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About this City Journal

A fictional county set in the tropical, rugged south coast of East Java

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Today's update will cover the rural areas just north of Medang. Been quite a long time since I haven't updated, didn't it?

This update covers the district of Kebonagung. Main crops here are rice, sugarcane and soybean.


The center of Kebonagung, has the school and the local government building which has a police station on the ground floor


Shophouses line the road that links Medang to the rest of Indonesia


Once part of Kebonagung, a highway has split and isolated this small village from Kebonagung. Time tells if this place will stay a village as developers are eying on this area for further development.


The local sugar mill, dated from the Dutch era. The presence of sugar mills is a sign of a prosperous city, which Medang really is.


A new housing development in Kebonagung. Far from Medang and perhaps isolated, it pays back by being much cheaper to similar homes of its size


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@Schriefer: They show the Brasilerao in Indonesia to fill up TV time, usually in the early morning. So that's where I know Cruzeiro, title winners.

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This update covers the northern areas of Medang

First we'll start off with Ngadirejo:


The main interesting part about this neighborhood is the fact that it's surrounded on all sides by a railway loop. It was once a lower/working class area but improvements to the Indonesian economy meant that people were able to renovate their homes. Some slums can still be seen. The local stadium and the local railway station is here.

And here is Simokerto


Located just north of the university, the houses along the main road were typically the houses of the rich, with working class people behind them in typical Indonesian fashion. Like any other Indonesian working class neighborhoods, times have changed for the better and most have renovated their homes. Some lower class homes can still be seen. Also home to the North Medang hospital.

And now for some close-up porn!










TEASER + Replies!

What could this be?



@konstantin: Quite a nitpick to be honest but is addressed in a fix the previous update

@Towerdude: Yes, can be discussed

@sejr9999: Thanks! It's just PEG's fishing docks plopped next to each other, though

@CrazyforSimcity: Thanks!

@Schriefer: Thanks! And is that a Cruzeiro banner there?

@IRE505: Some of the slums are from Wallibuk while the others are from 976, but the one made by 976 not only need a large amount of dependencies, but also hard to get the download link.

@Freemunchies: Fixed

@Netodari: Thanks!

@Titanicbuff: Packs in 5 thousand people though, it's quite dense

@bomitthebest: Sorry can't tell you there's another update for that



The new medical facility and police station in Panggul. For some time now, Panggul has not had a centralised police station nor a medical clinic, meaning people had to go to Medang for health while crime was tackled by informal neighborhood watch groups before being processed in Medang.


The updated waterfall!

Sorry for poor update, done it on an Ipad and this might be the last update until Dirk fixes IE not able to make ST posts on 7.3.3. Replies coming later! Please comment, give +1 or 5 star if you like!


10. Panggul

It's been a long time since I didn't update and instead left you all hanging with just a teaser of a waterfall, so here comes the update!

@jrnavid & Huston: Neither are correct, i'm sorry!


Today's entry covers the small town of Panggul, located 14km east of Medang. The town's main industries are fishing and farming, the hallmark of most small seaside Indonesian towns. What the town is more known for, is the treacherous road that connects Medang with Panggul, that also happens to be dotted with various waterfalls along the way. Built in the 19th century by the Dutch utilising slave labor, many died constructing the road and many more have died in accidents here, so beware.


The entrance to the town and also the end of the said treacherous road, a waterfall is the landmark that you've entered the town!


The easternmost area of Panggul is perched on top of a cliff overlooking Medang Bay. People with money(eg. high-ranking goverment officials, politicians, landowners, boatowners) tend to live here to get far from the polluted and grimy center of town.


Slums and the mangrove


The city's central market. Like in many parts of SE Asia, the people who own the shops tend to live in seemingly dirty dwellings above.


The town's two schools. Due to a lack of space, the schools are divided into two periods, a night one(1:30-7:00) and a morning(6:30-1:00) one. For the high school, senior high school(10-12) occupies the morning period and the junior high school occupies the night period.


The local fishing harbour. Fish are typically auctioned here, while the less desirable fish are sold within the town. To the top is the local sugar mill, processing sugar from surrounding areas.


Close up of the sugar mill


To the east of town lays a quiet, peaceful farming community.


Overview of the whole thing


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9. Medang Downtown


@TMTS, 111222333444: Thanks!

@GMA: Thanks! Maybe you could try giving your CJ an update; a teaser the least.

@Huston & Gn_L: Updates just for you!


Gn_Leugim and Huston wanted some mid/high density areas so I decided to base this update upon whatever mid/high density area that exists in Medang, this update focuses on the Downtown area.






Pertigaan Medang(Medang Interchange). The busiest interchange in the city, it's also home to the city's bus terminal


Moving to the central CBD now, it's home to some offices, shops, a Carrefour and the city's central market. At the bottom you can see a tunnel, built during the Dutch era to bypass the steep hills. It's no longer a major throughway, has fallen into disrepair and is 'home' to some homeless people.


The market, zoomed and from a different perspective. People actually live there, too.



North of the CBD we find some smaller offices, some hotels and more shops, molding themselves brilliantly with the slightly steep slope of the hills.


At the northern tip of downtown we find a slummy area bounded by a forest.


That's all for now! Like it? Comment, ***** or +1!



@Gn_Leugim: Thanks!

@Afrizan: Thanks for the comment! And I'd like to thank you for being a good agan of Kaskus by helping me link to 976's slumset!


This update is pretty much what the title says; close-ups and not much more

Coastline: Pt. 2




Suburbs and Greenery








That's all for now! Like it? Comment, ***** or +1!



@Huston: Thanks! I'm going for that dense SE Asian village feel, but my lotting is awful to say the least so I tried....

@GM Algebra: With only 3 tiles of width(and with geographical constraints), a functioning RHW network with intersections is just.....impossible. In the countryside I'd go with the AVE-4 instead as I'd like buildings and farms directly facing the main road highway, which is the "realistic" for Indonesia.


*Now in Widescreen!

This update covers the business district in South Medang. We will cover more about South Medang within the next two updates, so keep reading this journal!


Bundaran Medang [Medang Roundabout]




South of the roundabout


Businesses and offices on Jl. Gubernur Suryo


Zooming in.....


Pasar Medang Selatan, the local go-to market in South Medang, selling fresh local vegetables, along with inexpensive clothing, toys, souvenirs and electronics.


From an alternate angle


That's all for now! Like it? Comment, ***** or +1!


R E P L I ES !

@Huston: Pretty much in-line with the direction of this CJ; get a sizeable population; use custom content and most importantly, preserve some nature(nature = MMP!). This update though, I am not emphasizing on MMPs.

@Gn_L: As someone whose suburbs are 30% your BATs, I have to say that they are pretty impressive and work really well within the CJ. If only my ZH Rosewood could fit into a 1x1..... :|


Let's start with the entire area first, day and night, so you know the whereabouts of this update, shall we?



This update covers the Medang University and its surrounding areas. Being located in an area where fishing and agriculture constitute the livelihood of many, the University offers the best in Agricultural Studies and Fisheries. The university also offers some other degrees, although they are mainly rudimentary. In the university grounds there is also the SMK Negeri 1 Medang, providing vocational high school education for those who aren't bright, are required by their families to work or simply has it as a career choice.


1. SMK Negeri 1 Medang

2. Agricultural Studies (Fakultas Pertanian)

3. Fishery Studies (Fakultas Perikanan)


1. Chemistry

2. Physics and Maths

3. History and Geology

4. Library

5. "Business studies"

6. Center Court, flanked by a canteen/meeting building to the top and a business studies building at the bottom.

7. Administrative building

Well, with that all dusted and done, lets see the surrounding night-life, shall we? What Asian university is not surrounded by some nightlife?


The all-too popular McDonald's, this McDonald's offers better service than the two other McDonald's in the region. A popular hangout place for students with the free wifi, the large selection of coffee at McCafe and the 24 hour open time


The local cinema, a must-be place for college students, and a condotel building, the bottom 10 floors are a hotel while the top 12 floors are a condo. It's the tallest building in Medang.


"Toko Majapahit", a popular locally-owned department store

That's all for now! I hope you like this update, comments would be appreciated(and much more appreciated than a ***** or a +1)



@TekindusT: I've never thought of that before. They just.....pop up!

@Alex: Thanks for the kind words!

@Huston: Not all are MMPs, I use Heblem's tree controller, then use MMPs for the finer things or to plop in Heblem's tropical trees. I hope you love this update! More MMPs for you!


Just a mosaic of Medang's mangrove-laden coastline, with clean beaches here and there, free from over-tourism and trash. Local kids love swimming here, the fact that this area is part of a bay means that the water is pretty calm and forgiving for young souls. To the top lays Medang's port industrial district. We'll revisit it in a later update.



4. Morokembang at night


@ Simcoug: Thanks for the compliments! You have one of the more realistic CJs in Simtropolis, of course it would feel honored to be complemented by someone like you.


I'll just drop in a night-time mosaic of Morokembang, stretching all the way from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill. In the meantime, using my old Tanjung Hitam CJ as a testbed, I figured out that row shops by Spa and ill Tonks surprisingly fit in well as a substitute to the non-existant Indonesian style suburban shop rows(the Dong He night market looked out of place in suburbs). The Maxis CS$$ shops seen last update were consequently replaced by it.


Here we go.....




@ Huston: Thanks for the suggestions! I have used MMPs in the past before(Tanjung Hitam had quite a few), but only now have I figured to create actual native scenes other than simply plopping mangroves along the beach-line.

@ agunter1999: I hope you loved the midweek mosaic!

@ weekendgamer: Most of my farmland is located in heavily sloped land where irrigation doesn't reach, but I downloaded it anyway for future updates once I get some farmland in the valley floor. I have yet to get the hang of it though, since it needs some terraforming to do.


So, welcome to Morokembang! Located in a valley in the hills above Medang, this area used to be mainly farmland, although over several years, less wealthy people moved in to the area with the prospect of cheaper, rural land. The area, administratively called Kecamatan Morokembang, is officially divided into Morokembang Atas....


.....and Morokembang Bawah.


By the two pictures above, one can simply deduce that one is wealthier than the other. Which is the fact, actually. Morokembang Bawah was settled in first and since then, the people living there have taken an increase in wealth from the ever-growing economy in Medang. Morokembang Atas is only recently settled, formerly, the only houses that existed beforehand are the ones on the main road. Most settlers came from rural Indonesia, hoping to cash into Medang's ever growing economy.


The main commercial street in town, featuring some shops, a toserba and some offices built by developers seeking cheap land in the cooler air of the hills.


People living here are obviously not rich.....


...and neither do the people here.


Mind you, this hill was a thriving teak plantation, it has mostly been cleared for the creation of this low-wealth community, sanctioned by the Bupati.


Now moving to Morokembang Bawah. Once a slum, the residents have mostly gained in wealth and renovated their homes....and their community as well.


It's also more heavily forested than Morokembang Atas. This kampung achieved 2nd place in "Greenest Kampung of the Year" just recently. The people replanted the trees mainly to create a better living area, but also to increase prestige of their kampung.


Finally, the very edge of Morokembang. The presence of Pasar Morokembang Bawah draws the irks of many commuters trying to get to work at their respective factories, as the morning market regularly spills out onto the road and slowing down traffic in the process.


Have a request for the next weekend update? Criticisms? Complements? BATs you want but don't know where to get it? Place it in the comments below and I'll sort it out!


So, after sifting through the tips you gave to me(thanks Huston and agunther!), I changed the sidewalk texture, then plopped in 'nature' like mad after browsing through other [past] SE Asian CJs in Karasem and Bangorai.

So, here's my midweek mosaic!



Clouds loom over a typically overcast day in Desa Sidomoro. High moisture combined with always-fertile volcanic soil makes farming very easy. The weather in the upper elevations allows for typically temperate crops to be planted, such as cabbage, apples, carrots, lettuce, while coffee is also planted as well.



@Schulmania: Thanks! CJs built on flat/poorly terraformed land tend to get extremely boring, for me that is.

@Huston: I thought that too many bends makes the road less safe, so there is that.


This update covers Desa Sidomoro, a small village of 'around 300' situated southwest of Medang, in mountains. The townspeople are mostly farm labor, a few though, are teachers at the two local schools. There aren't many attractions here, it does though, have a hiking trail(I'll cover that in some future update, stay tuned!). Officially it is split into two, Sidomoro Wetan(West Sidomoro) and Sidomoro Lor(East Sidomoro).


East Sidomoro. Situated in the lower foothills, the main crop is rice, although there are some orange farms mixed within.


West Sidomoro. Situated higher up the hills, the cold air allows for temperate crops, which in this case, apple, carrots, broccoli and lettuce to be grown.

Random close-up time!






That's all for now!

Next update: Midweek Mosaic #2!

Have a request for the next weekend update? Criticisms? BATs you want but don't know where to get it? Place it in the comments below and I'll sort it out!


I decided to put this one in as a filler for the next update, as I continue to make the basic bones of the CJ.


This treacherous coastal as-of-yet unnamed road connects the main focal point of this CJ, Medang with an as-of-yet unnamed town. The usual monsoon season rains make the already treacherous road even more so. Like many other similar roads in Indonesia, this one is unfenced, a driving error could send you off a 10m drop to the heavy sea.


1. Introduction

So, after my old computer got scrapped and moved Simcity 4 to my newer computer(complete with better plugins!), I have come and gone with failed attempts to make cities worthy of a CJ, until this one.

I have decided to make give it some challenge, by using Shozalosa as the map. Those who don't know, back in 2006-08, BSC team members played this map with several challenges, such as keeping natural integrity, not over terraforming and use custom content. The same challenges still apply for this one, lets get on!

Well, lets get on with the details and facts!

Region map:


Location(in real life): Where real-life Pacitan would be.

Industries: Fish farming, oil, tin, agriculture, tourism, timber




That's all for now!

Comments are welcome~

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