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(SC4) Trifort

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About this City Journal

A large state with varied landforms. Cities are USA-styled.

Entries in this City Journal


Warm Valley is a township situated near the bottom of the Valus Mountains in Spandau County. It is bordered by the Townships of Queensdale to the west, Mountain View to the north, Stone Creek to the east, and Thormoor's Watch to the south.

Here's an overview of the eastern part of Warm Valley Township and some of Stone Creek Township as well.


Here you can view the western part of the Township.



This is the local metro station in Warm Valley.


Here is a Wal-Mart in the Township's western portion:


You can see the new interchange along T1 here, which was recently constructed to serve Warm Valley Township.


The road that connects to the highway T1 through this interchange is called the Warm Valley Parkway.


Finally, a shot of the local Home Depot late at night.



Thormoor's Watch is a township within Spandau County, a suburb to the north of New Concorde. It is bordered by two different freeways and the Glass River. Residents of the homes along the coast have easy river access for swimming and boating and a great unobstructed view of New Concorde's skyline across the water.

Today, however, few are swimming or boating, as it's a cool, overcast day in Thormoor's Watch. The Glass River seems to be living up to its name right now, smooth as glass as more fog rolls in from over the water.


Ocean Boulevard is a winding two-lane road which runs along the coastline. It's the site of many beautiful mansions and a few crowded beaches, which are mostly empty right now because of the weather.


Going further inland, one finds pockets of suburban forests in gaps between development areas, which are usually set aside for conservation by the township. This is a common practice in most of the suburbs in this area.


The main arterial road in the township of Thormoor's Watch is Bay Road, which is County Route 01. The roadway is a median u-turn crossover avenue, which means that traffic on the cross streets wishing to turn left or go straight across Bay Road must turn right and then make a u-turn. The median of this road is very wide and densely filled with trees, in keeping with the area's conservation practice.


Back to the coastal areas, here you can see a little bit of urban development along Ocean Boulevard, overcome by fog at the moment.



Thanks to all who commented on the previous entry; I really appreciate the fact that I'm already getting positive comments with just the region view. Also, I plan to update the region view image in the initial entry as time goes on, so keep checking back with that page to see more of the region.

To start off the journal's city-level entries, I'll be showing you part of Solitude, the island to the south of New Concorde and east of Tranwell (the region's industrial center). What you'll be seeing here is one small part of Solitude: its manufacturing base, which is officially known as the Solitude Industrial Area. The Industrial Area is densely developed with factories, although it is occasionally interspersed with small forested areas set aside for conservation.

The Solitude Industrial Area is situated between the urbanized area of Solitude to its north and a suburban area to the south. The highway T6 and a conservation zone containing dense forests form the border between the Industrial Area and the surrounding non-industrial development.


A shot of the intersection of Grayland Avenue and Forestry Road; this is the busiest intersection in the Solitude Industrial Area, both in terms of freight truck traffic and in cars going to and from the urbanized area of Solitude to the north.


This is the eastern part of the Solitude Industrial Area, where you can see a different perspective on that intersection and its surrounding area.


This is Solitude's rather small freight rail station. The track splits into two tracks further down the line.


Here you can see a couple of the big-box stores south of the Industrial Area along Coastline Avenue. A bus route also runs along this road.



For a quieter scene, here is a row of identical homes in the suburbs.


The transit hub was recently constructed to ease the area's traffic congestion; it includes a station on the light rail system's Gray Line, a large park-and-ride lot, and a bus terminal on the area's two local bus lines.



And finally, some mosaic images of the Solitude Industrial Area and nearby suburbs.

Industrial Area overview

Another perspective on the Solitude Industrial Area


Welcome to my new city journal of Trifort. Trifort is a rapidly developing fictional U.S. state. The region includes New Concorde, one of the world's largest cities and truly the gem of Trifort. It may be surpassed in grandeur (if not size) in the next decade or two, however, as a new city is being constructed entirely on man-made islands in the Vivec Ocean off the coast of Trifort. More on New Concorde and Trifort Ocean City later...

Below you can see the southern part of Trifort. Trifort is actually a fairly large-sized state, stretching to the north for many miles.



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