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A New Start in a New Home

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6 - Up, Up, and Away!

There's always something interesting to do or to see here in Victoria. I made a special point to get out today and head to the park on Bay Blvd.


I'm still living in this little motel. I'm saving a lot, though, and hope to move into an apartment soon. Anyway, I left my room around 10:00 this morning. The city greeted me.


Luckily for me, the intracity shuttle depot is right around the corner from my motel. I hopped on the first bus I could and made my way to the commercial district.


The bus dropped me off right across the street from Launch Park. Today's National Environmental Awareness Day, and Victoria has a tradition of launching hot air balloons across the bay!


When I arrived, they had already lunched the first one. Some of the richer residents of Victoria come up with some wacky ideas for balloons!


I hung around as they loaded up (and filled) the next balloon.


Eventually, I hopped onto the shuttle again and took it over to the dock. The city was giving special balloon watching tours in Shambleseed Bay.


From the water, there's some great views of the balloons and the skyline. I even saw a few jets fly overhead (most likely heading to the airport in Burton Basin).


As the balloon launches died down for a lunch break, I took a leisurely stroll down Bay Blvd.

...until next time!



5 - On the Back of a Recycling Truck

After what seemed like forever and a day, I was able to get a job. My skills are low, compared to a lot of the businesses in Victoria, so my options were clearly limited. I finally found my niche, though. I'm a garbage collector--er...recyclable collector. I have a shift that starts at 5:00am and ends at 5:00pm. The hours are long, but the pay is good and the employees are Union, so I get benefits, as well. Once I make enough, I plan to move into a more permanent solution, but for now the motel will have to do.

The following are a few of the images found on my route today. I traveled all over the city but spent most of the time on the north and west sides of the peninsula.


I arrived at the plant at dawn and hopped on my truck.


Our first stops on our route were in the industrial park.


We made our way closer to downtown and to one of the local branch libraries.


Eventually, the rush hour traffic slowed us down.


The outskirts of downtown.


Taking a ride around Central Park Blvd.


Near the end of the shift, we arrived at VCCo (Victoria Community College) and the Jackrabbit Depot (Region Bus)


At the end of a long day, the recycling plant is in view. Time to relax and get ready for work tomorrow.


Goodnight, new life.



4 - West Seed & Seedy Pocket

As the day continued, I wandered down West Seed Street away from the park. This is the area of the city where I'll most likely call home.


I found my way to this little motel on the corner of W. Seed & Central Pk. Dr. With the few dollars I have, this is really all I can afford for now...until I find a job.


This district of Victoria is Seedy Pocket. It takes up the northwest corner of the city. It's where most of the blue-collar people work. The streets are narrow, the buildings old and made of brick. There's a certain charm to it all, though.


As the city's commercial district grew, more and more minimum wage jobs opened up, thus, more and more housing was needed. Eventually these high rises started climbing. I don't think they're done building yet.


Seedy Pocket is where Victoria's train station is located. It's often crowded and the streets around it are always busy.


Right smack dab in the middle of Seedy Pocket is one of the city's water facilities. This keeps property values low...almost as if it were planned that way.

I need to get a job soon. This money I brought with me won't last forever...



Kinderly: Thanks. I like the arch, too. Victoria's economy is varied; a bit of tourism, a bit of mid-tech industry, a bit of commerce...even a mine. I think that's what keeps the city so successful: not relying on only one source of income.

James: Thanks! This is finally the first time (in the 3 months the game has been out) that I've been pleased with the design of the city. I'm surprised traffic isn't more of an issue yet, considering all the intersections and all the high-rises. Although, I'm starting to run into issues: yesterday, a few of my skyscrapers turned into hotels. It's upsetting me...I had such a nice skyline, haha!


As I continued my walking tour of my new home, I doubled back down Bay Boulevard until I reached South Main Street. This boulevard essentially splits Victoria in half.


A look up Main St. from the coast. At the end of S. Main are the government buildings.


As I reached the end of S. Main, I realized that there was a central park with four "spokes." This is the center of the city. On the corner of S. Main & Central Park Drive you will find the Mayor's Mansion. This building outclasses the old building in the Commercial district in every way. The current mayor lives here, right across from City Hall.


Right across from the mayor's mansion is the aforementioned City Hall.


On North Main St. and Central Park Drive, there is this huge monument. The Survivor's Arch, this mammoth structure remembers the tragedy that struck Victoria in its earlier days. According to the plaque on the monument, the city was ravaged by a rare disease that started in the local clinic. The virus was not contained and it spread like wildfire. People's skins turned a sickening shade of green and they became delirious, wandering the streets. Things eventually turned ugly as the healthy residents turned on those that were infected. Over 50% of the city's populated was obliterated...how sad.


On the corner of East Seed Street and Central Park Drive is the Trade Depot, which acts as the unofficial beginning of the industrial sector of Victoria. This is where I hope to land a job. Although, looking around, it would seem that all these factories are rather high-tech for my skill level. Hopefully there's something for me here...


Some beautiful views of the city that are for sale, framed or unframed, for a steep cost.


Some beautiful views of the city that are for sale, framed or unframed, for a steep cost.



Kinderly: Aw, that's not saying much of yourself! And I'm not that good...I just find interesting angles. :)

James: Thanks again! Glad you're enjoying this city. It's hard not to overload on pictures, though, and to not dip into the other cities in the region. All in good time, I suppose.


Day 2 - Victoria's Commercial Coast

I spent my first night at the dock, sleeping on a hard wooden bench inside the...terminal (is that what you call them?). It seemed that as soon as the first rays of light peeked through the clouds, the sounds of street noise were heard.


A look east up Bay Boulevard on the corner of Bay and Port Road as the sun begins to rise. I decided to explore my new home. I walked up Bay Blvd. to take in the sights of the region's commercial capital.


Eventually, Bay Blvd. turns north and continues up the point. At that point, I turned around and observed the view. There's a large hotel, various office buildings, and new construction is always on the horizon. This district of the city is called Commerce Coast.


This statue sits where the boulevard turns North. Erected as a symbol of the prosperity of the city, "Lady Victory" stands as a testament to hard work, dedication, and capitalism. Various office buildings and condos have now eclipsed the reach of Lady Victory.


Now a city landmark, James B. Bunker Manor sits as the remembrance of the mayor in charge during Victoria's econo-boom. Tours are provided daily.


I picked up a postcard in a small tourist shop. I still can't believe I made it here and Victoria is now my home.


Along the streets, they have maps with those "You are Here" buttons. This shows off the entire Commerce Coast district, with Lady Victory to the east and the port to the west.



89James89: Hey! How nice to see a recognizable face (er..name)! I haven't been playing this game for NEARLY as long as I have RCT3, and to be honest, this community intimidates me a whole lot more. Hopefully with this CJ, I can show I know my way around the new SimCity pretty well. We'll see! Thanks for stopping by.

Ace: Thanks, man. I didn't necessarily think it was a 1-star first post, myself. In the end, though, I don't really concern myself with the stars or the ratings. I just put my stuff out there for others to see. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments. Much appreciated. :)


The First View

As the ship came into the bay, I saw it: my first look at new opportunity. I've been given a second chance in life. There's the possibility that I can lead a normal, prosperous, and dare I say proud life here. It's just me on this boat, with all my belongings fitting neatly into two trunks that aren't much bigger than you'd expect a trunk to be. I have $300 dollars in my pocket. And I have hope.


Shambleseed Bay will be my new home. Will I make it? Will I find success? Friends? ...Love? As the boat inched nearer and nearer the port in Victoria, a thousand questions each with a thousand answers raced into and than out of my mind. All I can do now though, is take it all in and move forward. Step by step, day by day. It's time to get off this boat and thrive. It's time to become someone.

For the first time in what seems an eternity, I'm looking forward to seeing the sun rise tomorrow.


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