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About this City Journal

My goal for this journal is not to simply tell you how much my city has grown, and what I've added to it. Its to tell the story of the city.

Entries in this City Journal



Alex_1210: sounds nice

Why thank you good sir.

Luiz P. Romanini: The way you introduced the characters reminds me of the SC4devotion diary "The Winding River Project". So I got a good feeling about this one...

I'll have to look that diary up. It seems like something I'd like to read.

Part One: Dirt Roads and Industry

Webb: Thank you all for coming to the first meeting of the City Council. I realize that some of our seats are yet filled, but we shall continue on bravely without them.

Savage: I don't think that its brave really. Just more of a way to avoid wasting four more months between meetings.

Herron: Lets get on with meeting already.

Webb: Our city was founded this year, and within four months we have a population above 7000. To get there however we had to go through some stages.





Webb: This avenue dirt road system worked well for our beginnings, and may I say it is so very quaint, but it was no good once we gained a few people.



Webb: And so, through many road constructions, we have made many of our streets paved!

Thompson: Yeah, but you left clearfield for last.

Miller: We still have traffic problems too. I have people calling in sick cause their stuck in traffic.

Webb: I gave you a school, and a bus depot. What else can you expect me to do?

Everyone else: Fix it.



Herron: I mean come on Webb, you spent thousands on that city hall upgrade before you even built roads into Oxford Junction.



Webb: I gave Clearfield a park. That wins me something right?

Thompson: A cheap field and playground set. Thats a park I guess.



Webb: I increased land values in Madison did I not Mrs. Gonzalez?

Gonzalez: For some of us. But less because of you and more because of the school.


Webb: Well. I see how it is. None of you even care about the good things then.

Savage: Nope....What, you were all thinking it.

Webb: There were some row houses constructed. I guess you all knew that already though.


Webb: I challenge you all to travel the city and tell me its not pretty.





What are the citizens doing?

Well the Kastrelis family from Madison thought all the city buildings were great. But they disliked all the road construction and traffic that went on. They also disliked that they didn't have any parks, but that was rectified. March of this year they updated their home into a new two story three bath worth twice that of their old one. They love their location near the school, but dislike the disparity in wealth they've experienced in the city. They also don't like that there is a fire every other day.

Some photos from the Kastrelis family:




Whats life in Clearfield like? Ask the Patterson family. They loved the shopping, and liked that they had a short commute. The hated all the fires that broke out just as they moved in, but liked that they were given such a great bus system. They liked that they could walk to two different parks, and loved that they could send their kids to school. But they hated that in March the man of the house managed to fall and break his arm.

Some photos from the Pattersons:




Oxford Junction is still young, but the Underwood family feels like they've caught the market at a good time. They loved the shopping, hated the fires, and hated the traffic. They had the longest commute and were at their core the most unhappy. They rejoice when several parks were placed within the Junction, but soon they were back to their grumpy old selves. They also hated they they live on a dirt road while the rest of their neighbors have paved ones. They plan on taking this to Ms. Herron.

Some photos from the Underwoods:


Thank you all for reading the first installment. Any constructive remarks are welcome as well as comments on how to improve the journal or the city. Thanks ahead!


Welcome dear reader! First off I'd like to say thanks for visiting, and ask you to bear with this first post as it is simply a intro into what I plan to do.

My goal for this journal is not to simply tell you how much my city has grown, and what I've added to it. Its to tell the story of the city. What are the people thinking? What do the businesses want? How is each part of the city doing on its own? I'm going to tell the story of the city by focusing on three different levels.

The first level will be city wide where our prestigious mayor will recap the happenings of the week. This will speak of what was bought, how the city grew, and how its doing on a whole. What was built this week? What changes were made in the structure? Whats the budget like? Crime? Fire? Health? Population or pollution?

The second level is neighborhood wide where community leader from each area will recap what they though of what happened over the week. This will speak of how things affected them, and how each individual place is doing. What does the area need? How profitable/happy is the area? Any changes over the week? How did the changes affect your business, house, industry?

The third level is the household. I will be selecting one family (building) to follow throughout the week. I will pick one from each neighborhood and tell their story. Where do they work? How much money are they making? Where do they shop? How are they doing? Kids? What do they think the city needs?

I'm naming only the residential areas. They're are four areas split up by the avenues, so each area gets a name. The names in clockwise fashion from top left are Clearfield, Madison, Oxford Junction, and St. Paul. The commercial and industrial areas will be known only by their zoning. When working on the third levels I will focus on one business and its owner.

So now that we know about how this is gonna work lets get to know the area.

I'll be playing in the area called Whitewater Valley.

Burnt Tree River Valley was named for the trees that are commonly found burned from lightning storms. The valley features a pristine mountain river offering clear clean waters and excellent shipping lines. Its natural splendor paints a perfect backdrop for tourism, and its abundant natural resources offer the ability to trade and manufacture. All in all the area offers a balanced type of town ideal for a starter area.

I'll be building in the town called Twain.


There's not much to say about the town at the minute. This area is a flat picaresque forest. Our illustrious mayor wishes to cut down some of the trees and set it up as a city with ferry connections as well as a trading connection. The mayor does not wish to mine it out or pollute the area however, so the plans are in the works for education systems.

As you may have guessed I already have a few goals:

Education Systems

A Ferry Connection (A dept. of transportation)

Trading area (To be set up later once other cities have been established)

Others to come!


So with those things in mind I present to you the recurring characters. Little biographies about each one, and what area they represent. I tried to put a little color into each person, so hopefully their people pleasing.

Mayor Webb:

Nathaniel B. Webb, 73 years old, previously employed as a museum curator. Why would a museum curator run for office you ask? Webb answers it perfectly in his quote, “It was my job to make every single exhibit perfect. After a day of that I was tired of seeing our lack-luster mayor let this city fall into disrepair. Let me tell you disrepair is not my standard of perfect.” So what platform did the crazy old coot run on? “Make Our City a Museum” He told people he would put all the effort he could into making each and every area just as beautiful and clean as the next. Whats his plan for the city you ask? “Not letting it burn down. Yep, I think that’s achievable.” He doesn't like to disappoint and loves to hear how people feel about his changes, so long as its something positive.

Boutique Owner Savage:

Ruby A. Savage, 32 years old, owns a clothing boutique inside the commercial district. Her boutique is called Uptown Grandeur and it is her baby. Because she is so far invested with the economy of the region, she is the perfect type of person to tell us about the problems and short comings on the district. “I don't believe in giving good feedback, makes people think they're better than me.”

Factory Manager Miller:

Brian C. Miller, 54 years old, manages a factory with in the industrial district. He worked his way up through the company, and so knows what each step in the supply line needs. The owner of his factory has commended him on the improvements to speed and production hes made. Because he knows industry inside and out, he is ideal to let us know what the industries of the city need. “Factories I know, just don't ask me to make magic happen with the books.”

Clearfield Community Leader Thompson:

Glenn K. Thompson, 44 years old, moved into Clearfield from a neighboring community and was elected leader for his higher education. Thompson is a macromolecular chemist who works in the industrial district. He doesn't think he deserved the position, but serves with dignity saying, “Clearfield deserves a clear voice, hopefully I provide that.”

Madison Community Leader Gonzalez:

Patricia E Gonzalez, 50 years old, works as a Administrator in the school systems of the area. She moved into Madison for its school district and because she has insider information on the school, she is idea for the community. The base is at its school, and so Gonzalez was quickly elected when it was realized she would use the information she had to press the issues. “I plan to get our children what they need, not what the Mayor wants them to.”

Oxford Junction Community Leader Herron:

Monica J. Herron, 65 years old, retired accountant moved to Oxford Junction after retiring. She wants a quiet neighborhood. Although she probably wont get it with both the police and fire house being positioned in the area, she still hopes. She was elected to the position simply because she had the time to spare and because she is quite the little firecracker in a debate. “Keeping books for a living has made me a rather patient person. I assure you I will win the waiting game that is government.”

St. Paul Community Leader Williams:

Donald V. Williams, 30 years old, is a insurance broker who lives in St. Paul. He was chosen for his winning smile and person friendly attitude. What the people didn't realize is that Williams is power hungry, and while he wants to fix issues, he also wants to get to higher positions with in the local government. “I tell you what, I'll get your problems fixed. If you continue to back me in elections.”

Now you know who you'll be speaking to at the weekly meetings of our little hamlet. I'll leave this first post here with the promise of pictures and actual progress next week.

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