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About this City Journal

This is the place where you will find stories from the lives of various characters from Dierapy

Entries in this City Journal

Lyhoko Leaci

Going Home

September 1st, 9964 (0113AL, 1969)


Lauren's middle school, Central Coraphal, Goretak

The tone sounded again, meaning that school was now over for the day.

Teacher.pngTeacher: Okay now, goodbye and have a great rest of the day!

However, it was unlikely that anyone actually heard him, due to the noise of all of the students getting out of their seats and leaving the room.

Valira-young.pngValira: Sorry, but I can't go with you, my parents are waiting for me.

Sure enough, her parents, as well as the parents of some of their classmates, were outside the room waiting.

Lauren-young.pngLauren: Well, goodbye then.

Philam.pngPhilam: See you tomorrow!

Jarechi.pngJarechi: Or maybe later today if you can.

Valira-young.pngValira: I can try.

After saying goodbye to Valira, the three walked over to a tube station, where to their surprise, they were actually able to hop in a car right away without waiting. Jarechi closed the door, and the tube car moved off to the side into a holding area so another car could stop at the station. Meanwhile Lauren brought up the holographic station map, zoomed out a bit, and rotated it around until their destination in an adjacent building was easily visible, then selected it. The tube car moved out of the holding area and onto the main track, and began to pick up speed, first horizontally, then vertically as it  began to decent to the connective bottom of the city. However, to the occupants, it seemed like it was still sitting still, thanks to the inertial dampers.

Philam.pngPhilam: So, what did you think of today?

Jarechi.pngJarechi: Well, it was a bit boring, Phil, but it was only the first day, I don't expect them to actually get anything really started until tomorrow.

Lauren-young.pngLauren: Valira was nice.

Jarechi.pngJarechi: I still want to know if you two are related in some way.

Lauren-young.pngLauren: Well, i don't know if we are or not, I would have said something if I did.

Philam.pngPhilam: You were adopted, so it could be possible.

Lauren-young.pngLauren: True, but it could also easily be a coincidence that we look alike, there are over 10 billion people in this city and planet alone, it seems quite likely that somewhere, there is someone else that looks almost exactly like you.

Jarechi.pngJarechi: So we could all have "twins" out there somewhere.

Philam.pngPhilam: So, what could we do later?

Lauren-young.pngLauren: Well, nothing outside, unless the rain stops. Of course, there isn't much we can do outside anyway, except look over the city on a balcony, or go swimming in one of the canals.

Jarechi.pngJarechi: And there are always the holosuites for going outside regardless of the rain, and pools for swimming.

Phil turned around and looked out of the window behind him, then turned back around and adjusted his skirt.

Philam.pngPhilam: Well, it looks like we'll have to decide after we get off, as we're already going up.


Residential district in Coraphal

The three got out of the car when it arrived at the station and began walking down the halls.

Jarechi.pngJarechi: How about we meet after supper, and figure out what exactly to do then?

Lauren-young.pngLauren: That sounds good, and we can call Valira and see if she can come.

Philam.pngPhilam: And we can show her all the odd stuff my dad likes to collect, well, at least if my parents are okay with having people over tonight.

Jarechi.pngJarechi: Sounds good to me.

Lauren-young.pngLauren: See you later!


Note: Skirts on Goretak/Coraphal are gender-neutral clothes, not feminine like they are on Earth (usually) or masculine like they are in the Ancaron Empire.

Schulmanator: It is one of 2ch's Coruscant skyscrapers, or maybe one I made from 2ch's Coruscant skyscraper props.


Hmm... a mini mega reply...

[q]Tone? No noisy, irritating bells? But that's all part of the school experience! 3.gif [/q]

I had enough of the bells from when I was in school... At least the high school and the new middle school had tones... though they made up for the lack of bells with the "rabid duck" fire alarms... They still had bells from time to time as well, usually when something messed up the normal schedule.

[q]Homeroom seems short. But I guess that makes sense too. I think homeroom in my high school was 5 minutes or so? Yeah, really short... [/q]

Well, it certainly seems short...

[q]And Lauren... Wow, I often forget how old she is. 3.gif So that makes this 1969.[/q]

Whatever gave you that idea? 3.gif Was it the moon landing reference, Lauren's age, or the date at the top? 3.gif

[q]The building is really cool! Never seen it before, but I strongly suspect it's one of 2ch.net simplayer's. Got his signature style all over the textures...[/q]

As I said earlier, it is. Or maybe one that I made out of his props.

Petrovar Ambassador: Indeed... well, at least for the characters. I do have a CJ dealing with the start of the colonization of Myon, though.

jacqulina: Thanks for the comment!

Lyhoko Leaci

New Student

September 1st, 9964 (0113AL, 1969)


Lauren's middle school, Central Coraphal, Goretak

It was almost time for the first day of a new school year to begin, and three friends were looking for seats so that they could sit together.

Jarechi.pngJarechi Kemor: Nice classroom this year, it actually has a window.

Philam.pngPhilam Zaphe: And there's no buildings in the way, either, so you can actually see stuff far away.

Lauren-young.pngLauren Ahrns: Like the fact that it seems to be getting cloudy.

Philam.pngPhilam: But it gets cloudy just about every day, Lauren.

Lauren-young.pngLauren: So?

Just then the teacher entered the room, and the three sat down at a single table that they had claimed just minutes before, and everyone got quiet.

Teacher.pngTeacher: Hello, my name is Granom Kelesh and I will be your homeroom teacher for the year. Now, before we begin, I would like to introduce a new student, Valira Muchi, who has recently moved to this area from the northern section of Coraphal.

As the teacher finished saying this, a girl who was standing by the teacher looked over at everyone else.

Jarechi.pngJarechi: She looks a lot like you do, Lauren.

Teacher.pngTeacher: There is an open seat next to Miss Ahrns, why don't you sit there?

Valira-young.pngValira Muchi: Okay.

She walked over to the side of the room where the three were sitting, and sat down in the empty seat that the teacher mentioned. Now that they were sitting next to each other, the similarities between Valira and Lauren were much easier to see.

Teacher.pngTeacher: Now, can anyone tell me something that happened during the summer? Yes, Mr. Zaphe?

Philam.pngPhilam: The people of the planet Earth were able to land people on their moon for the first time.

Teacher.pngTeacher: Correct, and the important thing to realize is that they did this on their own, without the help of other nations, such as the Republic of Myon, which has limited contact with, and territory on, Earth.

Once the teacher had finished talking about Earth's moon landing, as well as various other events that other students had brought up, he let the students talk for the remaining time of the period before the next class, as there wasn't enough time to start anything new, and it was only the first day of classes.

Philam.pngPhilam: Hello Valira, I'm Philam Zaphe, but I like just Phil better.

Lauren-young.pngLauren: And I'm Lauren Ahrns.

Jarechi.pngJarechi: I'm Jarechi Kemor. Are you related to Lauren? Because you look just like her.

Valira-young.pngValira: Not that I know of. After all, I'm not from around here. I wonder if we could go to the moon?

Jarechi.pngJarechi: I don't think that they would let a bunch of 11 and 12 year olds fly to the moon, no matter what moon it is. Maybe if you ask the teacher, or your parents.

Just then, a tone sounded, announcing that it was now time to go to their next class.

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