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About this City Journal

The last stop city.

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So you've heard of Annex, you know its the Last Stop City and you've had some cookies (stale oatmeal), now it's time for a little formation followed by some education.

This CJ will be based around the city of Annex. You will be following Annex in it's journey from being a simple city along the way, to being the city everyones heading too. It's ups and downs, from finding Gold and Iron, to losing the TRC award and being denied metropolis status. But before you can see all that, your gonna need a little education on the history of the planet, country and province we find this city in.

The first and most important thign I need to say, the Earth and New World in this history lesson are in a a parrallel universe almost indentical to ours.

We first take you to year 1776, a year that was previously high lighted by the birth of a great new nation, until everything changed, on the strange night of July 15th 1776.

Many recall the event simply as bright light or a big booming noise. Many recall seeing the skies light up, and the world go dark, but mostly, people recall feeling a strange falling sensation lasting up to 2 hours. Many argue over the fine details, but one thing is clear, the entirety of mankind had been teleported to a new planet.

But was it a new planet, it seemed just like earth, the trees seemed the same, the water was still clear and it was still cold in the north and hot in the south. But this was in no way the beautiful world, everyone had come to love, this was a New World.

Unfortunately a new world with no landmarks, all former buildings and wonders gone. The pyramids, The Castles of Europe, The religous wonders such as Meca, The vatican or any church of any kind and very few copies of the Bible or Quran made it. This devastated the very foundations of humanity.

Thankfully, there were some positives, as many nations were left with only the basics of religion, they decided to unite with others, while keeping religion seperate, as the ownership of religion/religious land was no longer relevant.

The people were left with the clothes on there back and whatever they were holding at the time, some men were lucky to have there rifle, some women had whole meals, and baskets of clothes. Lucky children had there favorite toy, but those were the lucky ones, most had nothing but clothing. Some were had the bad enough luck of bathing, or skinny dipping at the wrong moment. There was also the amazing story of a man wrongly accused of murder in Brittain being hung, who came into the new world with a neus around his neck with the rope no longer suspended, he found his family and built one of the first homes in what is now the city of Kingston, in the English Republic.

For the most part of the first 3 decades, (from 1776 to 1806) there was a devastating loss of life through out all nations, as the world was in a territorial race war. Goverments were trying desperately to reclaim there people and find new borders in which to start new civilizations.

The human race was split between those trying to pioneer the New world and others still grieving over the loss of the first. Then split again, by those trying to unite and others trying to segregate. This made electorial procedure pointless as it seemed too many were just in too much of a emotional state to have proper judgment.

There also was quite the sufficient loss of life, due to the pandemonium of the move, and the lack of stable resources on the new planet.

In 1811, most war had settled down, and many new nations started to appear and some began working together as they had done in the past. The human race was lucky (despite it all), for whatever had caused them to teleport, had made sure to keep people of the same country together and seperated from other countries. Many of the nations and borders still respected today were founded between 1806 and 1811. At this time there were 28 nations, but in the next 14 years, that number would drop to 18.

By 1824, the seperation of lands and creation of new nations had pretty much come to completion. Unfortunately many nations were still trying to make claims on others land, especially on continents with multiple countries. To insure, no further claims could be made, the nations united, on October 1st, 1825 to sign a treaty, declaring all land rights final. Nations without sufficient territory united with others of a simmilar and culture in order to assure protection from other, much larger Nations. Since 1825 the same 18 nations (countries) have existed, though borders have been disputed regularly and still are today.

In 1965, scientists discovered, that this new planet, had appeared in the same spot earth once stood, many believe, the world reproduced itself, much in the way they believe the universe created itself out of nothing, this is called the Reproduction Theory.

Other believe the old planet traded places with the New World, sending the old planet to another galaxy far, far away where the world were on now came from, this is referred to as the Replacement theory.

Many religious sims still prefer to believe in the creation theory, in which everyone and everything was created by a sole creator (spittball33). As for the change in planets they believe the world was replaced by a new one, to cleanse the world of sin, this has been named the recreation theory.

None of these theories can be proven right, but no one can stop either side from trying to convince the undecided which theory to chose.

Also in the sixties, scientists discovered the planet was sitting on an angle, like earth, but was even more tilted, this meant in the south there was no Antarctic, only warm empty ocean, but to the north there was a more stable and colder Arctic circle, covered by two thick glaciers. Dont worry, one of them has penguins.

But anways... thats enough about the new world, now to hear about its countries

As I stated earlier, there is a total of 18 countries in the New World, They are:

1. The United Republic (Canadian - American)

Originally a British scout colony, formed alliance with Exodian Reupublic and went to war with English Republic from 1789 to 1811, won and gained independence. The French were in no position to attempt to regain control on its former colonies and never went to war. (Speak English, French, Spanish)

2. The New english Republic (Brittish)

Essentially a New England, sent out ships to scout out other nations and resources in 1780, found new land home to natives, it lost its new colony in war, due to lack of resources. (Speak English)

3. The Exodian Republic (American)

Essentially the New U.S.A, formed alliance with United Republic, to reinssure independence from the Brittish. Civil war broke out amongst the nation from 1819 to 1823. The confederate parties lost and were allowed to choose between fleeing (within 6 months) or mass execution. (Speak English, Spanish)

4. Europia (Several european nations combined)

The New european union, as many of the smaller nations were left devastated by the move, they decided to form a union for protection from war. France used also used it for protection, but decided it was better off on its own after thigns started to settle down.

(Speak various languages including English, French, Dutch, Greek)

5. Resistance (French)

Essentially New France, originally part of Europia, became independent in 1822. (Speak French)

6. New Scotland (Scottish)

The name says it all, allie of New Ireland, but not the English Republic. (Speak English)

7. New Ireland (Brittish)

Originally brittish, gained independence, but retained alliance with English Republic. (speak English)

8. New Germany (German)

Name says it all, went through civil war from 1801 to 1822, Nazi parties left New Germany and joined forces with confederate nations. (Speak German)

9. Rome (Italian)

Essentially New Italy, was denied alliance with Europia. (Speak Italian)

10. The New Arabian Empire (Arabian)

Originally independent, signed peace treaty between muslim and hebrew nations, to form one super nation.

Then formed alliance with Persian and Armenian Nations. (Speak Arabic, Hebrew)

11. The New Indian Republic (Indian)

The names says it all, formelt Brittish, gained independence, as the English Republic was occupied with war with its newest colony. (Speak Hindi, English, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, other dialects)

12. Los Parados (Spanish and various latin american nations combined)

Originally a new Spain, formed alliance with many latin nation. (Speak Spanish, Portugese)

13. New Mexico (Latin American)

The name says it all, was denied alliance with Los Parados. (Speak Spanish)

14. New African Republic (Various African nations combined)

A union between many nations, regained independence form brittish due to move.

(Speak English, French, whole bunch of dialects)

15. The New Confederation (Confederate states and various communist nations combined)

Alliance between communist parties from many nations, Basically the most dangerous nation in the New World. (Speak English, French, German, Russian)

16. The New Russian Union (Russian)

Essentially New Russia, went through civil war from 1810 to 1818. (Speak Russian)

17. The New Chinese Republic (Chinese and various asian nations, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan)

Originally only Chinese, aqquired many smaller Nations through war from 1801 to 1824.

(Speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Japonese)

18. Neo Korea (Korean)

Name says it all, Unfortunately totalitarian goverment took control in a war in the mid 20th century

similar to the Korean war in our world, except the North won. (Speak Korean)

Annex is located in the United Republic, in the Province of Exodus.


Now that your history lesson is done and you've been properly educated, you can keep an eye out for the introduction to Annex coming in the next few days!

BTW in the map of the New World, it says at the bottom, that each square is 125 sq km, this isnt true, the squares are actually 15 625 sq km, or 125 km x 125 km. Just though i'd clear that up.


Welcome to spittball33's,

amazing, new and first,

City Journal,

Annex, the Last Stop City.

I can't tell you much now,

but Annex is a city, with people,

and it's in a province in a country,

in a planet.

It doesn't really exist, and is not a recreation.

Annex is a nice place, a warm in summer cold in winter type of place, a good place.

So wont you join us in the Last Stop City, we have cookies, I promise..

Alright so there oatmeal, but still, wait no!, come back! PLEASE!!!

Okay, thank you. Anyways, today I provide you with a simple shot of the shores of Annex. BUT, the city center is kept out of view, seeing as this is a teaser and you must be teased.

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