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id like to get an update out by the end of the month...we shall see....deeply sorry for not posting anything in the past year...don't know if anyone cared or would have missed Columbia.....call it a SC4 block of some sort...haha

PS. it kind of pissed me off that I have to start paying for image shack so thats why I have not been around. hope you all understand!!!!


LL Cool J says: "Don't call it a come back!"



Update 1-Downtown Columbia----Every city has a downtown. Downtown Columbia is the financial heart of the region. Downtown was built on the tip of Melrose Island and today it stands out due to its beautiful skyline:


1.1-West: Melrose Island looking west


1.2-North: Melrose Island looking north


1.3-East: Melrose Island looking east


1.4-Overview: Financial District Overview


1.5-Tall buildings: The main buildings of the Financial District


1.6- From (L) to ®: 1. LLC Corporations 2.Columbia SkyTower (tallest building in the city) 3. Infinity Tower 4. Shirk Tower 5. Columbia Grand Hotel 6. U.A.E building (major companies from the UAE are in here)


1.7-Thompson Tower: The tower is the largest residential building in the city with 87 floors and 1,200 pricy condos:



1.8-Metro Hall and Times Building: Metro Hall(building in red) is where all the location where all the city representatives of the region come together to work out big regional plans such as transit planning or region-wide voting station for example. It is pretty big because the region has over 50 cities. The Times Building is the HQ for the city's main paper, The Columbia Times.


1.9- CTA: The Columbia Transit Authority has lines to every major neighborhood. This particular segment runs through downtown on its way to the suburb of Owensby.


1.10-SODO: South of Downtown is home to more of a residential population than commercial. Tall and expensive residential buildings line the edges overlooking Melrose River.


1.11- Clancy St. Bridge: The city has several bridges leaving into Melrose Island. One of the most congested bridges is Clancy St. Bridge. Clancy St is often choked with traffic as residents from the southern suburbs use this bridge frequently to get on to the island.


1.12: Harborview: The Harborview neighborhood is home to some of the wealthiest buildings in the city. The neighborhood overlooks the ocean not a harbor yet the name stuck to this very day.

9n47.jpg1.13- Harborview Condos: On the banks of the Atlantic stands Harborview's expensive condos priced at over $5 million. The views are truly spectacular:



1.14- St Mark's Cathedral: This Catholic church is the oldest in the city. The church can fit about 2300 people for a Sunday service. The church faces a major parking problem. For weddings, there is a 7 year waiting list...yeah its a pretty popular church.


1.15-Columbia Central Market: The market is located next to the church. It can be extremely busy on the weekends as hundreds of vendors sell everything from A-Z:



1.16- Central Columbia Neighborhoods: The main neighborhoods on Melrose Island and the surrounding area.


1.17- Sunset over Columbia: The sun sets on a brilliant September evening.


1.18- Columbia @ 9PM- By nine pm the city is ready for an evening of fun in the many bars and clubs around the city. Columbia is truly a special place!




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