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About this City Journal

a city in the Great Alzazibar

Entries in this City Journal


-'I'll be there in a minute' - I told Figaro and hung the phone down. I picked up the 9 mm from my desk, and took the subway to Hanoi Av. Station.


The Feldspar Convention Center is right at the intersection between Reforma Boulevard and Hanoi Avenue. Reinforcements were coming soon, but we had to reach our target before they arrive.


-'Alright' - said Figaro - 'we have one chance to do this right. I need you to watch my back.' We climbed the emergency stairs down to the basement, the "meeting point."


'We need to stop them before they even get their hands on the virus. The future of Surep-Guava is looking very uncertain' - when suddenly, Bang!, a briefcase dropped into the ground. We heard the dealers vanish into the thick air. It was getting hard to breathe.


'Quick!' - shouted Figaro, we took the tunnel to the school on the other side of the Avenue, where other policemen were awaiting us and the briefcase, except.... there was no briefcase. - 'Fast! We need to find the dealers.'

We drove along Reforma Boulevard to a small backstreet next to the Fashion Studio.


It was raining cats and dogs, our team was triangulating the possible location of our suspects, but there wasn't a hint of them in the nearby area. I returned home and called Lucy. I told her what happened, and I told her tomorrow was my dad's funeral. He had been killed trying to stop these... evil-doers from 'exporting' deadly viruses to pacific countries like Alzazibar, or at least, that's what I thought.

'Let's go to Tokyo Center' - said Lucy. It sounded like a great idea. And it was!!


Tokyo Center is "the place" for whatever anyone would want to do, from shopping, to bowling, to going to the cinema,or just wandering around and eating food in one of the many restaurants in the area.



"You are just in time to pick Lucy up from the airport" - said Henry in a deep voice. Lucy's father was a tall muscular man, with a serious face, but a warm smile.


He did not remember me nor did he know about my crush for Lucy. "Alright, get in the car" - he ordered and he drove off along the Coastal Driveway.


"You have been away for a very long time, you surely don't know Airportsdale."


In fact, as we drove into what look like a brand new neighborhood, I was stunned to see the clean streets and luxurious high-rises in this town in the middle of what used to be the vast Surep farmlands.


Henry handed me some postcards. Look at them, he said while we sped along the highway.


[Click on the postcards to see them closely (mosaic)]



It was a rather new and congested highway. "I want to avoid paying the toll at the old highway" - he explained.


- "Lucy is been away for a long time. She just finished an internship in Kyoto. I'm glad she is back, we all missed her."


- "Which terminal, 1 or 2?," - I asked as I pulled a small map of the airport.


- "You mean the old terminal? - he replied, with a laugh - "they only use that for long distance flights nowadays."


The new terminal they were talking about before I left had already been built.


It is a shiny new building, well, in fact, 4 new terminals surrounding an enormous green plaza with the air control tower in the middle.


"Daddyy!!! - cried a voice as soon as we got to the terminal. - "You arrived fast, darling. And hey, Tony is here."


I stepped forward, and Lucy embraced me like never before. I hugged her back. I almost cried.


"Look at this picture I took of Airportsdale from the airplane" - said Lucy.


We drove back and talked for hours. I went back home that day with a smile on my face.



-"I'm sorry about your what happened to your father" - he said - "but we must proceed according to plan." Deep inside I knew he was right. It was of the utmost importance to continue our endeavour.


My friend was staring at the bubbles rising up, growing until popping inside his glass of beer. It was a hot sunny day, unlike any other I used to remember.


-"Do you want a smoke" - Figaro asked. I nodded. There's a place nearby. I've been informed we can get the necessary supplies from there.


So we drove along Charles Dana Rd. "Yeah, things have changed around here'- said Figaro, as I stared at the luxurious residential high rises, next to the 4 lane road topped by palm trees.


We reached Charles Dana Station, and entered the pedmall across down to a small retailer where we met chief police officer Landa.


"Alright, you made it this far guys" - Landa frowned - "It's time to take this bad guys down, and destroy their network of evil. Follow me. I'll show you your 'tools.'" - The big guns, I thought.


A river of words followed, with all the details of the plan we'd carry, but I couldn't concentrate, and my mind often diverted to other thoughts, my father, my mum, Lucy...


The night had fallen upon us, and it was time for me and Figaro to leave.


You go, I told him, I have to do something first.


I took the night train to Gateway station, looking back for love of my life.


Bonus Pictures:

The dawn was coming, with its misty fog,


and all the lights up in the city... well, I don't doubt it's Engineering majors studying for today's class

;) .



My good friend Figaro called me that morning. - Let's meet up tonight!


I sped along Shinkansen Blvd, leaving a trail of dust behind me.


I was astonished to see how much Surep had changed during my absence.


I drove all the way past Aurora Tower to Citic Park, and there he stood.


He had been waiting for me to come, he said as we went in to the hole where we would chug down a couple beers before getting into the serious talk.


More Pictures, but now of Surep Blvd. Remember this place, s.th might happen here soon!





Entry 2: Back home

I was born in what they now call 'Old Shinkansen.' Back then my family was part of the 'new wave' of immigrants seeking for a better life in prosperous Surep.


Things changed. After almost 20 years abroad, it is time to come back home, to the smell of mum's cooking pots and old chairs in our small flat in Jakarta Street.


I still remember my years at the institution, the biggest school that had been built in the city, now with outdated facilities.


Back then it used to be a modern neighbourhood, now it is one of the oldest, even the areas called 'New Shinkansen.'


Old or new, rich or poor, it doesn't matter, it will always be home to my childhood...


The sunsets at what they now called 'Panasonic Beach,' at a time unpolluted, are now surrounded by capitalism.


There's a smell, a marine taste that Shinkansen will never lose.


An atmosphere of hard-working people who look to improve.


But that's not why I am here.


Entry 1: Intro


You may call me Erik or erjolog. I shall be showcasing a city I built for the following 2 1/2 months, after which I shall suddenly disappear into thin air (I'm a Civil Engineering Student), but until then, please do enjoy and comment on the updates!. Without further due, let me present to you:

"SUREP-GUAVA, a city in the great ALZAZIBAR"


A preview of what shall be coming next:


Again, Good morning! =D

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