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About this City Journal

This Modern to futureistic region called The Great Yeldem Lands or Gyl for short is a very populated area, along with that the lands of this area are very sacred and hold many secrets.

Entries in this City Journal


The End

Fictional story: Centerion and the increasing population of that area (204,000 sims) Are getting restless with the cramp ness of the city. And are getting mad because the southern branch is getting all this wide range in population and is bigger, so a civil war broke out.
between the metropolitian area of centerion (254,000) and the southern branch/ conver district (568,000) Eventually centerion pulled it's self to the borders of the city souther branch and are slowly winning the war, but when the new alliance, called the sscb start sending orders in sounthern branch to bfight mercicly. Centerion is forced back and the city centerion is destroyed. With that important link gone the areas population dwindels and economy falls. The region was open for grabs where a new world war broke out because the holy lands were token by misbeilvers. So the entire world went into depression and the complete story is: Centerion got mad fought southern branch, soughtern branch won, a new world war was started cause of religion.

Real story: i downloaded a ton new mods, and had to take all the old mods i used out, so alot of the citys were well useless.

that is the end of this chapter of earths holy lands grow depress and die.


Highway expansion

Here i will show some plans for a highway expansion.

Red is future devopment

light blue is rhw, then is finished,

light blue constuction sign thing is highway construction.

the big cross sign is a intersection sign, for big intersections,

train is in light green, and a major train station is a little train sign.

orange is the border of a city.

gray is avenue development, and silver is protected lands.

then darker blue is elevated rail.


i still can't belive that i did'nt showcase centerion, although in this picture you can see the city. In the top left side of the picture.


This is the new updated conver district, with doubled the population from last update. 100,000 to 203,000!

Also the airport is currently gone from small landing strip to small international airport, bringing in up to 160,000 people per a day.

Along with that a new rhw was made to transfer the 200,000 people of conver to and from the airport.

Now on to Centerion this is only the descreption though: This city is newly at 200,000 people. And is more compact than conver district. It has the region university that recently went over a complete rebuild. Cover district compared to centerion: they are pretty much the same size, and dencity but with alot of differences, they are far apart, centerion is smaller, centerion is'nt a suburb and the names are completly different,

The start of the new RHW


Here is the end of the new RHW


Here is the airport overview.


Closer up.


Here are some traffic datas.





Now here are some picture of the city:

Some new building being built as per usaul.


A load of  skyscrapers and the sight of the beggining of the new RHW.


Some of the new commercial part of town.


Here you can see the newly paved highway up in the top right corner.


The Edge of the town, along with the region.


Complete overview of the city, much has changed since the last update.


Here are the zones and where they are.


Mostly residential but off in the left of the city is the largest commercial the city has. It is vital for that commercial to be there or else all the population would work outside of town.

Thats it for this update.  Also sorry for not showing centerion it is finished but not quit there.


Here i have some Before/After pictures, these are mainly road networks, but some other things.









And here is the famous intersection in kilvin side of town, the largest of the region. Suffering from too much traffic.


No after picture. Sorry.

And this is the conver district mini map and population. This is as it is 100,000 people small area.


And thats it. all the upgrades done to the roads, well not all but you get what i mean.

Hopes for next update: The showing of the new metropolitian area of centerion.


For the population of the Southern Branch there are 2 main road networks along with 2 main parts of town. The jerry side and the kilvin side. The jerry side is growing in commercial and not so much as population while the Kilvin side is the most economic part of the city.

Here is a picture of Kilvin side. That black line is the border between the 2 sides.


Up by the "v" is the other intersection which spits out the kalvin road net work. The main of which leads to a tunnel to the jerry side. That is a great way to cross the 2 sections without hitting highway traffic. 

Jerry side:


Where the "y" is for jerry there is the largest current intersection, which has been changed to a roundabout.

That concludes this mini update about the 2 sides of town.

The hopes for the next update are a new metropolitian area.


Wow it seems like ages since my last update, anyways this update puts it's focus on conver district and the small RHW that cuts through it.

Descrition: Conver District: Well conver district is a important part of the city Kellig. The reason cause it has a very small airport. But this airport has among the best way to get to the downtown part of Kellig, the RWH. This RHW has a hole branch that costed the city millions of

simleons. And space to have development. This RWH services nearly 10,000 people daily and up to 1.9 million in a year. Without this small landing area that 1.9million sims would have to go north and travel down taking nearly 7 weeks and since there is no direct road that goes

from that airport to central city you would easyily get lost.

Here is the RWH with a common overpass.


More of the edge of town.


Some of the newer part of town.


After all upgrades


Here is the MIS road that  goes from the airport to the RWH.


Some upgrades being done to the RWH for the ability to have people go straight from the airport to the highway.


Here is some traffic data


Big elevated rail to subway connections.


RHW meets city.


More data


The reconstruction of town after a greaty economical depression, only for this city,


The MIS road with a large number of commuters from the airport.


That Concludes the first update of Conver District.


Now i am greatly sorry that i couldn't get a intel. airport so don't be expecting one.

Here is a little description of conver distict. "This is currently a small suburb of the city Tegrence. But conver district is home to the Tergrence airport. And has a rural highway cutting the city in half. The current population of the city is 100,000. This is a very small area for that big population. Less then 1/16 of the city's land is populated. This land is soon to be developed though, as it is currently the largest growing city of the region. That is all for this breif description.

Some industrial plants along with a port.


Some ready to be developed land... Not.


The add-on to the city since the last update.


And here is the original part of the city.


An idustial coastline.


Some more updated parts of town.


Some Brutal traffic.


And here are the traffic graghs of the city.

Total road usage.


Cars only.


Bus only.


Subway and eleveatedrail.


And then congestion.


Some of the layout of the city.


Hopes for next updates are Conver district and maybe airport.


The Big One

Well i finally think i got a good regoin going. This is the first road networks and citys, i took these a good while back.

Sorry for the name and all that showing, as i said before i took these picture a while back.

A four lane road slowly being constructed.


Some roads being made for future deveopment.


Here we are with so far the largest intersection of the hole regoin.


A Big highway intersection along with a tunnel.


A medium intersection of  5 avenues ment to help controll future development.


Some residential buildings being built,  a highway cutting it;s way into the buildings and  a major arts museum.


More skyscrapers, also  i nice roundabout that handles traffic from upper town and lower town.


Some rushhour traffic along with alot of commercial building. I did not plop them, only 3 of them, they were all different and that was to help jump start the economy.


An over view of the new southern part of the city developing.


Anyways thats all thats in for this update, it was'nt as big as i wanted it to be but still big.

Next update plans: Conver District: and the intel. airport. Along with the revealence of a mass transit rework.

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