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About this City Journal

A City Journal about a modest Northwest-American styled City overgrowing a fascinating Delta formed by three Rivers (Custom Made Map). Neat suburbs sprawling lavishly into the green and water-rich surrounding countryside. Megalopolis in the making..

Entries in this City Journal


BLUE SUMMIT - City of the Mountain Jay

Episode 1 - The Beginning of yet another CJ

Hi everybody,

today I present the Region and City of Blue Summit. It's situated in the fictional pacific US State of Jefferson.

I started this Region some months ago in an attempt to create a livable, green northwestern city. Until now it has grown to about 260.000 residents and I plan to grow it into an impressive Capital with at least one million inhabitants, a really huuge and still realistic airport (which is already 87% complete), a huuuuge seaport (still to come), countless spiderweb-like highways, some skyscrapers and everything else a modern metropolis needs.

I'm into giving cities a realistic, green, semi-planned, north-american look. Result is a mixture of northwest- and northeast-us looking cities - but my perspective is Germany and I've never been there except for google maps:)

Took me several weeks to inflate my plugin folder to about 8GB and several more weeks to "DAMN" it all into menus - so my cities should look halfway varied.

Took me some time to manage NAM, and as every NAM user knows - you never know it all - but i feel quite confident to build most things I can imagine (Look forward for Episode 2 or 3 where I show a huge Four-Level Stacked Interchange with additional service interchange weaved in)

I'm not very good at MMPing right now and will need some time to get firm with this... this is real science :

But enough talkin' - In this first CJ I will show where I hallucinate Blue Summit to be located and it's political situation. As I mentioned I assume the existence of the State of Jefferson (for background info look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_(proposed_Pacific_state) ) - Blue Summit is the cultural, financial and industrial heart of this stellar state. I'm not sure if I declare it capital, as often in US States the most influential city is not capital - what do you think? (I know- only a question of Flavor)

This is the proud State Seal of Jefferson


and this the venerable state flag of Jefferson


In a day's work I created a neat pacific coast map using nationatlas.gov material (hope I don't get into any copyright problems... ;) ) that shows Jefferson and the location of Blue Summit. Looking at it now I think it's really unspectacular, but it was so much work und you won't find anything similar around so I had to show it. So below you'll find the state borders of Jefferson and the location of Blue Summit at the Tri-Delta formed by the Rivers Klamath, Trinity an a yet to be named river (suggestions)

Still needs some polishing, e.g. names and placement of suburbs and unincorporated cities around Blue Summit. I will update it at given time.


There's also a huuuuge version (5,42mb): http://www.imagebam.com/image/c63a5f275370158

Just in case you think this CJ will be a damp squib, I'm not sure myself - but I'm really willing to continue this, if I see that at least one or two person seem to have fun reading this. But to show I have material for the near future here some teasers

This is a small part inth southeast of the Region which consists of 13x11 large tiles (52kmx44km=2288km²). Complete Regional View in the next episode!


Suburb of Curtain, CBD South


In the next Episode I will show The City Flag and Seal of Blue Summit, which together took me about 20h hard-GIMP-struggling to create. Can't wait to hear your opinions about them. I'll also show the City Animal (which is already known to you if you read right) and tell about the origin of the the City's name.

I will always be very open to opinions, criticism and hints. So don't hold back with it. Not much city-building here, so I hope the first Episode doesn't give any reasons for this :D

PS: Need a lot of help naming stuff on the map. Has anybody suggestions?

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