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An Industrial Hub

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Schulmanator: Yes I am! Trade and mining is awfully lucrative, especially once you get a smelting factory (or 3)

ggamgus: Thanks a lot, appreciate the support.

SomewhereSim: Thanks. I always try to use interesting angles. I also try to hide the smaller tile size and the "ugly" bits of the city.

Benedict: Thanks! I think cities are beautiful both during the day and night. I know a lot of people weren't crazy about the artistic direction of the game, but I really enjoy it.



Another day, another ship arriving at one of the trade ports. Load 'em up, boys.


Once the sun rises (and sometimes before), the coal dust starts to fly


Not all the city is gross. There's a very nice district where all those really important people live. We even have a school, as you can see from the bus.


Some new construction is going up in the area. It's going to be for the miners so the city can cut down on some of the commuters. Those who commute can't pay taxes!


More construction...rather close to the mines. I guess a short commute is a positive.


Eventually, as the factories geared up, the mines dug deeper, the layer of smog hung in the valley as always.

...I need a vacation. Maybe I'll visit another city in the area.



ggamgus: Thanks a lot.

Benedict: Appreciate it. I like telling stories...it makes it much more interesting to look at, if you ask me.



Now that all the mines are fully operational, Huckleberry Island has coal and ore coming out of its proverbial ears. So what did the mayor allow? A trade depot right next to some residential developments. Roads were rerouted, ground was cleared, and buildings were razed. All for profit. Money...money...money...


The region's trade headquarters set up shop. We're now "Officially" the trading hub in the area. Hooray.


The bigwigs of the mining corporations that set up in town have also got their headquarters here. They're build on top of the ridge, where most of the coal mining is. It's less smoggy up there...funny how it looks like the big papa looking over it's little children. Dig, dig, dig.


Some of us are at our wits' ends. We've taken to picketing outside city hall. We're never acknowledged.


When one smelting factory isn't enough, build two more! That's the ticket.


Sometimes you forget how deadly all the smog and pollution is when it makes the sky glow like that.


Hey, there, and welcome to Huckleberry Island. We're the industrial, trading, and mining capital of the region, that much I can definitely tell ya. While all those industrial types are rolling in dough, the city's barely hanging on...or at least it seems that way.


This is when the change started--when the big boys moved in. Mining was a new enterprise, and there was more than enough coal and ore for EVERYONE who wanted a slice. With that, the heavy industry came.


Before the mines really took over, us blue-collars had a firm grip and actually had some say on where to work and where we could shop. I mean...we had options, ya know?


With mining comes money. With money comes bigger and better opportunity. There's a really swank section of the island for those who can afford to rise above the smog.


As the money continued to flow, things looked better; the mayor approved the building of a community tech college and what do ya know? Less pollution, more opportunity...if ya have the brains. Too bad that the mayor didn't invest in his own people; most of these higher quality factories boarded up and shipped out...they couldn't get enough smarty pants workers to run their machines.


That didn't stop the mayor from lining his pockets. It doesn't take much brain to haul coal and ore from the mine to the trade depot and from the depot onto the cargo ship. Once the dock went in, that's when the miners took over.


To supply the crazy amount of energy all the new mines needed, the island actually built a SECOND power plant. Those lousy leeches on the mainland better be thankin' us for all that power we're supplying them.


A trip through the mines makes your head spin. Just how many ARE there?!


It's not all bad. Those of us that have stuck around are making a living. Some of us now live in those fancier high rises, even though they don't quite have that same fancy feeling.


At some point, those that make the decisions decided to keep some of their materials and start making metals and alloys...so the city can trade THOSE. Another notch up the ladder, I suppose.


The fires spill over and the smoke billows out into the night sky. Hell on earth...it's on Huckleberry Island.


Where we're at today. What does the future hold? There's only so many expensive rocks in the ground...

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