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Update 2: Exploring Fordmouth, Part One


It's a quarter past five at the Jeweled Crown, and we're getting ready to start exploring the Fordmouth Old Town.


As the tropical sun begins to rise over the Sushili Sea in the east, we make our way down to the old stone quays built by the Posilliponians in the late eighteenth century. Armed with 42 cannon, it was designed to be able to resist assault by even the most advanced capital ships of the day. Restored to its former appearance in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it is now one of the most well-known locations in the city, appearing in numerous stamps, postcards, works of art, and annoying chain emails.


The old harbormaster's house used to overlook a thriving market square, but with the decline of local agriculture in the 1970s, and the collapse of the salmon industry (triggering protests by the Fordmouth chapter of the Feline Friends Association) after the Tokhate Dam was completed in 1985, the market is now much, much smaller.


Fort Isabella: the heart of the city. Built in the early seventeenth century, and named after an early Queen of Grand, this stone enceinte and the palace at its heart have gone through many different appearances and owners since their construction. At different times, it has played host to Grandian Kings, Posilliponian governors, Belluterran looters, and Trentannian generals - from 1902 to 1949, it was even the site of a power plant(!), with the lower level being used as a stable, and later as a parking garage.


The King Francis Bell Tower was the tallest building in the country for centuries, and even today can still be seen for kilometers around, forming a distinct part of the Fordmouth skyline. It was from here that the Grandian national flag was first flown again in 1951, near the end of the Great Adonian War, after the country was liberated from Trentannian occupiers by Posilliponian forces.


As we exit the Old Town proper through the West Gate, how about we go and grab a quick bite to eat at the Waffle House conveniently situated just outside the walls?


Outside the walled city, many historic buildings are privately owned, and thus are not afforded the same level of protection as those in the central Old Town. Unfortunately, this means that modern development is beginning to eat away at many of the old buildings.


Fancy a beer? Why not join Viscount-Mayor Willam Pike at the local pub, the Dog and Duck. Or, if you have more refined tastes, the pub also serves Monte Xanic wine, imported all the way from Ruteria. Guaranteed to be a unique experience, no matter your choice!


Aren't interested in eating at Waffle House? Why not try this quaint restaurant at the top of the tower? Serving ethnic Khwint cuisine, this delightful little place has foods like:


Phuutak malthai


Teu pune



And what local-style meal would be complete without some blend of the national alcoholic drink, Opeimien (date wine):


One of the most famous restaurants in the city, it is rumored that even King-Emperor Charles himself used to eat here while studying at the University of Fordmouth nearby. Although there is nothing to substantiate these rumors, the owners vehemently insist that they're true - bolstered by the fact that Charles' brother, the Prince Imperial, has been seen visiting every so often.


The oldest remaining house of worship in Grand and Belluterra, St. George's is a popular spot for weddings, with an average of 70 a month. The early seventeenth-century bell tower is due for a restoration soon...


This intersection has more than a few houses dating from the Trentannian era, as well as a modern apartment designed to try and fit in with the rest of the architecture just outside the walls.


It's starting to get dark. Shall we head back to the hotel?


Entering the Old City through the East Gate, and we're back where we started.


Good night!


Coming up next: Exploring Fordmouth, Part Two


Update 1: Welcome to Fordmouth!


On the first leg of our trans-national trek, our plane lands at King Daniel International Airport, one of the first international airports built in Grand. Despite its heavy usage, it only has one runway - and due to the city having expanded greatly in the decades since it was built, adding more is no longer an option. Thus, plans are being made for a new, larger airport to be built elsewhere sometime in the near future.


After exiting from the airport terminal, we're greeted by an array of Shaydian-made Pegadyne Artificial Trees, a revolutionary new technology designed to clear the air of pollutants in much the same way as a tree does - supposedly, one Artificial Tree is enough to do the work of fifty natural ones.

Heading down the avenue...


Welcome to Fordmouth!


Until the early 1950s, this gap in the walls was filled by a grandiose gateway dating back to the late eighteenth century. It, along with several other historic buildings (including a 16th-century chapel) was demolished in 1952 to make way for the Fordmouth segment of the planned Trans-Grand Highway. Fortunately for the Old Town, the demolitions never got much further than that, as the project was cancelled due to budgetary constraints the following year.


Right into the early twentieth century, the Old Town was still a major commercial and residential hub for the city. Now serving as a living museum, remarkably fewer people live or work here, but a sizeable number yet remains within the walls.


As night falls across the city, we'll be spending the night in this hotel - a refurbished 18th-century pub - before setting out to explore more of the city tomorrow.


Coming up next: Exploring Fordmouth, Part One


Grand and Belluterra II: Coast to Coast


Coming Soon


The Imperial Federal Kingdom of Grand, Belluterra, and Malo


National Flag


National Coat of Arms


Map (Grand and Belluterra only)


His Imperial & Royal Majesty Charles Ernest Phillip Petersroy the First, King of Grand, Emperor of Belluterra, King of Malo, Prince of Tarskaja, Grand Duke of Royale, Duke of Long Island, Count of Tranquil, Count of Tharr, and Count of Long Creek

To be updated...

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