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Crazy Traffic

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In this Journal we take a look at the village of Mitsuru (Yes I looked on google for a good sounding name!, anyhow I like Japanese names as I feel they sound pretty cool). Reminding myself as I write Mitsuru means "full" or "growing" which is pretty suited to a Simcity name.

Mitsuru starts its life as a small village on the fringes of Simnation, life is harsh for the pioneering sims. The towns facilities are practically non existent, whilst on the streets homeless people terrorize local people as they attempt to visit parks. Meanwhile for some unknown reason the town is a magnet to gangsters and crackheads who run riot on the streets stealing grandma's pyjamas. All in all its a pretty amazing place and many a people fight to live in a village where they live in they're own feces.

Rough beginnings:


An early aerial shot of Mitsuru:


Not many dare brave the streets at night:Mitsuru03.png

The Black Rocks:

The fortunes of those living in Mitsuru take a drastic turn when one helpless sim named Greg loses his job after his factory is burnt down. The fire started by yobs who thought it would be fun to set fire to grandma's underwear quickly spreads to the hazardous chemicals bay resulting in a massive explosion. Greg was lucky to be standing by a large window at the time as the force of the blast sends him crashing through the windows outside... Its a lucky escape as its well known throughout sim nation fire means certain death as fire trucks are prone to waiting in traffic and proceeding to emergencies at a leisurely pace, why rush after all? Keeping to the rapid response time of 16hrs later the fire department finally arrive via several scenic routes to other towns (the fire cheif needed some special goods from Yasaka).


Greg over run with despair at losing his job ventures into the forest only to come across some strange black rocks, upon further analysis Greg discovers it is in fact an amazing substance known as coal which is formed from the remains of some strange ancient lizard things known as dinosaurs. Utilizing his amazing skills and compensation money from the fire department on the account of their ineptitude, Greg builds a coal mining plant and sets about giving the yobs and the Homeless people terrorizing the children in parks something to do... Work!

Mitsuru Coal Mine:Mitsuru05.png

A New Dawn:

With Gregs efforts Mitsuru becomes a wealthier safer town... There is actually a police force founded, headed by the former yobs (Who else in such a small town!). Outsiders flock to the trading facilities and the town's infrastructure gets a massive over-hall. There is even rumors of more dead dino residue known as black gold, a magical liquid substance of great value even more usefull than Gregs black rocks... In the meantime Mitsuru continues to grow into a prosperous and safe little town...

Roads are improved:


Continuing Evolution of a Mining Town Mitsuru Grows:


Thanks for reading my CJ its the most fleshed out one I have ever done if a little long lol... thanks for reading


Sunset in Mitsuru:



Crazy Traffic

Crazy Traffic in Simcity

Today we have crazy traffic problems in the region with crazy sims frustrated with waiting in a long tails of traffic, some are threatening violence. Mayor is amused watching the cars backed out beyond the city limits but is puzzled how this can happen so quickly. It has been stated that some of the sims are disturbingly lacking in intelligence as some empty lanes or alternate routes have previously remain unused. Maxis has offered to examine the brains of the sims in an effort to reprogram their glassbox neurons so they can make it into work on time.

Highway Tailbacks:




Other News:

In other news the previously thought lost to oblivion city Yasaka remains intact the mayor submits some photos showing the cities progress, though problems are expected due to obscene planning rules meaning the city can not expand beyond a designated limit, the edges grow ever closer. Despite this though the mayor is having fun and hasn't been to hampered by server problems.

City Approaching Limits:


Yasaka is growing:



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