actions, business deals, office tasks, and the natural falling in love with a great metropolis. Come along and get lost within the Central Quadrant and Downtown in the Hills of Texca.


As a refresher, this older capital map shows where there central quadrant and Downtown is.


Can you hear the traffic? The scent of newspaper, the breeze of buses, the brightness of office towers? The dynamic city center brings to the citizen interactivity, and alertness.


Topplesaw Gardens broke through its old boundaries that the Garden City model had provided for it back in the early 20th century, and grew into what is known today as the "vertical forest".


Escape. Escape into the coastline and its pristine waters. But not for too long, the office awaits the worker's diligent completed tasks.


A jungle of glass, concrete, and steel? What else would anyone need in order to survive in a living, breathing, organic megalopolis.


The sweet Village of Taultepek. Here is where people live and play, where the commuter disembarks into the urban heavens, where the Hills welcome and call out to its sons and daughters.


Sometimes, a different perspective must be taken to rediscover the beauty in what one sees on a daily basis and is already in love with.


The intellectuals can be slowed down by uncontrollable circumstances at times, but these slower days can help as a reflective and quiet time, amongst the orderly chaos of the city.


Layuna encompasses both the urban life, and the coastal living, yearned by many, but only attained by a few.


If the ocean breeze and sweet mist of the waves are a factor of necessity in a life, South Coast has always adopted the new member, arriving from an urban complex that can make a person strong and orderly, but worn and tired at times.


In a great display of national pride, the Royal Hills National Plaza displays true leadership and great royalty that the Great Kingdom has entailed for centuries.


Some mornings, Taultepek is covered in fine frozen dust from the sky. This only shows the hard work ethic its community has, and the vitality of the traveler, whatever the beautiful circumstance.


Stuck inside a cubicle, high in the sky, the day seems to drag on. But just as it can no longer be tolerable, a white fluff floats down from the clouds, and past the tall windows of the office. Excitement builds, and going home to a warm fire never seemed more appropriate.


Cottonwood Fields are still that, fields. Only now a days, those rolling fields are dressed in sky scraping collectives, that are the trend this season.


Even if the sky is gloomy, the towering walls and repetitive patterns call out to the occupant, to arrive and make those walls useful and to have a meaning. Without the people, a city is just a complex arrangement. With the people, the city is alive, and the heart of a breathing, healthy, and powerful Kingdom.

Get lost in Texca Hills. The royal motto can also become true in your life. Your life in the city, where you can one day "Discover Yourself".



Great Kingdom of


Throughout the last centuries,
Texca Hills
has remained in
constant nurture
to its people and culture. Just like in a
, the
has always kept record of the various occurrences that have happened through its many years of existence.

For many decades, the
kept these archives, historical artifacts, and other royal jewels and articles
hidden away
from the public. This was to protect them from burglary or other issues. In
, the crown decided it was time to
reveal these treasures
and share them with the people they represented, the people of Texca Hills

, the city had designated a small building as the
Texca Hills Historical Society
, which eventually great to 13 museums and a large museum district by 2000.

Welcome to this great part of the capital,
The Museum District
, and enjoy its forestry and peaceful education.


The Texca Hills Museum District logo was adopted in 1974, and was revised in 1998, 2003, and 2013.


A clearly visible, forest wrapped district, the Museum District encompasses 13 museums, and has its own private road for lower traffic flow.


Here in the district map with a numerical identification of various museums:

1. Texca Hills Historical Society

2. Royal Education Art Piece

3. Hills Aquatic Center for the Arts

4. Texca Museum of Architecture

5. Kingdom Museum of National Archives

6. Texca Hills National History Museum

7. Museum for the Language Studies

8. East Side Aquarium

9. Asian-Texcan Museum of the Education

10. National Registry of the Family

​11. Royal War Museum and Archives

12. Royal Hills Maritime Inquiry

13. Texca Hills Fishery and Game Research Association

14. Kingdom of Texca Hills Royal Archives and History Museum


Freeway access to the district bring people from all across the city


Settled deeply in protected forested areas, there are common public spaces for people to rest between the museums to lunch, reflect, and rest.


The National Archives house the Royal Charter, the Royal family lineage, and is frequently visited by members of the Royal Family.


To provide an enhanced experience, a fountain containing roundabout was donated by the Klapp Family in 1898.


The Kingdom of Texca Hills Royal Archives and History Museum houses documents and information on the nation dating back to 1215 AD, when the hills of Texca were declared a sovereign kingdom.


More districts, zones, and weird grids to come!



Great Kingdom of


Welcome to the great city of Texca Hills. This is where the heartbeat begins and ends. The city is a breathing, living, stream of activity and thought, and must be showcased to bring the best of the best to the world stage. The hilly terrain is setting to much activity. Let us begin your journey as you "Discover Yourself".


Downtown is the place where all activity comes together and explodes as it collides with itself. Both the Kingdom and city offices are located in the Texca Hills Tower and Hills Building, respectively.


The Royal Texca Hills National University, or R NU, is the oldest university in the Kingdom. Established by a group of protestant clergy in 1096, the Royal University has contributed majorly to the successful progress of the city and nation. All past monarchs have attended and graduated from this university, as well as the current monarch, King Navid.


The beaches of Texca Hills have been crowded by the development over many years. Room is scarce, and property values are extremely high to live both the city and resort life.


​In a large metropolis like is Texca Hills, people must get to their destinations as soon as possible. The Metro system offers this through elevated rail, subways, and just recently, cross regional monorail.


Some errands are ran faster in a car, and for this, the excellent freeway system is open for business, but only if your taxes are paid!


No relevant city is complete without its central rail station. The Texca Hills Grand Union Station brings all the elevated rail and monorail systems together. People commuting from other quadrants and from across the country arrive here, to the heart of the city, and transfer to their local lines.


Ready to pick up? Come around the back terminal!


Now arriving: A Line


Morning commuters ready to board

Texca Hills has much going on. Need to get somewhere? Hop onboard! Bored? Come over to Downtown and get ready for a night of entertainment! Need to fulfill your Educated Citizen requirement? Apply to R NU! Need a friend? There's 1,000,000 people here! One of them is willing!

Whatever the case, everyone can find what they're looking for nestled in the Hills of Texca. Welcome to our playground, workplace, our home, and Discover Yourself!




Welcome to the Royal Great Kingdom of Texca Hills!

A few years ago, the entire Kingdom of Texca Hills suffered through a large disaster, the Coco's Earthquake. It has taken much effort to rebuild, but the city of Texca Hills has come through it all, showing its strength and resilience. Now, the much of what was destroyed has been rebuilt or demolished.

Much of the buildings in the city itself were spared because of excellent and very strict earthquaked codes. Now, the city is ready to begin expanding and mange the incredible growth it's going through.

As much as Texca Hills is a city, it is also a kingdom, and this adds much more responsibility to any city that not only is a living entity, but also a powerful capitol.


Texca Hills has developed a very clear system of organization. The city is organized in quadrants, that begin with the Central Quadrant and in a spinning motion, end with the Royal Quadrant. In total, the city is composed of 13 quadrants, each with its own sections and neighborhoods.

With this, the city also debuts a new logo! The city logo has gone through its own evolution through the years, and has kept its overall same facade.


First Logo


Second Logo


New Logo

Clearly, the new city creative director is doing a great job! We hope to have this logo for a while and have various variations of it for different city publishings.

The Kingdom of Texca Hills is ready for a new chapter in its history, and hopes to bring its class and rich culture to the world. The city hopes to nurture its culture and people into the future, always reminding them of their motto: Great Kingdom of Texca Hills - Discover Yourself!

On a personal note, I have "restarted" this CJ many times, and have always managed to let it die out and stop posting. I am committed to its continued relevance by posting regularly. I have finally made it into urban planning school in college, and this is why I kept interrupting my CJ. Now that I am in urban planning, I will most definitely begin to post but also to implement what I'm learning into the CJ. I see SC4 very differently now because of what Im learning, and hope to show this new education through the city's journal. Thanks everyone!

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