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Set in the year 2173, Earth has been nearly destroyed by a mysterious event simply referred to as "The Cataclysm." Found floating in space space wreckage by a Martian ex-cop and a Cruic bounty hunter, young Ryden awakes without any memory o

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Archived Transcript with Limited Screen-Grabs:

CNN Mars East Office

November 19, 2092

8:12:35am MRT1 (Mars Region Time 1)

27 minutes Post-Cataclysm



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Reporter%201.jpg Reporter 1:

Marsha Penner reporting live from the Capitol Building in downtown Cydonia, Mars, where the Carpathian and Terran talks have deteriorated over terraforming rights over Venus. Talks took place this morning and quickly escalated over the claims that Carpathia and the Earth described city-state of Berengaria were stealing talent and highly educated individuals from multiple nations on the planet. It’s important to note that officials from the Carpathian government did not deny these....



This is CNN Mars Breaking News.


Camera two.

Reporter%203.jpg Main Reporter:

We’re going to get back to Marsha Penner in just a moment. We’ve been following some breaking news this morning, where widespread reports are coming in from across Mars today of widespread internet and massive communications disruptions with Earth.

We have several unconfirmed reports that a major solar flare has caused widespread communications and power disruptions across Earth, starting at about 8am local time. We’ve yet to hear word from the Interplanetary Space Agency for clarity to the situation, and will let you know when we receive a statement.

Federal officials has been sent to investigate, and have sent a crew out for more information. We’ll continue reporting once we get more details. We now go back to Marsha and her report on the Carpathian-Earth talks.


Reporter%201.jpg Reporter 1:

... officials on both sides have called for a temporary moratorium. According to Terran officials, this is in order to give both sides time to cool down during the talks, as well as discuss the legal ramifications pertaining to the Terran accusations of the Carpathian government.

However, an unidentified Carpathian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, claimed that the Carpathian government agreed to the talks only as a formality and have no intention of giving up Venus under any circumstances. The same individual also noted that talks were likely not to continue due to the Terran officials not remaining on topic.

Back to you in the news room John.

Reporter%203.jpg Main Reporter:

Thanks Marsha.

In medical news today, medical researchers on Tol Sirion, New Carpathia have finished and widely published their results of a cure for the HIV virus this week, with many scientists showing reproducible results in what is now being hailed at the true cure to HIV. When questioned about why they shared the results, they were quoted as saying that it was “An important breakthrough for all humans, and needed to be shared in order to completely eliminate the virus from the universe.”


Making top headlines in travel, the Interplanetary Transportation Commission has announced plans for a hypergate to be constructed between Mars and the Saturn moon of Titan. The Saturn Mining Company will be paying for 50% of the initial construction costs, with the rest coming from bonds issued by the IPTC. The new gate is being touted as a major step forward in hypergate technology, with the capability to accelerate ships to theoretical speeds of over 350 times the speed of light, versus the current 10 times the speed of light of current hypergates.


Making foreign news, civil war continues on Serapha between the Rouc and Cruic. Now at the 5th month mark, both sides are refusing to attend peace treaty talks on Earth. Terran officials have suspended aid relief efforts to the planet for fear of safety to those involved, and have begun shipping workers back to Earth.


The fighting appears to have started over a member of the Cruic royal family being found dead in the city of....

...I’m sorry, I’m being told by my producer that we’re going to go to Scott Corgis in the news room with more information on the escalating communication blackout with Earth. Scott?

Reporter%202.jpg Reporter 2:

Thanks John. We’re now hearing scattered reports that the current communication blackout resulted from Berengarian hackers having launched a massive cyber attack on several major telecommunication hubs located across Earth. Berengaria officials currently have been unable to be reached during the blackout, and unnamed officials for the Carpathian government are fully denying the reports, stating that no evidence has been present to support the claims.

Terran officials also are refusing to comment until they are able to reach their contacts on Earth.


Terran government responders from Mars are expected to reach Earth within the next few moments, so we hope to hear....

Reporter%203.jpg Main Reporter:

Scott, sorry to interrupt, but I’m getting word from our producer that we now have a live feed from our news crew. We’re going to switch over to Senior Correspondent Chris Muniz who is currently on route to Earth. Chris, what can you tell us?

Reporter%204.jpg Reporter 3:

John, I’m here aboard a transport vessel and were about 20 seconds from Earth. Government officials have not replied to our hails while in the gate at this time, and ships will have been planet side for about 5 minutes at this point. We’re going to stay on the line as we leave the gate.

We’re now here.... and.... oh holy [bleep]..... Oh... oh god....

Reporter%203.jpg Main Reporter:

Chris, what are you seeing? C-can we get a live video feed from the ship? Chris?

Reporter%204.jpg Reporter 3:

It... it.... its gone... its.... Oh god.... I don’t know how to describe it John.

Earth... the moon.... they’ve been destroyed.

{silence followed by crash in main news room and muffled cries of agony}


Reporter%203.jpg Main Reporter:

Uh... for those of you just joining us.... We.... we’re getting live feed from Earth where a major catastrophe appears to have occurred...



Welcome to Journey from Oblivion. This story has been a labor of love over the past year, with much collaboration with my close friend Zelgadis, for whom has patiently listened and provided feedback on my constant rambling over MSN. His insight, as well as those of everyone in the Simtropolis Imaginaerum continue to shape and mold this story into what it is... and without their insight and helpful opinions I could never post what I write here.

I started this story partially from inspiration from several stories here on ST (here's looking at you Carpathia series), and also from some of the great webcomics that can be found on the internet. Especially ones such as The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, Artifice, The Young Protectors and Always Raining Here.... just to name a few. These works of art are stunning, and I hope to one day reach the level of amazing-ness of these great works, and I hope you check them out and comment.

Also, I've been toying with this story for a long time, some could say for years, off of a single image and idea I got when driving in yet another rush hour commute. It's festered as my commute time has increased, and with it a massive plot has formed. Many of the ideas and attitudes of the characters come for all the massive amounts of pop culture I ingest on a daily basis, as well as my own personal fears and experiences.

As a gay writer, yes, there will be a lot of gay material in the story. That's a given. But hopefully it breaks the mould of the typical gay plot, and shapes into something more human and dynamic than what a lot of the plot out there is today. Also, being a sic-fi story, I love the ability to play around with fun new science, and let my imagination soar into the vast unknown.

With that lies a problem. Granted, yes, I want to listen to my inner geek and nerd, and make sure everything is up to snuff on the science aspect... but at the end of the day, sci-fi does not equal science... it always will have at least some sort of over-the-top impossible aspect to it, which makes it so much more awesome to read. So, unless it's a truly impossible science aspect... take it with a grain of salt. It's science fiction, not science fact.

Last, yes, there is going to be some psychological aspects to the story that could be disturbing to some. It's an epic thriller/adventure. And what makes a better character than someone with inner (and outer) demons, or character flaws, or true emotions, or even just plain evil at times. It's always been my philosophy that nobody is 100% good or 100% bad, and that will be in the story.

It's my hope that I can keep up a solid update schedule with this story, but let's be realistic, life happens outside the computer. I hope to be able to update this story regularly, but life is full of action, and that sometimes gets in the way. That and writer's block is a evil nasty demon. so don't be shocked if things sometimes get quiet around here.

I look forward to the comments and suggestions that will hopefully be posted here in the future, and hope that you all enjoy your trip on this epic adventure with my characters and writings.


Special thanks to Zelgadis and the Simtropolis Imaginaerum team, I couldn't do it all without you guys!


Plot Locations:

More to come with first update.


Race Descriptions:

Humanoid Species:


Originating from Earth, most are now scattered across the universe after a major catastrophe rendered the home planet mostly uninhabitable. Most live on either Mars or or in the mega-opolis of Earth simply called Spire. Many willingly mate with Nekominzoku since the race is not inflicted with the mysterious disease that has made several other races impotent. Mating with a Cruic or Rouc does not produce viable offspring. Numbers are in the billions.

Cruic (pronounced: crooik)

One of the two races of people on the planet of Serapha; every Cruic has eyes that change color with their mood, and are able to read other’s emotions by simply touching them. All are generally faster and stronger than humans, but generally are a peaceful race unless the Rouc are involved. Most are gifted with abilities that are passed down from each family, such as future seeing, invisibility, or telekinesis. Much like the Rouc, when sexually aroused, they will develop a blood lust, giving most other races the idea of them being vampires. Unlike the Rouc, they do not survive solely on blood, causing them to be weaker than the Rouc. Their strength is mostly neutralized by sunlight. Due to a mysterious disease, none are able to reproduce. Estimates are that less than a a thousand of their race remain.

Cruic tend to have many plants around them where they live. They are in generally good terms with the
Carpathians, Nekominzoku
and Martian Humans, althought most races known little about them.

Rouc (pronounced: rohuhk):

The second of the two races on the planet of Serapha; Rouc lack all the powers gifted to the Cruic, and are able to be distinguished by the dark red eye color and pale, sickly skin. However, they are able to make psychic impressions upon their prey, and can alter their memories and dreams through touch. Their diet is only the blood of others, either Cruic or in most cases Human. This gives them greater strength and speed than that of the Cruic, but like the Cruic, sunlight neutralizes this. Nearly all are extremely violent in nature, and tend to torture and rape their prey for fun, and often drain the victim dry. All their strength is neutralized by sunlight, and often times causes them severe pain. Like the Cruic they are low in number and unable to reproduce, with their numbers totaling less than 500. They are persona non grata in the universe due to their general nature, and are feared by many humans.


Although human, Carpathians are generally classified as a separate race due to their advanced intelligence and good looks, which seem distinctly different from normal humans. This race also seems to age less harshly, and have an overall youthful appearance, though some say this is due to plastic surgery.

Character Descriptions

NOTE: I did not draw all these characters. The artists (and links to their deviantArt pages) can be found on each picture:


Ryden/ Subject 382:

Estimated to be around 17 to 18 years old (in stasis for about 80+ years). He has no current memory of anything that happened before waking up on the Izela.


Ataliac Rocidned, aka Steel:

One of a few remaining Cruic left in the galaxy. Approximately 170 Earth years old, he was a officer during the Seraphinian Civil War and currently works as bounty hunter and crewman on the Izela, and is always seen with his Cruic Army sword at his side.


Zeke Skyers:

33 years old. Captain and owner of the IGF Izela, a small multifunctional freighter based out of Mars. Born on Mars, he formerly served as a Interstellar Police Officer before a fire fight on Titan left him with a cybernetic eye and arm. He now runs a small bounty hunting and freight company, and occasionally transports individuals for a hefty fee. Also a notorious womanizer (and occasional man-izer). He drinks like a fish, and smokes like a coal train.

His father (a Martian journalist who attempted to expose the genocide taking place on Carpathia during the Vincent era) and younger brother were murdered when he was younger, which led him to become a police officer.


Lord Xener:

Leader of the Rouc. Approximately 270 years old. Got his position by killing the previous leader. Particularly evil, he has hunted down all 399 subjects except one. He is hunting down Ryden using any means available, due to his conclusion that he is the only successful subject and thus his perfect slave/pet/toy/dinner.


Recent News:

2/27/2013: Prologue posted.


Plot Summary:

In the year 2092, a horrific event occurred in which nearly all life on Earth was wiped out. This event, known simply as the Cataclysm, changed the history of the Terrans and Earth forever, wiping out many of it's secrets in the process. Many hypothesized that it was related to the event on Serapha, a small planet in the Achird system some 20 light years away from Earth, while many others linked it to a massive hypergate malfunction. However, no cause was ever brought forward, and many moved on with humanity, slowly rebuilding on either Earth, or colonizing on Mars.

Some 81 years after the incident, a small freighter happened upon the wreckage of an ancient Terran ship. Aboard this was a lone survivor, who cannot remember who he is or where he came from. Scared and alone in this universe, he seeks out with the help of the freighter's rag-tag team of ship crew: a Cruic soldier, an ex-Martian police officer, a Carpathian ex-spy, and a orphaned Neko, to discover who he is and why he came to be, while running from a malevolent alien lord hell-bent on making him his own personal slave and next meal.


Table of Contents:

Character Descriptions

Plot Locations

A Letter (Rambling) from the Author



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