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Welcome to Taishikan, Ineku of Toyokin. A sprawling, dense, commercial and government district, Taishikan has many different architectural styles and spaces. Plazas here, embassies there, mid-rises just across the corner, oh so many things to do here.



Taishikan is home to the headquarters for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Takyoto. The headquarters can be well defined by its grand groundscraper-like structure with brown and black accents along its exterior.


Also in Taishikan is Embassy Lane, home to many embassies that represent nations from around the world. Japan, the United States, China, England, and many more nations have embassies down this beautiful thoroughfare lined with trees and intricate buildings.






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As the sun rises, we take a look just west of Kuniguni. The difference between these two places is very distinct. Dense commercial hub and large residential town. You are going to see the life of many hard workers. For you have just entered Shibuku.


Shibuku is a very small ward located in northern Toyokin. Known for its parks, stadiums, and skyscrapers, Shibuku is a must see for city geeks. It is a very busy ward for its size.


Right along one of the largest stadiums in Takyoto, is Shibuku Station. Shibuku Station is the busiest rail passenger station in Takyoto, and one of the busiest in the world. It handles several hundreds of thousands of passengers daily.


Now we take peace in the shade, as the sun makes us swelter under its hot wave. We go to Shibuku Park, one of the largest parks in Toyokin. Then, we go off back to the city life, just as the sun sets and tomorrow's rain clouds roll in.





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4 • Kuniguni


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Today, we head back to the big city of Toyokin. In the northeastern region of Toyokin, is a ward known as Kuniguni. It is the most populated ward in Toyokin, home to over 3.6 million residents. It is mainly a suburban residential ward, but you can find apartments and some tall offices near the city center.



It seems like the weather is a little gloomy and wet. We should be able to continue for just a little longer. Even in the rain, Kuniguni still bustles with many commuters by train and car, and occasionally even pedestrians!





Today we will be visiting the southeastern coast of Shokishima, Takyoto. Shokishima is the largest island of Takyoto's six islands by its population. There are two major cities along this southeastern coast in the Hitochi Prefecture. First off, we will be visiting Kōdai, a major industrial city known for manufacturing rolling stock and agriculture.


Kōdai is a not-too-big city just about an hour's drive north of Tsynghan. Kōdai is in an industrial center for Takyoto. Shipping industry, publishing, train rolling stock, agriculture, and clothing manufacturing are all major industries that have a big presence in Kōdai. So, let's see some nice views on this partly cloudy day in the small business district and large suburban surroundings.





Now, Tsynghan is on the southern part of our journey. It is the third-largest city in Takyoto. It also plays an important role in Takyoto's history. Tsynghan was founded by Okatabawashi, when it had full control of southern Shokishima. Okataian forces had taken control after the Okato-Takyoto War in the mid 15th century. So, expect to see some major Hong Kong, and Okataian influence in the architecture.






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April showers bring May flowers, and that is definitely becoming true in Nichiro today. Nichiro is the second-largest city in Takyoto, and also a very cultural city as well. However, the gloominess of the April storms have brought this beautiful city into the wet darkness. However, we should still be able to tour some highlights of the city.



The central business district of Nichiro ranges from tall skyscrapers, to mid-rises, to factories, then occasional skyscrapers again. This symbolizes the wide variety of options and fun the city has to offer. But it seems like the storm just had to ruin the fun did it?


Now it seems that Nichiro National University (NNU) is being rained on as well. On a normal, sunny day in the city, this university will be filled with students studying for dream jobs. This university teaches many subjects such as law, accounting, art, architecture, and medicine. One day maybe you can stop by for a visit.


Nichiro is the main city of the Sakura River Agglomeration, which includes Nichiro and other smaller cities along the famous and beautiful Sakura River. Nichiro is home to over 4 million people, while its suburbs total up to over 2 million. One city just outside Nichiro is Jōetsu, which is home to about 200k residents. It looks like the local school is keeping its new students indoor.


This is the last part of our tour, and we are looking at one of the smallest temples in the country by area. Its territory was much larger a few hundred years ago, before development took over and destroyed most of the surrounding gardens and trees. It can now be easily accessed by the nearby Ishigaki Station.


1 • Busy Toyokin


Ever imagined a city that is the size of Tokyo, London, or New York City, but without the extreme urbanization and craziness? Ever thought of living in a big city full of dreams and expectations, but without the need for a big amount of money? Ever wanted to live in a place that you can see both the traditional and modern side of the city? Well, there is a place like that here on earth, and that is, Toyokin. Toyokin is the capital of the Republic of Takyoto, and is home to about 17 million people in its huge agglomeration.


Many say it is the Tokyo of Takyoto, which I believe it is. The city is filled with industrialization, culture, and friendliness. Aren't these things that you want with a city? Toyokin is a dense and bustling city that attracts both tourists and future residents. It is the major workhouse and transportation center of the 6 islands of Takyoto. It is a prefectural city, and is split up into many wards.


The headquarters of electronic companies, banks, telecommunication companies, and many more are located in the Shibuku ward of Toyokin. This is the main economical center for the city, and is filled with tall, towering skyscrapers of both concrete and steel. It is a popular destination for architectural lovers and photographers. It also has quite a few apartment towers that maybe you can live in one of these days.


Now behind this urban density and industrialization is also a glimpse of culture. Many historical sites still remain and are preserved by the city. Many popular parks, castles, and shrines are located in the center of this urban agglomeration. Even some ruins from previous wars in the country are located just outside the city's boundaries.



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