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About this City Journal

Low/medium wealth multi-role City. This is post-build. A thread also exists on the forum for more in-depth discussion.

Entries in this City Journal


The Stats

And here's some lovely stats to show you how this city is functioning.

As you can see there is good bus coverage, however the wait time is high. It doesn't seem to be a problem though as traffic is flowing fairly smoothly.


The City is making just under 400k a month. This is comfortable. I can live without making millions a month, since this city has no specialization.


It is only a small region at the moment though, but no-one needs to commute out, and only a few commute in. As the region grows, I can definitely see a need for streetcars!


Zero unemployment!! Businesses aren't closing down due to no workers, so they get by.


Shoppers seem happy too. There's a few unsold goods, but it's not really a problem.


There's even a slight surplus of desks at the City's schools and colleges. Happy days!


As you can see, there's a healthy mix of demographics.


Generally people are happy too. Most of the complaints are about boredom etc. If only I could fit a Pro Stadium or an Expo Center!


Still Plenty of room to expand. The workers at the Power Plant are getting worried! :)


Happy and loaded? Maybe not quite be the Sims in my city certainly aren't poor!


There seems to be a bit of a financial sector booming. There are enough shops though.


Industry is not particularly big, but they pay their way.


There's not many of them but they are good at what they do.


I could maybe do with plopping a few parks inside the street zones to get that land value up. At the only parks are around the avenues.



Hi Everyone. First time posting journals so please be nice :D

This is the City of Allington, which was a little bit of an experiment to see if I could get over 300k with minimal emergency services and just buses for transport. In total, it took me maybe 6 hours to build up to maximum density and to stabilise, but I am really happy with the results. It's the most stable city I have built so far in fact, and I am thrilled that my traffic measures have paid off.

I purposefully built the main grid with clearance from the avenues which run around the outside, and one through the center. The reason for this is I wanted a kind of randomness with the building orientations, but I also wanted to avoid ever zoning up along the avenues. The result is that non-essential traffic almost always avoids the avenues, leaving them clear for the Emergency Services.

Layout-wise, I used about 2/3 Residential, with the other 1/3 split roughly equally between Commercial and Industrial. I used a grid of 2x1 in an alternating pattern of horizontal and vertical in blocks resembling the markings on a tennis court. In each 'tennis court' I created cul-de-sacs in the lower right and upper left to prevent traffic 'rat-runs'. The result is that there is not a single 4-way intersection in the entire city!

Traffic is reasonably light considering the city is over 300k and there are no Streetcars. There is a full Double Decker Bus terminal serving the city carrying just 25k citizens per day. The upside to the smooth traffic flow is that a single Firehouse, Police Station, and Clinic can serve the entire city with no issues.

The city is profitable. With taxes at 11%, it pulls between 15 and 18k per hour which is more than enough without even getting into any kind of specialization. Economically, the city is very stable too, with no dereliction problems - perhaps only 1 or 2 abandoned buildings every couple of ticks or so.

Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it :)

The Photos

City of Allington




Traffic at 6:30am


Traffic at 6:30pm


Highway entrance looking across Downtown


Eastern Industrial Quarter looking South


Looking West across the Waterworks with Industrial on the left


Western Industrial Quarter looking over to Downtown


Looking down the North Avenue, East along the Industrial Quarter.


Main Ave. Looking Downtown.


City Hall on Main Ave. With Bus Terminal


Clinic just off Southeast Main


Eastside Residential


Southeast Quarter looking at the Clinic


Southeast Quarter


Education Sector


The High Speed Rail Link


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