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About this City Journal

No limits, building the park of my dreams... suggestions welcome!

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Ooh, glad to see the warm response this idea has given.

@Schulmanator: There's bound to be a Splash Mountain installation soon. Wheee!!

@blunder: Digital download, $5 with the core game and the two (I must admit lacklustre) expansion packs. Well worth it.

@everyone: Thankyou!

Moving into it...



After consultation with the Department of Feline Affairs, Yoshi Park has been given permission to build a Schulmania themed garden in the park. Currently featuring four rides, it is a family orientated corner with the motion simulator, Cheshire cat tracked ride, a circus and a twist.



The monorail will sweep around the corner of the area. The Cheshire cat ride offers views above the trees.



A snack bar has also been built, housed in a wooden shed.



And here we have Yoshi Park's first rollercoaster. A wooden monster, it has everything. Twists, turns, hills, helixes and bunny hops, it has shaped up to be a quality yet compact coaster. Lets go for a ride?



After entering the building and queuing, we grab our seat on the train and take off, being pulled around the corner and up the lift hill.



Here we go!



After racing down the hill, we throttle around the curve and experience a rough, exhilarating turn...



Running fast, the train dips back under the tower again.



We are thrown into a few hills, and ride the bunny hops.



Taking the turn hard, we dive back underneath the track again. By now, we can hit the brakes and catch our breath, as the train returns to the station.



Lets not feature an overview!



You may have wondered what this patch is here. I'm not sure yet! It could be home to more scenery, a new attraction. You can decide.

So I have two questions:

a. The wooden coaster remains yet unnamed, what do you think is a suitable name for it?

b. What should feature next to the wood coaster here?

Leave your answers in the comments section below, and don't forget to +1 if you enjoyed the update!


...and now for something different.

I hope this "city journal" will interest you. I'm using the word city loosely, as this journal will showcase not any of my works from Sim City or any other building game, but rather the simulation game Rollercoaster Tycoon 2.

Few questions:

Will any Sim City content be featured?

No. This is going to be remaining a purely RCT2 journal.

What happened to Redwolf?

Nothing. It's still sitting happily on my computer, and I will still give updates. RCT2 will simply be another project of mine, as I have been playing Sim City 4 almost exclusively for a while now.

Will you be using cheats?

Yes. I am using the 8 Cars Per Trainer to generate funds when needed. As this is an artistic project, I want to simply make my park look good and not have the worry of if I can afford that stall or the next few metres of track.

What content will be used?

With one exception (invisible paths), I will be using no custom content besides what is given in the base game + 2 expansion packs.

Will you release the park?

When it's done, and hopefully if it's good enough. I'll provide a mediafire link when I can.

Let's get started!



The "grand" entrance to Yoshi Park. After walking past the pool, guests walk through the monorail station to the main sections of the park, or alternatively can take a ride around on the monorail. Runs both directions too!



A closer look at the station. The tracks will lead around the park when it's built up a little more.



Inside the guts of the station. The water trick along the bridge took me a while to figure out how to achieve.



Behind the station, heading into the main part of the park. Food stalls line the paths.



The Big Wheel, centred on a small hill. I want to run a roller coaster through that moat sometime soon.



An overview of the park so far. Not much, with only one open ride and two unfinished, but baby steps.

Don't forget to +1 or comment if you enjoyed this update.

Suggestions welcome!


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