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About this City Journal

It all starts off small and grows its to a great business. My aim is to create lovely looking cities that work and produce a great deal of money while a friend in my region creates his own. He's there to help me out or if he needs helping!

Entries in this City Journal


It was time to start specialising, I knew my map was full of oil so a plopped down my first oil well! It was autumn so I plante forests to create a lovely looking scene, garbage was now taken care of and sewage was just starting to become a problem!



Most of my RCI was now medium density and climbing rapidly! Most of it was low wealth and I wanted to increase this, what better than some simple fountain parks!


I was earning a steady flow of cash from my oil, and it was time to start upgrading. I introduced another oil well and earned enough money to place a Petroleum HQ. I now had a coal power plant up and running to sustain my city and hopefully others in the region. I want to research the clean coal generator to stop pollution drifting across to neighbouring cities.






It started small. I was looking to create golden fields of oil to create the base for my region. This would be the city I would fall back on. I started with a few lonely houses and industry to gain profit. I created a small wind farm to keep my city running; I was planning on having a coal power plant which would supply other cities with power. It was a good first day and I was making profit! I decided to call this city Halstetd, it's German. I came up with a list of about 50 city names while they were still developing this game and this one caught my eye as it was unique. I have big plans for this city, big plans.

I started expanding my road network to get ready for the future upgrades. All my oil was to the North of the city near the water so I was planning on having all my lucky residents in the South, the wind was blowing East which is great! I was hoping to get some high tech industry to lower down on pollution.

I started gaining some medium density building and everybody was happy!



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