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japanese smalltown setting

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Fasten your seatbelt,

we approach the most dangerous airport in the world: The Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla.

It is located in Nepal in a height of 2.860 m above sealevel and is the usual start of every track to the mount everest and half a hour flight from Kathmandu and the only way up there is by plane or helicopter if you dont want to walk. (i only guess you can walk, but im not 100% sure)

What makes this airport that dangerous?

So, the runway is not on a even surface, it drops down in a 10% angle and is only 457 m long.

As this would not be dangerous enuff, the runway ends at a 600m deep cliff on the one side and on the topside it ends at the mountains face and gives no possibility to start off again if the pilot misses his approach. On top is the very thin air at 2.860 height and the weather on the roof of the world.

So, enuff data for now, get ready for landing!! :)

at 2:40 you can see the "tower" i think my solution fits quite well :)



And here is the rest:



here is the runway with the steep end.

i placed some cows on the runway, actually people use the runway as a shortcut, a sireen gives a signal for approaching planes.

This is just a small and quick update after i had some struggles bout sc4 stability lately and i did it after i just solved them and watched a documentation bout airports.

Of course it is not 100% accurate to reality but i did my best to catch the look of the original airport. Allthough its part of the region im developeing i posted it into this journal because i feel like it might be a bit offtopic and points on a real location. Still, i hope you enjoy and of course, thanks for takeing the time to look into it.


credits go to peg, paeng, uki, somy, Hide & Seek, Ac team, SCAG team and simtropolis,.... ah and to loliuyau for uploading that video.

i think thats it for today, if i forgot someone pm me :)


Approaching the City

Approaching the City

By takeing the train from the countryside we approach the regions capital, no high metropolic area, but it offers jobs, education, some industry and a regional airport.

so, lets see where the voyage takes us :)


Starting off and moveing north-west.


The capitals center is offering various shopping opportunities,






and nightlife.

The dense city center is covered by wide suburbs growing into the nature arround the city.




People live, like on the rural side from fishing and trade with the few industrial goods produced in this area.


The fishing fleet.


and the containerterminal.

Now its time for some pleasure and relaxxing


at the marina



or in the mountains close by.


ending our trip at the airport.


lets us take the chance to view the area from above.

Thanks everyone for takeing a moment to view, the region is almost done, ill spend some time to polish certain areas and candying it up, i might replace some screens later,

but thats it for now.

Credits go to Mandelsoft, Simgoober, Simfox, SimPegasus, ACE Team, all artists from simcity.ch, the HKBAT team, uki, somy, cycledog, vip team, simtropolis, sc devotion and many many more,

also thanks to the great community who keeping this game alive and never get tired posting new impressions and other possibilities to create and design.



Rural Impressions

so, this is my first journal,

i grabbed out sim city 4 again after a longer time and by getting back to simtropolisi have seen some really fantastic cityjournals.

I was so impressed that i started out searching for bats and took some challange on japanese, korean and chinese pages after i

loaded all from the STEX and the PLEX i might need for my upcoming projects.

Thanks to all the people who put so much efforts in creating theese awesome mods and bats and make sim city 4 what it is now!!

Mostly impressed by the awesome journals of LoonyMan (they fit my taste totaly :) i tried hard to get a propper set to my plugins folder,

and im ready to show some first results.


Some suburban atmosphere


Weather changes quick at the coast

(JENX JUPITER BETA1 weather mod and various stuff from Uki)


Smaller industrials offer Jobs in this rural area


some regional railroad

(Bridge is from SimCity.ch, i was unable to read the name of the creator :(, but great job mate, thanks a lot! ).


the main road candyed up with the suburban channel


night on mainstreet

(LRM 4.0 by MandelSoft)


...and dawn on the harbour

(PEG CDK and Simfox day´n night)


My progress so far, still a lot of stuff to do....

but thats what its all about, eh? :)

Thats it for today, if you like it i will post more in the future,

i hope i sticked to all rules and all comments, rates and suggestions are pretty wellcome

Thanks for watching,


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