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About this City Journal

An oil-town in a multiplayer SC2013 Region.

Entries in this City Journal


Peak Oil

Hohenburg Shores experienced tremendous growth as an oil specialized city, but reached peak production a few years after the first wells were drilled. Luckily we took a few steps to prepare for this.

1. Set up a processing facility to convert crude oil into plastics and fuel

2. Lay the foundation for tourism as our next specialization

Crude is now 100% purchased on the open market, processed, then sold back on the market for a sizable profit.

Tourism is proceeding nicely and our Expo center holds an event every other day with a sell out of about 80%.

The drilling / crude oil specialization has left quite a wound on Hohenburg Shores. While our coffers ballooned the health of our citizens has suffered leading to crime and high mortality rates. If the problems aren't resolved soon I'm afraid we'll have to declare the city as too polluted for our current population size and start rezoning on a mass scale.


Hohenburg Shores is pumping and trading oil into the region with vast success.

Our population is just over 40K sims, we've got over 1M simoleons in the bank and cash flow is over $3700/HR.

Crime is under control, fire coverage is good, medical is a bit of a challenge but under control as well.

Utility requirements have surpassed the available supply that can be bought in the region and I had to drop two water towers.

Our region still has two open city slots for anyone interested. If someone joins I will gift $100K to help them get their city going.

Learn more at -



This post comes to you from Hohenberg Shores in the Hanshol region on the Antarctica Server (operating just fine.)

Goal - Build / manage an oil exporting city that remains profitable on an hourly basis while meeting needs of citizens.

With this goal in mind, I surveyed the ground map for crude oil deposits and calculated the cost to start pumping. I took into consideration the size and location of the oil fields as well as the direction of the wind.

Before charging forward, I sketched (on paper) a general idea of where the zones would be for my town, laying out a basic growth strategy for my intended specialization.

To minimize costs I procured all resources (water, power, sewer) from my neighbors and placed mostly dirt roads for my initial layout. This is a key aspect of SC2013 - have an idea of how you want your city to grow over time - dirt roads can be upgraded all the way to high density streets, but not avenues. If you develop based on the width of roads (streets) and later want an avenue, you will have to knock down the existing structures and this could be very costly. A few minutes of planning can make or break your long term success.

So there you have it. I executed my plan and 24 hours later Hohenberg Shores has a healthy bank account and positive cash flow.

Stay tuned for Phase II (City Development) and Phase III (City Management)

We still have a few more open land claims, if anyone's interested come learn more about us here.

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