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About this City Journal

An introduction into the "State of Tranquility"...

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First glance at Grafton: The 'Hardun' Theatre, Restaurant & Club!

First of all: Thanks to everyone for the wonderfull comments on the 'Baleal City Zoo' posts.

And thanks to @spursrule14 for making the Zoo 'the best of the best' !! #proud

Until the 1990's, the 'Hardun' Steel Mill was one of the biggest employers of Grafton. And it sure was one of the biggest buildings! But as cheap steel from India flooded the steel market, the 'Hardun' Steel Mill closed it's doors on the 11th of february 1994.

For a decade, the building was not more than a relic of the past, confronting the people of Grafton every day with the fact that those good old days were long gone. To end the decay of the building, the parliament of Republica the Guatalaga voted for the demolishing of the building in 2003. But, as it often goes, the people of Grafton wanted to keep their relic.

After various protests, the plans were changed and the old Steel Mill was given a new future. Today, the building houses a theatre, a restaurant, a club and a lunchroom making it the place to go if you're looking for entertainment and food.





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New addition to Baleal City Zoo draws a crowd ...

A few entries ago (right here: http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4390/entry-22915-baleal-city-zoo/) i gave you an introduction to Baleal City Zoo. It was also a try out for me, but now thanks to your comments, i can show you the improved version of Baleal City Zoo!

The most significant change is the new 'desert' theme addition. Here, the visitors can see camels and other desert animals in a desert themed environment. There is also a small restaurant and souvenir shops.

With this addition, more people vist Baleal City Zoo ... so it's less empty ;-)






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Rainbow Beach, the 10.000 views reward ...

And there we are: 10.000 views for Republica de Guatalaga! To celebrate this glorious occasion we'll have a look at the lifestyle of the rich and famous in Republica de Guatalaga.

Rainbow Beach used to be a small rural town a short drive from the capital; Baleal City. But during the 80's and 90's of the last century, the town got famous for it's sandy beaches and great surfing spots. So, as you can expect, the tourists came and changed the small rural town into a vibrant hotspot.

These days, Rainbow Beach is still known for it's beaches but even more for it's clubs, harbour, casino and appartment buildings. So let's have a look at it:








And also the question is: who will write comment number 100?

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Baleal City Zoo

Baleal City Zoo

If you look around on Simtropolis there are not a lot of zoo's. For some reason we all go to zoo but not in Simcity. So to break with the no- zoo tradition i give you: Baleal City Zoo!

Baleal City Zoo, is located in between Baleal City and Rainbow Beach. It's the only zoo in Republica the Guatalaga. Baleal City Zoo is a member of the International Species Information System (ISIS) and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA).

Baleal City Zoo was founded in the late 1960's as the government of Guatalaga wanted to promote the education on both local and exotic wildlife. Therfore until the 1990's, admission for children under 16 was free regardless of whether they were accompanied by a paying adult. Today, Baleal City Zoo offers a wide range of wildlife and is working on a program to re-create natural animal habitats.






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Breakwater Bay

Breakwater Bay.

To accommodate the increasing number of cruise ships that visit the Republica de Guatalaga, a new port has been build to the south-east of Baleal City. The construction of this port started in the 1990's.

The area around the new port quicky turned into prime real estate for offices and hotels. Today, the city of Breakwater Bay is one of the biggest in the country. It also houses some distinct buildings like the World Trade Center and the Science and Technology Museum.









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It's in the details - Part 1: Baleal City.

At the end of the year we look back ... in detail!

For me the Simcity year has been about developing Republica de Guatalaga and especially it's capital city: Baleal City.

So, hereby some unseen details of Baleal City and ofcourse the best wishes for 2014 ...






See you in 2014!

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8.000 views reward ...

Here we go: up and over the 8.000 views for Republica de Guatalaga. Time for another reward!

This time we have a look at a 'must see' when you're visiting Baleal City: The Baleal City Aquarium ...





These are the rewards for now, but there are more rewards to come when we reach the 10.000 views mark ...

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A teaser ...

Normally i'm not a real fan of teasers, but i just wanna keep you updated on what's going on in Republica de Guatalaga.

Well the latest news is that DHL has opened a new main hub in Port Douglas. This way your packages will get even quicker to your destination ...


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Rural Bowen ...

Today we take a look at one of the more rural towns in Republica de Guatalaga: Bowen.

Being one of the smaller towns it is right in the middle of the farmland.

Below there are 5 different shots of Bowen, followed by a little bonus ...






and a bonus ...

The bonus today is (again) a shot of Baleal City: the IKEA Superstore.


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Part 2 ...

I've showed you guys before how far i was in completing my region (you can have a look at that here: http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4390/entry-21454-lets-look-at-the-whole-country/).

And progress is slow, but there is some progress. Therefore it's time to renew the region shot so you can have a look at the whole of Republica de Guatalaga.

(and yes, i'm still far from finished ;-)


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Beachfront of Rainbow Beach ...

Just to keep you posted on the progress of Republica de Guatalaga, here is a sneak preview of the beachfront of Rainbow Beach.

Hopefully there will be more to come soon, but progress is slow ;-)


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6.000 views reward ...

Well it is certainly worth mentioning: the CJ of Republica de Guatalaga has passed the 6.000 views mark ... and if you concider that this CJ hasn't been on the Simtropolis homepage (yet), it's worth a celebration!

But before we show you the pictures, just a quick thank you from me to all of you who have visited Republica de Guatalaga!

(and a very big thanks to everyone who commented, star-rated a post or added a +1)

So your rewards are:

Republica de Guatalaga National Stadium

With a capacity of 45.000, the Guatalaga National Stadium is the biggest sports stadium in the country. The stadium is mainly used as a football stadium, being the home of the Baleal Bandits FC who play in the Australian Hyundai A-League. The Guatalaga National Stadium is also the home of the Republica de Guatalaga national football team.




National Sports Center Indoor Arena

The National Sports Center Indoor Arena has an average capacity of 8.000 (depending on the sport). The Indoor Arena is used fot a wide range of sports like Field Hockey, Judo, Volleyball and Gymnastics. The Indoor Arena is located in between the National Stadium and the Staples Conference Center.

Also located on the same complex is the Sports Center Lookout which provides an specatacular view of the surroundings as well as a first class Ribeye steak.



Baleal City Mirage Hotel & Casino

The Mirage Hotel & Casino is an exact replica of the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The copy has been build during the 90's of the last century and is the biggest hotel in the country. The casino attracts the rich and the famous of Guatalaga ...



These are the rewards for now, but there are more rewards to come when we reach the 8.000 views mark ...

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A lonely Lighthouse ...

A lonely Lighthouse...

With water surrounding most of Republica de Guatalaga, warning ships for dangerous reefs and rocks is a daily task for the lighthouses in the country. And where most of the lighthouses are on shore, there is one on an island just of the coast.

The Rainbow Beach lighthouse is an unique building that has survived many storms over the years ...


Soon there will be more to come from Rainbow Beach, but for now:

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Flagship Stores opening in Baleal City...

For now a small update all about 2 new Flagship Stores that recentlty have opened their doors in Baleal City.

Both French fashion house Louis Vuitton Malletier (commonly referred to as Louis Vuitton) and C&A, an international Dutch/German chain of fashion retail clothing stores now have Flagship Stores in Republica de Guatalaga.





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Farms and more ...

Farms and more ...

Well, i've already showed you a good bit from Republica de Guatalaga, but mostly all of it were buildings ...

But as the good people of Guatalaga also need to eat, i'm gonna show you today some ... farms and more!







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Port Douglas Naval Base

Port Douglas Naval Base.

All countries need to protect themself and their commercial interests, Republica de Guatalaga is no exception to that. Being located in the South-East asian region, the Guatalaga Navy is also in a constant battle against piracy and illegal fishing.

The Guatalaga Navy (GN) is the sea branch of the Guatalaga Armed Forces. There are 2 naval bases in Republica de Guatalaga. The oldest of the 2 bases, in Baleal, is the smallest one and is located close to the old city of Baleal. The base in Port Douglas is a larger size and isolated from commercial shipping activity.

The Port Douglas Naval Base is the home of the Western Fleet.

Western Fleet (based in Port Douglas):

F322: GNV Port Douglas (Baleal class air defence and command frigate)

F101: GNV Winston Byron (Byron class multi-role frigate)

F102: GNV Christoper Zeewyk (Byron class multi-role frigate)

F211: GNV Grafton (Grafton class anti-air frigate)

F213: GNV Newport (Grafton class anti-air frigate)

P992: GNV Protector (Guard class Offshore Patrol Vessel)

P993: GNV Lookout (Guard class Offshore Patrol Vessel)

Also the Submarine Service of the Guatalaga Navy is located in Port Douglas. Republica de Guatalaga owns 4 Europa class Diesel/electric powered hunter-killer submarines for deep ocean operations:

S881: GNV Europa

S882: GNV America

S883: GNV Asia

S884: GNV Oceania







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The port of Port Douglas.

Well, as promised back in August ... here is finally a good look at the biggest harbour of Republica de Guatalaga: the port of Port Douglas. The city of Port Douglas itself is a suburb of Baleal City, therefore the port is also know as Baleal Port.

Build after the second world war to accomodate the economic growth of the country, the port of Port Douglas is now one of the key ports in the south pacific region. A good economic relationship with the Republic of China makes Port Douglas an interesting shipping port for internation transport organisations as well as international oil companies.

Below you'll find a few impressions of the port:










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Back again ... re-installed SimCity 4.

Here we are, back again with a new update from Republica de Guatalaga. It's been a while since i've posted something, but to me happend what happens to all of us at some point: the game f***ing crashed ...

Luckily not only Jesus saves, but i do as well ;-) ... so we can continue where i left off some time ago. Well, not exactly: i did promise to show you Port Douglas, but i'll leave that 'till next time. This time there is a sneak preview of what's to come ...





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Port Douglas

Since the discovery of Republica de Guatalaga in 1606, this area has been an important harbour ...

The Port Douglas area is one of the most modern harbours in the world, shipping all sort of goods all over the world.

In this teaser, you see a part of the Port Douglas Oil Terminal.


More details about Port Douglas in the next update!

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Port Douglas Volkswagen plant.

Thanks for all the comments and likes so far! My updates are becoming a bit scares, but here is again a little update from my Republica de Guatalaga region.

Today we're looking at the biggest facory in the country: the Volkswagen plant, located in Port Douglas.

With easy access to the dockside, the Port Douglas Volkswagen plant is one of the biggest plants in the region. The plants produces various versions of the Golf, New Beetle and Touareg models.




In the next update i'll show you more of Port Douglas.

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Back from holiday ...

It's been a while since the last update, but once in a while we all need to go on holiday ;-)

But as i'm now back home again, we can continue the journey through Republica de Guatalaga!

Let's start of with an overview of where i'm now, so here's a shot of the whole country:

(i know, i'm far from finished ...)


So ... What part of the country do you want to see next?

Ofcourse, as always ... If you like it: comment and/or hit the +1 button ;-)


Mosaic ...

Before we leave Baleal City (and time for me to show you the rest of the country), i just give you a mosaic for an overview of the city.


(yes, it is a large picture ...)


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D-Day tribute ...

Well, today it's D-Day. The day known for the Normandy landings (actually codenamed Operation Neptune) that commenced on the 6th of June 1944. On that day 160.000 allied soldiers crossed the English Channel into occupied France. So therefore on this day, a small tribute of mine with some WWII fortifications.

As D-Day happend in occupied Europe, the Republica de Guatalaga was a part of the battle in the Pacific.

Although the country was never occupied during World War II, the government realised during the early 40's that the port of Baleal City could become a strategic harbour for any enemy. In order to protect the port, the government issued the build of 3 batteries along the coastline.

In the years after the war 2 of the batteries were demolished, leaving only 'Battery 2' intact. This battery is situated on Lookout Point, a stretch of land that seperated the port from the ocean. During the 90's this battery and the surrounding area were restored and a walkway was build for access to the area.

Today, Battery 2 is one of the main tourist attractions of the country, as the walkway leading towards it has some spectacular views.






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WWII Fortifications ...

As i'm off to Normandy (France) in a few days for a short holiday, i've decided to make a small World War II reference in Baleal City.

This is just a teaser, so stay tuned for the full entry ...


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Southbank CBD

Southbank Central Business District (CBD)

Thanks everyone for the +1 and the star ratings!

As we are cruising through the Southbank area anyway (see my last Southbank Beach entry) we can also have a look at the Southbank Central Business District (CBD). The Southbank CBD is the financial heart of Republica de Guatalaga as many international banks have their regional headquarters right here.

Companies that are located within the Southbank CBD include ANZ Bank, AON, JPMorganChase, AMP, Hewlett-Packard, Comalco and Aurora. The Guatalaga National Conference Centre (GNCC) is situated on the other side of the marina.







And, as always, a wider shot of the area:


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