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A Place for New Beginnings

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New Philadelphia Will Return!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the hiatus. School has been crazy but now I'm finished with classes for the summer so I can now focus on SimCity. Going forward I'll be posting updates that are simply photos of my work. I'll not try to write up any storyline anymore.

A new graphic identity will come along with the new updates.

Also, now that offline mode has become available I finally installed SimCity 2013. I have a new journal for that


I look forward to getting back into SimCity.

See you later!




Elwyn & Pennsport: Bringing Two Cities Together

Greetings from New Philadelphia. I know it's been over a month since the teaser so I've put a lot of effort into this update. Hope you enjoy it!


Today we will begin in Pennsport and make our way to Elwyn. Pennsport is Elwyn's neighbor to the south. With a greater emphasis on high density zoning, Pennsport has become the new center of the Northeast region. Let's begin with some stats.



5.01 | This is downtown Pennsport. It's full of mostly residential buildings but more companies are beginning to set up shop as more highrises make their way onto the scene.


5.02 | Here's the same area but now looking from the east. Pennsport, along with Elwyn, sits on Sunset Bay. Though the coast seems bare, there are a lot of planned developments for this chunk of real estate.


5.03 | Citizens of New Philadelphia are enjoying the newly implemented ferry system. Here passengers are debarking the Pennsport-Elwyn ferry during the evening rush hour.


5.04 | Currently Downtown Pennsport is filled with low density rowhomes and apartments. This will not be the case for long though, as there are plenty of highrise buildings planned for this area.



5.05 | Here's a snapshot of midtown. So medium-rise offices line the streets here. There's been talks of changing this crowded traffic light into a roundabout.


5.06 | Moving away from downtown we see some lower density homes. A lot of the surrounding neighborhoods are full of wealthy mansions and tree-lined streets.


5.07 | Our last stop in Pennsport brings us to the industrial zone. The days of smog producing factories are far gone with the industry of Pennsport being primarily hi-tech. At the top of the picture you get a glimpse of the interstates. Going horizontally is Interstate 1 and the vertical route is Interstate 2. Time to jump on I-1 and head for Elwyn.



5.08 | Welcome back to Elwyn. A previously small and dingy town is in the process of rebuilding some of the poorer neighborhoods while adding brand new neighborhoods to the northwest. Notice the terminus of Interstate 1 on the left-hand side of the picture.


5.09 | As we move to the west (the newer part of Elwyn) we see some shopping surrounded by high-end neighborhoods.


5.10 | More shopping with a newly widened boulevard to access the surrounding neighborhoods.


5.11 | Here's a zoomed-in look of the strip mall. All the American essentials are here.


5.12 | Now we move to the north of the strip mall to where Elwyn's newest housing development is being constructed. Notice that the boulevard narrows as that part hasn't been widened yet.


5.13 | Our final stop: A new subdivision. These lots are the biggest Elwyn has to offer and are being gobbled up by the wealthiest Sims. Some land acquisitions still have to take place in order for Phase 2 of the development to begin.


And I leave you with a shot of a road sign. I'm going to try to model (BAT) my own signs and have started by drawing up this. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading. Please comment and feel free to suggest what I should post next.


The Big City

@_marsh_ Glad you enjoy it. Sorry it took so long for an update. Hope you enjoy this one too.

@Luiz P. Romanini Good. I'm trying to make something people will come to recognize.

@nate1245 Thanks. I'm a civil engineering student so they're kinda my thing. (:

@Forthwall Besides being engineer I also dabble in graphic design. Nothing official though.

@khalil1987 At the time of that posting I have no clue. Since then I've done some serious redevelopment and the number you see above is probably nothing close to what it used to be.

@ganjaman95 Thank you!

@tim.12.game They're actually Project Symphony puzzle pieces, part of NAM 31.

@Zirbs You are correct!

What's New in New Philadelphia

@coolwiththecool2 Thanks.

@Aaron Graham Good idea. Not many people seem to be using it though so I may need to rethink it.

@dabadon5 Thank you.

@_Iazz Thanks? Sounds like you're judging my dancing. Haha.

@Haljackey Thanks.

@zeldafan Thank you. I'm glad it looks that way. Sometimes I worry it doesn't. (:

@Toretto007 As an engineer I refuse to use the word "pretty." Haha. Thanks for the comment.



What's New in New Philadelphia

Here's a quick peek at what I've been up to. Let's just say you won't recognize the city anymore!


Here's a picture of the new parkway. It's an at-grade 6-lane road with a frontage road along each side. This road is actually the terminus of a major interstate and as you move west you'll soon be on Interstate 1.


Real update coming soon!



The Big City

New larger photos! New graphics for the journal! It's a brand new New Philadelphia! Yeah, yeah I know, this journal hasn't really been around long enough to need a revamp but my hard drive went kaput and I lost everything. So I figured since I had to redraw all of the graphics I might as well try something new. I hope you guys like it. Now time for the update.


Today we will be visiting the newest city in New Philadelphia, Elwyn.


4.01 Here is the city's focal point, City Hall. This is where Front Street and Broad Street intersect. Towards the bottom of the picture you can see some of the real estate that lines the coast line. This is a favorite spot for people to live in the city. Main and Broad Streets are also a popular place for the cities biggest companies though future development may call for a more diversified community with more residential buildings lining these streets.


4.02 Here the Blue Line runs through a medium density neighborhood. This is a quiet part of town littered with parks and low-rise office buildings. It is doubtful any new development will involve high-rise properties in this area but you never know. I am thinking of downgrading the oneway roads to streets because this area does not see too much traffic.


4.03 Here is another main intersection within the city. In the upper right corner you can see the Elwyn Police Department HQ. The east-west route in this picture (currently designated as 12th Street/A1) was not a part of the original city plan but was later added as part of the construction of the city's current hospital. Not only did the addition of this wider boulevard improve traffic congestion around the hospital it also provided a new main thoroughfare through the CBD and now sits on top of the Orange Line.


4.04 With an increasing population Elwyn has made great strides towards efficient waste management. This is the city's nervous system and provides all of the utilities for the city. To the north of the interstate there is plenty of room to expand the landfill and recycling centers.


4.05 The newly constructed country club is hosts many upscale events and caters to the city's wealthiest Sims. Many fought and still fight its existence because of it's large footprint where many higher density properties could be built in its place. Who knows, maybe it'll be rethought in coming years.


4.06 Now we head towards the coast. The southern coast is home to low density development. This is a quaint place with not much activity. This community is home to the second of the city's two marinas. Many Sims like to live here because it is close to the CBD but provides the comforts of suburban living.


4.07 This is the "town center" if you will of this small seaside community. Though it may have the small town feel it provides easy access to the interstate allowing Sims to get to and from work quickly and easily. This location is prime and there are rumors the city wanted to rezone this area for higher density development but the Sims are against that. We will see...


4.08 A glimpse into the maritime side of Elwyn. This is pretty much the extent of the maritime activity in the city. I'm not sure if I want to develop a port for the city or not.


4.09 Bordering the western edge of the seaside neighborhood is the city's airport. It was built a while ago and there are plans to expand the airport in an attempt to make the city of Elwyn a transit hub for the region.


4.10 The grand finale. Elwyn is still a young city and has a lot of opportunity to become a major hub for the region.

On a more broad note regarding my cities and my journal, I would like to heavily mod things. I have laid down the main plan for this city and can now focus on adding more detailed and realistic buildings to it. For the journal, I'm trying to keep it casual without a main story. I mostly want to focus on city planning and design (I'm an engineering after all

:) ). I hope you guys enjoy this update. I'm always looking for new ideas and suggestions so feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!


Living in the 'Burbs

@Schulmanator Thanks. I guess that's what you get when you grow up in the 'burbs.

@nate1245 Thanks. I tend to focus on the transportation networks.

@Mayorjacks Yes sir it is. All of the cities in this journal are/will be named after places in or around Philadelphia.

@NurelFayed Glad you liked it. Sorry it is no longer. Hope you like the new design too.

The Big City [Teaser]

To everyone, thanks for the photo hosting suggestions. Per Superbacon's and my roommate's suggestions I have picked Imgur.

@Superbacon I'm glad someone noticed. I've been trying to implement them every chance I get.



The Big City (Teaser)

Hi guys! I'm working on a new update. Sorry I've been gone for so long. Once again computer issues have been the main issue. Long story short Apple gave me two sh*tty HDDs in a row. And I've lost everything again, so this is a fresh start. Please enjoy the teaser and the new look of the journal. Thanks for reading!


P.S. If anyone has suggestions for a good hosting site for photos please leave it in the form of a comment below. I currently use Flickr but their largest photo size kinda sucks. Thanks!


New Philadelphia


Living in the 'Burbs (Update 03)

A set of photos to give an insight to life in the suburbs.


Hey guys, this update is strictly photos, no story. I've been recovering from some massive computer problems (which led to the loss of Grays Ferry). Here I'm starting a new city in the same region. Hope you guys enjoy!

Note: Sorry about the HUD in the screenshots.










Some basic info about Port Richmond:

Population: (City/Region): 10,171/30,934

Main industry: Commercial Offices

Commercial jobs: 11,185

Industrial jobs: 7,926



Hope you liked the photos. The journal entries will eventually have more substance once classes end and I have more free time. Now time to return to studying for finals!


New Philadelphia


Home Economics (Update 02)

The population of Grays Ferry is growing, and so is their need for some home furnishings.


Every small town in America seems to experience it and it's Grays Ferry's turn. Walmart and Target are wanting to expand and where else but here!

This is A101, aka Glenwood Boulevard, the main road through Grays Ferry. The amount of traffic is taking its toll on the surrounding farms and some are looking to sell to developers. Some Grays Ferrians are against it, but the vast majority are for the change. This photo shows were the construction will be taking place.


Along with the new shopping development will come road widening and extension for Fairmont Road. The contractors are all set up and ready to go.


Target is the first store to be built followed by Walmart.


While the building construction has been occurring the DOT has been working on the improvements to Fairmont Road. With all of the excavation complete the road surface is ready for the asphalt.


With the construction complete it's time to go shopping. Fairmont Road is done for now but the DOT has laid a path for further extensions. Also, some small offices snuck their way in along Glenwood Blvd.


And finally, some close-ups of the stores.



Some basic info about Grays Ferry:

Population (City/Region): 4483/47862

Main industry: Agriculture

Commercial jobs: 3908

Industrial jobs: 2513

Funny note: I based the story line of this update on the growing population, but actually the population has decreased slightly. Still, the need for shopping is there since the smaller population has also become very wealthy.



That's it for this update. Please let me know what you'd like to see in future updates. Thanks for reading!

P.S. Let me know what you think of the road sign theme.


New Philadelphia


Welcome/Teaser (Update 01)

Welcome to New Philadelphia. This update is simple and to the point. I know it's not much but I hope to have more in the coming weeks.


This is New Philadelphia. The name comes from the fact that I live in Philadelphia and that this region represents a fresh start for my SimCity experience. All of the city names come from neighborhoods or towns that surround the real world Philadelphia. New Philadelphia is a modern place, home to many different types of people. The main plan for this region is for me to have fun. There's no major story line that goes along with it, just me having fun. Below is a teaser shot of the first "real" update. It's of the town of Grays Ferry. A mostly agricultural community, Grays Ferry is the basis of the new region. Most Sims come here for the "small town" feel. The master plan for this city is to develop a modern suburb that will gradually spread to the city limits giving me a good base society ready for neighboring high density cities.


Some basic info about Grays Ferry:

Population (City/Region): 5131/5131

Main industry: Agriculture

Commercial jobs: 2662

Industrial jobs: 2138

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!

Note: I'm in the process of recovering from a hard drive failure. I've lost all of my SimCity files including past regions, so I'm starting fresh. I need to draw up graphics for the journal so please pardon the rough appearance. If you have any tips/suggestions for how the journal entries should be laid out let me know. Thanks.

Update: Since I'm a big road geek I'm going to go for a road sign theme for the journal. The banner above is just a rough sketch I made up in Word. Once I get Photoshop installed I'll get more detailed.

Update 2: Okay, the banners above are the final Photoshop creations. Let me know if you like them.


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