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About this City Journal

The creation of a serene, small region.

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Lost Realist


After a long pause...

We'll be taking a look at some of the utilities that the city and the region of Josephinia rely on, as no modern life will function without the basic amenities of electrical power, clean water and waste management.

To begin this look around the region we start southeast of Beakpoint Bay, on a peninsula called "Flares Island" where the Flares Nuclear Power Facility produces enough output day and night to feed Josephinia, it's region and the surrounding areas with electricity.

As always, you can click on the pictures for a closer look.

To speed up commutes, Highway 14 had an access point installed that serves the NPP.



Left turn here to get to work.


Northern entrance to the facility.


Reactor 001 and outbuildings.


Water pumping stations NI01 and NI02 and Reactor 002 control. Cooling control outbuilding and cooling tower T002 visible in the lower left.


Reactor 001, all control outbuildings, central steering unit, all cooling towers and access to runoff deposit storage for control and use as additional coolant in emergency situations visible here.


Reactor 002 overlooking Beakpoint Bay.


Small "iron forest".


Access to runoff deposit and southern cooling tower.


Flares Nuclear Power Facility, owned by Sherrywood Energy Corp.

"There is no 'I' in 'Nucleus!"


I hope you enjoyed this first part of our trip around the important facilities in the Josephinia Metropolitan Area as much as I enjoyed taking you on it. Come back in just a few days for a look at waste management and disposal facilities, what a golly good time to be had!

Please take note of

set that this update obviously centers on and that I have nothing but praise for.

As always, leave comments if you liked something or if you see room for improvement. I try to respond and take everything in that you guys throw my way. Keep being awesome!

Lost Realist

A massively forested, mostly untouched region unfolds northeast of Josephinia City, the Shifts. I wanna take a little detour from our trip down to Josephinia and show you Fall village, northeast of Josephinia on the western edge of the Shifts. Enjoy! Comments are always appreciated. (:








Lost Realist

Country Roads.

As I promised, here's the second part. We left Away and are driving southbound again.





A left turn up there would have us going to Josephinia, the region capital and largest city. Not yet...







So much for now...

Lost Realist

... but I have a new harvest to show you and this time, it's huge. I hope you still enjoy these even after the long break, as much as I enjoyed creating them. I have enough pictures for two updates this time... (:

We left off as we entered Away, so here's this small town without any commentary. Away sits right on the edge of a city tile and wound up being seperated, so an overview shot of the entire city may follow at some point but not now...






(Sorry for the mouse pointer in this one...)

Moving on to the northern tile, going west - east.




Sprawly (:


The next picture bears a little bit of importance. The road that branches off of northern Away's central avenue is F-85, the longest Federal Road in the region. Federal roads are above local roads and avenues but below highways hierarchy-wise and serve medium to long local distances within a region or across region borders.


So we'll move east along F-85...


... and leave Away with it.


I guess that's enough for today, I still have plenty of things to show you the next few days. Please leave some comments for me if you enjoy this or have suggestions and ideas, any sort of feedback is welcome. Sorry for the long break, I hope I can make up for it. (:

In other news, I've been thinking of moving from the CJ Blog-section to the forum and create a thread, I think that might be easier to maintain but I'm not married to the idea yet. Y/N?

Lost Realist

By the Lake.

Finally done, something presentable. Taking screenshots is still a little bit of a hassle, but I think this should suffice. The breaks between updates will probably not go any shorter but I hope you will forgive me when I post a little picture heavy entries in the future. I sadly had to scrap a couple of shots that I did get, but I think I'll just shove them inbetween full-sized entries at some point. (:

So we left Newcoast and its immediate surroundings and sweep through Gizeh County on our way north, through the rural, beautiful serenety that it is...


... and soon catch the scent of water in the air that undoubtedly arises from Lake Hollow to the northwest of Gizeh.


Popular with fishermen and those looking for a break from city life, the shores of Lake Hollow have largely remained unaltered from the way that mankind came upon them...



...and they often veil themselves in thick forests and scrub, making them a wonderful hideaway.


Farming communities line the way as we curve around the lake.



And after our trip to the countryside we enter Away, split in half by FHW-13 yet comfortably resting above Lake Hollow and a popular tourist's destination in western Josephinia.


FHW-13's only access point in Josephinia is located within Away and contains the unusual left exit lane.


Away stands on hilly ground and terraces were implemented to aid in the construction of homes and commerce on its soil. Hollow Blvd. calmly overlooks the entire lake, attracts tourists and shoppers...


... and is a great place for us to catch a break before we push on to see the other angles of the city, get on the highway and travel east.

I hope you enjoyed the ride and that you come back when we carry on. (:

Lost Realist

It will still be a while until I'll be able to post a full new update. I'm not at home this weekend and there's still some work to be done here. So just so you guys wouldn't think I'd gone away, enjoy two pictures of me working on the next part of the CJ. A rural community south of the FHW11/13 Interchange and the terraforming process of where a city will somewhen stand. Until next time.





Lost Realist

Where it all began.

No highres this time, sorry about that, screencapping didn't wanna work and I had to resort to the printscreen-button... I hope you enjoy the green city of Newcoast anyway and drop me a comment, a like, anything really. (:

So we wind down the road throug the forests and past the first family homes to eventually find ourselves entering Newcoast, the first city to ever be founded in the Josephinia region.


It has not retained a lot of the founding day's charme and has become a modern city...



... with the exception of its beautiful wooden waterfront, constructed over 100 years ago.


The city's topography makes it possible for the sea to be visible from almost anywhere you are in the city...


... although the best view can arguably be enjoyed from the top of the Tower of Our Youth, a modernist office and retail tower.


Newcoast is a very green city with a lot of unoccupied space, largely due to lack of solid soil.


The Newcoast Local Police Department resides here neighbouring a commercial park, watching over the city, the district and the nearby Gizeh County.


The northeastern coasts within the city limits have never been urbanized and still preserve their mostly natural appearance.


The city of Newcoast is home to almost 16.000 people and our way through it ends at the northeast city limits.


From here, we will make our way north through the Newcoast District and Gizeh Coutny until we meet FHW-11 at access point 11-02 at some point in the future...

Lost Realist

Hey guys. :D You can click on the images to get a larger version, most of them are mosaics made at the second zoom level to preserve the detailed resolution. Drop a comment if you like/hate any of this. Thank you! (:


The signs say we're almost there as we exit FHW-11 at Access Point 11-01, the southwesternmost access point in the Josephinia Region, a diamond.


A right turn leads us into the Newcoast District, a well-developed rural area heavy on farming.



The country road winds past cattle and farms as we approach the junction to what will eventually be Newcoast's main road.



And after a right turn, we're straight on our way down to the bayside of Newcoast...


... but we will not reach them just yet.

Lost Realist

I've been away from CJs for far too long. My large Distant-Shimmer region became tedious, I took a break.

I wanted to start something new, something smaller. I let the SC4 Landscape Designer randomize me some terrain, now I'll fill it with life. And I'm calling it Josephinia, after my wonderful girlfriend. :)

I don't want to bore you with a lot of blurb here. I build for realism and for looks, I don't do the "challenging" type gameplay, as if building for realistic, beautiful places wasn't a challenge of its own. So just lean back and enjoy; if you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I'll get back to you. Any criticism, ideas or just any input in general are very appreciated, too. :)

Now, I actually don't have a lot to post here. Watch this space as we'll begin to journey across this land of my imagination. We start on the very southwestern corner. It's spring in the Newcoast district and in the early morning hours, we enter the Region of Josephinia on the Federal Highway 11...


A sign to our right alludes to our first trip off the highway.

Acc 11-01





We'll be there soon.


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