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SC4 Rasper

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Revenge against the Empire

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03 Rasper

Since my laptop crashed without any backup of the previous Echo Valley, i will start on this new region, SITW01 by NHP. I have named it Rasper.

The sims were furious at what turned out to be the provision of the Empire. The Emperor tricked the rebel sims into almost obliterating them by giving them Echo Valley province. The ruse was to gather all the rebels together and then obliterate the entire region (Maxis SC4 is very good at it) and get rid of all the rebels of the Empire once and for all. But, as is the stuggle for survival, the sims found out and escaped to Rasper. They vowed to get their revenge: a very bitter one.

(Image files are 1-2 MB and 1360x768 in size)

Rasper region:


The sims founded the capital of Rasper and named it, well, Capital. (Marked in red in the region map.)



Farms were set up to grow the food for the expecting flood of people going to fill the valley in which it is situated.








The overall view




02 Settling in Casdent

The prospect of a new home attracts many. Once they heard that a liberal state of Echo Valley was founded, they wanted to move into its capital quickly. Of course, for the wealthy, it means buying a nice estate at dirt cheap prices, in the beginning at least.

But... No sooner was the natural gas power station set up than a fire broke out. Some call it bad luck.


Hardly four months into the year, the citizens loved their mayor so much, that they almost maxed out the mayor rating meter! Maybe pride comes before a fall?


I'd earlier zoned the land as industrial. Now i replaced it with agriculture and moved the dirty industries to the neighbouring city.


Oh yeah, my relative sim, Bob Newbie decided to move in right behind my house! What a copy-cat! I think he's trying to show off by copying my courtyard style, but with a bigger compound! x-(


After my work hours, i have fun driving... not my limo, but the neighbourhood school bus. The children wanted to see the newly built underground highway.



01 The Conquest Begins

The government was grappling with a problem: its sims were bursting at its seams with most of them living a substandard life. A rebel group threatened to overthrow the democracy and set up a monarchy, led by one of their prominent leaders. The government was taunted for years of oppression and compared with other countries where the sims lived a utopian life.

So, the government decided to get rid of the rebels by giving them a piece of land to manage on their own. They were given the newly captured territory north of the northernmost bounds. It was named Echo Valley; due to the way the hill ranges were placed, one could always hear an echo if you were in this place (and made a really loud sound). The government made an agreement with the rebels: it would recognise them as a separate nation as long as they could sustain themselves. The government pact included a map, which showed the boundaries of the Echo Valley region, and what was to become their home.


Thanks to gjahn for the

Now there was one peculiarity about the rebel sims. They were so impressed by the Egyptian civilization and their use of the right angle, that they decided to make their new home based on squares, even if it looked a bit unnatural. After all, they were fed up with the government and its non-square boundaries. They all agreed that the square was the pinnacle of perfection (and simplicity). So they began marking out cities in their new region.

Casdent was marked out as the capital of Echo Valley. It was decided from the very beginning that this city would be the nerve centre of the entire region, and also the largest. It was funded a million simoleons to build up all the infrastructure. And this is how I came to be mayor of Casdent.


I hope to share the development of one of the most crowded cities built. With the help of simtropolis maps, modifications (mods) and plugins, let's see how many sims can fit into one large city. I begin with placing the underground highways first, since it'll be very difficult to place them later on without destroying the buildings and development.

Here's the first underground highway tunnel built:


I'm trying to go underground with the highways since it's neater and i can cramp in more sims. I've used the NAM's hole digger to build this. It's tricky, and it requires both the ends of the tunnel to be at the same level. Well, you can imagine the dynamite blasts of the tunnel construction uprooting the trees above it. Technically, i used streets to level one end of the tunnel to the other. The sad part is, Maxis never programmed tunnels to go underwater, so i'm forced to build bridges there.

Here's a bit more of the network:


And it took me six hours to get this network (mostly tunnels) right. You can see the tree line where the highway goes underground.



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