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April 20th, 2002

As construction for homes and businesses continue, Civic services are also in demand. No formal vocational school has been founded in Rumination yet, so police, firefighting, and medical personnel are either certified in Japan or Russia, or are veterans.


This is an example of the growth of civics in Rumination. Hospital-01 is the first major medical center in Rumination. Doctors here have an expansive database of medical knowledge from Japanese and Russian literature. As well as having a trauma center, Hospital-01 has a Psychology department that is heavily funded, as all settlers are required to see a Psychiatrist to log the information required by the study.

Among these personnel is a young doctor who is excited to start her career in a new land...


Dr. Kallista Prokofiev, a recent graduate of Moscow State University, moved to Rumination to start a Psychology practice. Her office is one of many in Hospital-01. Her quick graduation to doctor is partially based upon her family having high power in her hometown of Samara.


Rumination has a hilly landscape that can be difficult to build upon, however, it's soil composition is perfect for building. People are now allowed to bring their old vehicles to Rumination. This decision is not permanent, as there are plans to make Rumination the first territory to use hybrid transportation only.

Things are going very well for the citizens of Rumination. Soon, though, this prosperity will be tested...


Solitude (Kodoku)

March 29, 2002.

Proyekt Togenkyo is officially founded. Upon this event, the UN recognized Proyekt Togenkyo as a self governing state, co-controlled by Japan and Russia. The UN also allows for Proyekt Togenkyo to be represented in meetings. Settlers have yet to be appointed for these positions, so placeholders from Russia and Japan have been sent.

But meanwhile on Rumination, life as settlers goes on. A small amount of buildings have been constructed around the dock site.


As citizens are chosen at random from both Russia and Japan, a wide variety of building disciplines are aplenty. A permanent dock for the ship that brought the original 500 settlers to Rumination has been made, making a direct connection to the main village. As for life in the colony, very little electrical connections have been established. Wind Turbines supply all of the colony's power. However, there is no internet service or telephone connection. Citizens rely on mail brought to and from on ships to contact family on the mainland. Since settlers are from either Russia or Japan, there is a bit of a language barrier.

To prevent this, free Russian and Japanese classes are available. Some citizens instead use English as an in-between.


This is the current seat of council for Proyekt Togenkyo. The current style of governing is a Town Hall style meeting, any and all citizens can come and express concerns and requests. Since Proyekt Togenkyo does not have a operating military, it is protected by the Navies and Air Forces of Japan, Russia, Korea, and China.

For one settler, this exchange to Rumination is a new beginning...


For Daisuke Yamaha, a recent High School graduate, moving to Rumination is a chance to change everything he disliked about his life before. Daisuke sees this as an exciting change. He does not have family, or family he wants to talk about, so this move was easy for him. Japan itself was kind to Daisuke, it's beauty being a great release from stress. But for him, it's time to change.


In 1997, an uncharted island was discovered in the Sea of Okhotsk, having no known human population, and containing a massive amount of natural resources. As well as being quite mountainous, it also boasted a temperate climate. This discovery had a downside to it though, as Japan and Russia soon began to claim it as their own. After inconclusive talks between the two nations, a group of Geologists, Sociologists, and Economists came forth and offered an unprecedented deal, to start a new colony that would be a "Human" experiment, joint funded by the Team, the Government of Russia, Government of Japan, and the UN. This new colony would be given almost unlimited supplies and funding, and subjects would be chosen at random. With this idea, Japan and Russia sent roughly 500 new "Subjects" to this untamed land. To start anew. To see what humanity could be in an ideal form...

This island, nicknamed "Rumination Land", was discovered by a mysterious privately funded group.


Rumination features several topographic features.


Steep Cliffs...


Snowy Peaks...


And A Surrounding Ocean Of Deep Blue.


The year is 2002, and the first "Subjects" of this human project, "Proyekt Togenkyo", are arriving...

The future may very well depend on the results that this project will bring, but for the settlers, the future is bright...

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