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Personal Replies: :P

SimCoug: I guess when the page loaded, it was about as exciting as the announcement for "Star Wars VII". :P

Ace❤: Thanks a bunch, Ace! Glad you enjoyed the reference, as well. :P

dubaidude303: Thanks a bunch!! The last image is so ominous, isn't it?? :lol:

As Seen In Chapter 2. . .

But the nuclear power plant had other plans. . .


Chapter 3: Two Kilometer Island

Unfortunately, I didn't ever get to see the nuclear power plant's plans perfectly pan out because I skipped town that very night. I apparently started some trend of a Newport exodus, though... apparently all these people started getting some serious sickness shortly after I left. * sigh * Guess, I'll never know what happened to that good ol' town.


Important author's note: Radiation happened.


Of course I went to the largest city the taxi driver knew of: Roumeli, our region's "City That Never Sleeps". Except, ours typically dozes off a little after midnight. Details, details.


I quickly learned, though, that I, myself, would never sleep in this city; it was so confusing. I remember thinking to myself, "Wow, I wish I could have planned this city." And I sure wish I could have. That city's biggest budget expenditure was transportation, and they were doing a crappy job allocating it, I'd say. Too many roads, too many buses clogging up the roads, not enough rail or streetcar lines. Oy. It bugged that heck out of me, to be honest.

But I digress.

After my silent rant of the transportation system... I seriously needed a break. I stopped by at a pub on the East shore to see what I could find... to drink. I overheard the bartender and a man discussing some of the folklore of the city. Really, now? This city's like 5 years old. Nonetheless, I listened:

Bartender: Ay, they say that if you find the sun nestled on the top of Centennial Tower, you'll get a century of good fortune.

Man: A century??

Bartender: Would I lie?? Come on, now. Seems easy, right? Well, the only way to get an unobstructed view is to go due east to the top of Mount Kylon. I, myself, I'm not much a mountain climber myself, so you can count me out. My bar's been doing just dandy, anyway.

Man: Same, here. My mortal fear is racoons. I hate 'em. I shriek every time I see one. Other than that, I'd be down, but as there are probably racoons, you can count me out, anyway.

Well, I sure wasn't afraid of racoons, and since I'd pretty much grown up in a forest, I was determined to put this legend to the test. Why not, right?

Well, I'll skip the whole climbin' up the mountain saga. Honestly, it wasn't too bad.... although now, I am petrified of racoons.

But, I guess you could say it was all just right place at the right time, or some of that fairy tale stuff, because as soon as I got to the top of the mountain, I collapsed on the nearest boulder that was not sharp and pointy. Except the nearest one had a snake under it. So, I shot off the rock onto the next closest one, snake-free, I might add. But, anyway, yeah, right place at the right time.... well, screw it, this, this very skyline is what I saw:



Thanks for viewing and commenting, guys!! This entry sort of catered to those of you who love to read, but the next chapter will have lots of pictures for you guys! :D

~ B-more4

P.S. Go O's!! :P


Chapter 2: A New Hope?

Note From Me: I've renamed the CJ "Paradise Lost". :P I suppose it fits... for now. :P

Chapter 2: A New Hope?

So I hitchhiked my way to Newport. It was a boomtown, 45,000 citizens or something. At first glance, I figured that if half the people in that dumpy town could making a living, I sure could. Maybe I could have a little fun while I was at it, right?

Ha.. ha.. wrong. Fires. Again. There was another freakin' fire. I must've only been in the city for 15 minutes before this one.


But, things honestly started to quiet down after that. I have to say - Newport was beginning to grow on me; it was a place I could call home, for once. You still can't beat that skyline - day or night.


Honestly, the main reason I fell in love with the little town during the night. It might've just been because I couldn't see the ground pollution, though; who knows? But, it didn't matter. I was beginning to think I'd found a city where I belonged; I began to dream of actually settling here for a while; heck, maybe even for good!


But the nuclear power plant had other plans. . .


Hope you enjoyed!! :)


Wow, thanks for all the comments!! :) I was not expecting this many people to respond. :P

Author's Note: Heyyyy, it's me! :P There's a lot of sarcasm that awaits ye in the next chapter! Bewareeee! :P This story is told in first person, as if we're the audience. And, you are! So enjoy! Or else. :P

Chapter 1: Sorta an Intro?

Okay, freeze that frame right there. No, no, pan to the left. Not that far left, imbecile!! There, this captures the true beauty of my predicament!

See that? That's my apartment, or well, it was my apartment. That's the thing about Newport. There seem to be more fires than fire trucks these days. Ever since they started burning that nasty coal. But, I promised myself I'd cut the agenda for the story.

Where was I? Oh right, Newport. Newport: a town's whose bi-polar population fluctuates between five and six figures, just like the executive board members of Big Moneyz Casino down the street. That casino is the second most successful money maker in this dump of a city. The first is the actual landfill, or should I say, the new "garbage incinerator". Not really sure what that's all about, but I heard it cuts down on diesel fuel pollution from the sanitation trucks. Those darn hippies always push for their silly reforms.

Enough about this god-awful city, though. I'm not even going to be talking about it anymore. I'm leaving. I could very well end the story here, because I'm sure some of you came to see the big lights and glam of this charming city. The rest of you, why don't you stick around for a little bit? Considering there's only one highway in and out of this hellhole, I guess I'll head west... see what I can find. It can't get much worse, anyway.


Tacos and wieners. It just had to be tacos and wieners. *sigh* Out West sux. :P


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