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About this City Journal

Documenting the colonization of the Mutsuhito solar system.

Entries in this City Journal


Begin Log 41-2400

I want to pull the AI straight from its core and use the mass driver to launch it directly into Mutsuhito before it does the same to me, buuuuuut then I'd get into trouble with Fleet Command because it kinda keeps us all in orbit. Also I did not think I could ever hate something more than the auto-logger, but the orbital camera controls are getting pretty close.

Anyway, Kyo, sorry we've only communicated so little lately. Guiding a colony through its first steps is a very time consuming job, and until we disband the fleet I am the highest ranking officer in what remains of the nation of Nippon. I don't have to tell you that Fleet Command holds most of the power, but every file passes my desk and I have to authorize most of them. Every single damn street they lay out has its own piece of virtual paper floating around the fleet ether.

Fortunately everything is moving now and I've delegated several of my responsibilities, freeing up some of my time to combat the atrocious orbital camera controls. I promised you pictures and I will deliver. First an overview of the valley. In this picture you can't see the oceans or that it's a valley really, but it does nicely show the perfect location we carefully nitpicked for the colony by randomly crashing a ferry into it:


I'm sorry the orbital camera interface got copied into the picture but I haven't yet figured out how to disable it. It has this strange augmented reality thing going on that enhances my view on the colony. It's quite useful though, it shows a myriad of options and data, like the number of people that lived in the area during the last census as well as the name of the area. By the way "Neo-Tokyo" is actually a work title, but people seem to like it so expect it to stay. The strange dry riverbed and the jagged, box shaped nature of the forests are likely terraforming artefacts, but there's not much that we can do about that without massive reforestation efforts. And look at the bright side, it saves us the hassle of determining borders for districts.

I also took a few picture that are a bit more zoomed in. Here's the first one, of the area directly around the ferry site:


No wait, that's the wrong one. The orbital camera only snapped a corner of the viewport but it did include the AR overlay because it enjoys making my life miserable.


There we go. As you can see we nicely spread out from the original crash site of the ferry. Nothing too fancy yet, just some sprawling streets and roads. A nice side effect of the AR in the orbital camera is that it also shows areas designated for a certain purpose. The green zones are future residential zones, the blue zones commercial. I don't know for the life of me why they started building houses in a more traditional Nipponian style, though. What's wrong with prefab?

We also got some basic industry set up. Here's some agriculture and hydroponics:


And here's a heavier industrial grid with a few factories:


I don't think the few factories we have can actually make prefab segments, let alone advanced components, so all houses so far must've been built with materials the fleet brought with it. But then where did those advanced houses come from? We had nothing like that with us. Civil engineers are like wizards sometimes.

Oh, and one of the construction overseers got overexcited and built a house for me. It's pretty, I could totally see myself living there:


Too bad I have to stay aboard the Toyohiro Ichi in high orbit to oversee the colony in its earliest stages and keep Fleet Command from setting fire to each other's ships. I can't wait until we dismiss martial law and officially disband the fleet. Soon we will be able to elect our first real government in 12 years!

Anyway, I really have to get back to signing papers now (sigh). Kaiba out.

End Log

Author Notes:

Finally some actual screenshots of the actual colony! For the region I used a map of Taipei available here on the STEX. Nothing too fancy going on yet, but the colonists are still busy moving from space to the ground. I am suffering of some demand issues in my little town right now (hence the lowly populated industrial zone), but I should have that fixed soon enough.


Begin Log 34-2400

This is actually my first log since number 31. I am pretty sure of that. 32 and 33 must've been written by the auto-logger because I really don't remember writing them myself. They just contain boring ship and fleet overviews that don't belong in my personal log at all. I would remember if I put that kind of nonsense here. Right?

Oh well. Anyway, Kyo, I'm happy you've shown such interest in documenting the colonisation of Mutsuhito IV. The transmissions we've been exchanging over the past few days have made me confident that if anyone writes down our tale, it should be you. That's why I've granted you access to some of my personal logs. Please treat them confidential, and don't publish anything without my permission.

I know we've spoken about this already, but I am afraid I really have to recite the events of the past few days again. A lot has happened since we first heard about Mutsuhito, which is where my last log ended. For starters, why it is named Mutsuhito? I'll get to it.

So anyway, the deep space scanner array confirmed that there is indeed a planet revolving around the unnamed star that is almost identical to Xeron III in environment. It is the fourth planet from the star and not the third, the days and years are a bit longer, and it has a bigger moon, but that's all. A few days later we locked our blue-space drives on the star and jumped there.

Now, in those few days, our own astro-topographers went through the databanks on Xeron III in an attempt to find more information about this region of space, and this is what they found: the entire area was actually bought by some megacorporation during the great war, who began terraforming every decent planet according to the Terra standard. That's why Xeron III and Mutsuhito IV are so similar: they were artificially moulded into it.

The database also revealed that the name of the star was Mutsuhito. Apparently the name goes way back in Nipponian history, to even before the Age of Space Travel. We held a fleet-wide referendum about it, and the name stuck. My own suggestion "Kashyk" got only one vote. I blame the stupid tyyypo I made while entering the name in the computer.

Surface scans revealed a nice valley in the tropical zone that is proving to be perfect for a new colony. (I wanted to include a picture but the file got corrupted and I can't be bothered to redo the calculations for the orbital camera right now.) We sent an orbital ferry down with a bunch of geologist, planners, engineers and tourists to check the area. Here's a picture of the ferry on the surface (this one didn't get corrupted, but you don't see a lot):


This is taken moments before they crash the damn thing into the ground. The engineers are baffled and have no idea how to fix the problems (apparently a tree got stuck in an exhaust or something?) so we've just left the ferry where it is and marked the site as the starting point for the colony. It's a nice location, bordering on a river that flows into the ocean nearby. I promise I'll include a big overview picture of the area in my next log. Kaiba out.

Log Entry recorded by Kaiba Yakota, admiral of the Nippon V Evacuation Fleet

End Log

Author Notes:

Second entry immediately after the first one. I just want to get this stuff out of the way so I can start with the actual city journal. Hope you enjoyed, next update will contain actual pictures of the colony!


Begin Log 31-2400

After today's events I should probably start entering these logs a bit more regularly. Maybe I can put them all together in an e-book or something one day so my offspring will read about who built their world. Oh who am I kidding, I'm going to forget it anyway thanks to that ridiculous auto-logger. The ship's AI does that deliberately just to mess with my head, I'm sure of it. Anyway, let's start with a fancy introduction.

It is said that history does not make mistakes. Historians, however, do. Their most recent one was failing to properly save the records of the past, so all we know is what our ancestors told us. And this is their tale:

There was war.

And not one of those petty planetary wars, either. This was the kind of war that renders entire stretches of space uninhabitable for near eternity due to extensive use of entropy-disrupting weaponry and blue-space cracking. The very fabric of timespace was shattered in some places, unleashing even the wrath of incomprehensible horrorterrors from Beyond on unsuspecting mortals. Trillions of people died, billions more were rendered homeless.

Well at least, that's what my granny used to tell me. But she has a tendency to exaggerate her stories for dramatic effect. She's a great storyteller but not much of a historian, and I'm pretty sure she made the horrorterrors up. I've seen an ancient copy of H.P. Lovecraft's collected works on her bookshelf.

Anyway, 12 years ago my home planet Nippon V was hit by a planet buster, cracking the planet's crust wide open and killing the majority of its inhabitant. Only several thousand people could escape, out of a planetary population of millions. For a decade now our star fleet has been travelling through the Milky Way, trying to find a new planet to call home. Our resources are spreading thin and we're getting increasingly desperate. Today we've entered high orbit around Xeron III, a small planet within the Goldilocks zone of twin stars Xeron A and B. These people were lucky. Their planet did not require any terraforming at all, could easily be called a paradise if they didn't rely on unsafe nuclear power so much. But who am I to tell people how they should run their colonies?

Their astro-topographers had some interesting information for us, though. Apparently there's another star only 1,200 light-year away which has at least one planet similar to Xeron III, completely uncolonised. I have ordered the deep space scanner array aboard the Toyohiro Ichi to be directed at that star and analyse the system. If what the Xeronians told me is true, we will set sail for the system as soon as we are done restocking. Supposedly there even exists an ancient jumpgate connection between Xeron and this unnamed star, although nobody knows how to operate it and if it even still works. But who needs jumpgates. We have blue-space drives.

Here's an infograph I drew using my PDA to make it easier to visualise the situation. You are welcome.


I should've become an artist instead of a fleet admiral. Kaiba out.

Log Entry recorded by Kaiba Yakota, admiral of the Nippon V Evacuation Fleet

End Log

Author comments:

Hi everyone! This is my first city journal ever so please be gentle with me. I've decided to go for a more dramatic (or comedic) style of narration from the point of view of the most influential person of the city. The concept is as follows: a solar system gets colonized by a fleet of refugees, and their leader documents the developments through a collection of logs and transmissions. I hope this style works for a journal (and a city).

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