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About this City Journal

Hello everybody! I've been a quiet member of Simtropolis for many years. I have decided to finally give City Journals a shot after so much consideration. I hope you enjoy the region I will be presenting to you: Islas Paraiso

Entries in this City Journal


Hello again everybody.

I continue with my vacation to Islas Paraiso by visiting Tlanextic. Right from the start, (Before I even get to the town) I'm enjoying the view of the beautiful forest.


After going through the forest, I arrived right at the bulk of the town. It is a very busy town with a bigger population than Chimalli.





But don't be fooled into thinking this is all Tlanextic has to offer. Downtown Tlanextic is located on a high plateau. After driving south of downtown I went down into the a lower area. The fist thing I encountered was a nice residential complex area with medium density apartment buildings.


I went west after that and I encountered a small industrial zone, and then hit the end of the road to a nice coastal area.


There was a road that went west right after entering downtown. I decided to go check it out and see what was there.


It turned out to be another small industrial zone and the town's power plant on a beautiful beachfront.



After that I decided to go back to the downtown area and check out the west side of town. I drove until I encountered another road on the north-east of downtown.


That road took me down to the valley towards the south-west into a very nice residential area.



Then, after passing a small commercial strip and another residential area.....


I reach the south side of Tlanextic with it's beautiful beach and dock. There, I also found a hotel where I had reserved a room.


The very next day I went on a helicopter ride and took a few pictures.....

This first one I took when we were flying on the west side over the sea.


This one flying on over the south side.....


And this one over the east....


Last one from the north.


The following day I decided to go skydive and I took a few pictures from the plane before jumping. I will be posting those pictures a little later beacause I have to find them.



I am glad to have the opportunity to share with you the pictures I took during my vacation on Islas Paraiso. This region is composed of some of the most beautiful and unique cities I have ever seen. The first stop that you make when visiting the islands is the town of Chimalli. I'll let the pics I took speak for themselves.

This here is when I was entering Chimalli. The town is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains.


You enter through the north-west part of the town. This picture here is taken facing east. Here you can see part of the downtown area to the right of the picture.


Here is downtown. It's a small area but with many apartments surrounding the main plaza.



Here is the west part of downtown where the rich residents live



Out in the west coast is a small industrial zone.


This bridge here unites the north-west part of town with the south-west. Which are separated by Rio Verde river. The south-west is mainly residential. It's a very nice place with so much tranquility. You feel the peace and enjoy the nature surrounding the beach.



Here is where I spent most of my time during my visit to Chimalli. Located on the south side of town: South Beach.


This here is a shot I took from the beach parachute ride of the whole west side of Chimalli.


Now to the east side of town. The east side is located on a plateau uphill and it's an agricultural zone. There is a small industrial zone down the east coast.





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