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Batmania (SC4)

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A New Nation Arises

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Batmania 1955

Welcome back to Batmania. Its now 1955 and the islands capital Georgetown is growing fast. The population on the island has now grown to 270 000. The majority of immigration is people fleeing from China. With such a rapid increase there is a massive housing shortage. The majority of building materials and labour are being used to build infrastructure projects around the island. Some housing blocks have been built by the government but the majority of the new immigrants are living in shanties on the outskirts of town.


The slums in North Georgetown.


Government housing, next to a drain and a tip.


The airport is finished but it's not open to civilian use. The RAAF and RAF have been using it as an auxiliary runway for missions in neighboring Malaysia.


Would you drink that water? The locals will be. The Telukdalam River has been transformed with a series of dams and drains designed to prevent the Airport from flooding and to supply a steady flow of drinking water.


High Ridge Rd, which will cut the time to drive to the central valley by an hour, has been finished.


Thanks for viewing. More updates soon.


Batmania 1950


Welcome back to Batmania. After 5 years of open imigration the population has swelled to 60000. The British government has changed the laws to slow migration. With such a rapid increase in population the living standards on the island have dropped and crime has risen. A massive cash injection from Britain and Australia have helped infrastructure projects get started, which has put alot of the population to work, but has also caused tension as the Australian and British men are getting the leading roles. It's also caused tension with the native population with bulldozers moving into the central valley and farms being built on native land. The cash injection has also made locals suspicious that Britain wont be granting independence anytime soon. Recently, a mining company survayer team discovered 300 Japanese soldiers still defending a ridge on the north side of the island. The workers were fired upon with one of them being killed. Luckily, one of the workers was Japanese and after 12 hours was able to convince them to surrender. Apart from no knowledge of the outside world for the past 5 years, the soldiers were in good health as they were well supplied and had a surgeon. They've since been returned home.


Just south of Georgetown is Pekan.


Engineers have arrived on the island to begin work on the Telukdalam airfield upgrade to a bomb crater free airport.



Work has also begun on a coal powered generator in the central valley.


Thanks for viewing.


Batmania 1946

Welcome Back to Batmania. Still no word from London about any move to grant independence. Some tension is building amongst the natives as more and more imigrants arrive from Australia, Thailand and China. Today i'm showing the town of Victoria Harbour, Established in 1830, when the British bought the island, a harbour was built on an existing natural harbour. Up until the British arrived, the north western side of the island was untouched, except for a Dutch fort built on Point Wilhelm.









Batmania saw some bloody battles during the war.


The Japanese bunkers are still in good condition.


If you were wondering what happened to Barry and Shirley, Shirley shacked up with someone else during the war leaving Barry heartbroken. He's since found love with a native bride.

Thanks for viewing. Some more updates soon.



Welcome To Batmania. A tiny nation in South East Asia. Its new years day in the year 1946, and the tiny island nation is celebrating the end of a long war. After 2 centuries of foreign occupation Batmania finally has a chance at self rule. In 1760 Batmania was discovered and settled by the Dutch who named the island Aap. In 1830 the island was bought by the British, who changed the name to Batmania, after the explorer John Batman, and built the harbour on the north west side of the island. In 1942 the island was occupied by the Japanese who built an airfield at Telukdalem on the islands eastern side.

Batmania is still under british rule and occupied by Australian Forces who are awaiting transport back to Australia. Britain has promised to grant independence as soon as possible to Batmania. But rumors are spreading around the island that the Aussie troops are being offered land and tax breaks to stay and Britain might pass sovereignty to Australia, which has angered some locals.

Batmania in 1946

Population-29 394

Language-English, Malay

GDP-Not much

Health-Even worse



The post card that nearly started a riot.


The capital Georgetown


The government buildings in Georgetown.


The Governors mansion and Van Groote Prison.


The fishing village of Sai Buri


Thanks for viewing. Next time we go to the historical town of Victoria Harbour on the west side of the island and find out if Britain will follow through with it's promise of granting independence.


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