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About this City Journal

Join me as I build my way though my newest region, Williamapolis!

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Hello Simtropolis Members:

Whew, yesterday was just my birthday. To commemorate my 14th year alive, I decided to build Grover Ridge.

Grover Ridge was named after the president, Grover Cleveland. The city is a bustling suburb with the 2nd tallest skyline (2nd to Republic City). This city is a producer of computer chips for the entire region. Something special is that for the first time, the city intergrates farming, commercial offices, and skyscrapers together in one place.

Near the beginning of the city's history, it started off as a small suburb. Eventually, the population spiked when high-quality healthcare and education was offered.

A typical Sim's day in the city...

1.) Wake up at around 6 Am in the morning.

2.) Eat a breakfast of likely bacon from the neighbor city, Grover , which is a large farming community.

3.) Get in the car and drive to the financial district.

4.) Walk in at around 9Am

5.) Walk out of the store, enterprise at around 6PM.

6.) Buy a quick meal at a burger joint just around the corner. Go shopping at the Target Store if he has time.

7.) Return Home at around 10PM

8.) Go to sleep...

Here are some photos...

The city's financial district. The graveyard was left untouched, but the construction contractors tended to love the area around the graves for some reason. Maybe it is because of the tranquility of the resting place of the passed...


The City Overview


The City at night



Alexandria Beach

Hello Fellow members of Simtropolis,

Today, I unveil to you: Alexandria Beach! Most of the plugins used are from here in Simtropolis. So for the city. Alexandria Beach was once an industrial zone, except most of the land is now used for recreational boating, commercial offices, airport uses, and the occasional citizen that wants to stay. Below are some pictures. If you have questions or comments, please comment below:

The City at Night.


The City during the day


The City Airport.(There was a hefty cost with this) XP


The Beaches!



Uneuva City

Uneuva City, on a more personal note, was made with the same design style as my award winning city, Riverside, which competed in the Future City Competition. I added some modded content this time, with a rail design I felt made it unique among the other cities: A rail cloverleaf. All of the buildings you see in the next few pictures are all grown, except the LG building.

History: Uneuva City was founded to be an industrial city, but soon, the dirt industry evolved to High-Tech Industries, and more people moved in. The commercial offices of the High-Tech industries also moved in. Soon, there were a lot of people and businesses moving into the city, so skyscrapers were built, simultaneously, in the city's 52nd year.

So here are some photos:

The rail cloverleaf


The City at night


The City at Day


The City Helipad


The city's commerical/financial district.



Pointe de Maillot


IL: I will try to change some stuff up in future cities.

Pointe de Maillot is a small city with some growing businesses. It is a pioneer in futuristic technologies, such as well-designed roads, newer train systems, and a Gas Cooker as a power source. There are also multiple track switches for allowing departing trains to change tracks freely, sometimes allowing second thoughts.

The City Overview


The City's Revolutionary Track Changer System.


It turns out a house is bigger than we think.


The Well Planned Roads with a pedestrian lane and a central area for the new train system.(Will be introduced later this year to the region)



Moulin Castle ( a city)

A moulin is a smooth hill formed by glacier erosion. In the early 1500's a castle was built on top on the moulin and soon later the castle became the model for others to follow. In the 19th century, sims began to move into the desolate area and build up a city. The old castle was restored back to its former glory and 21st century technology allowed a full-scale city to spawn around the castle. Modern Historians called the castle "Moulin Castle because of its location."

This city has many elements of building on a mountain range. A city built on a full-scale mountain coming soon!


The castle (seems familiar?)


A small town at the foot of the moulin.


A small hamlet



The Emerald Delta is a chain of islands. Most of the islands are inhabited and only reachable by ferry. The area is mostly composed of suburban houses, but there are some big businesses that reside their headquarters here.

An overview of the city.


A ferry making a crossing between two islands.


An Embassy.


A Coast Guard Station. A station like this will make patrolling the islands easier.



Hey Simtropolis,

I am back from a week of vigorous exams and ready to build! This week, I unveil Emerald Bay. It is a suburban city near the Emerald Delta. The city is a center of trade and tourism. Tourists flock here for the blue waters, exotic resorts, and a chance to learn something at Pegasus's university of ocean study. Below are some pictures. Enjoy!

The Industrial District


The Tourist's Beach


The Suburban area



Hello fellow members of Simtropolis,

Today, on the first day of February, 2013, I unveil: The Williamapolis International Airport! It was made in a medium city block, and the airport takes up more than 3/4 of the land. I cannot state it all in words, so here are some photographs.

The planes lining up for takeoff.


The Cargo Plane Loading and Unloading Area.


The Oriental(Asian) Airlines Terminal


The British Airways Terminal


The Airplane Repair Bay



Hello fellow members of Simtropolis,

Today, on the first day of February, 2013, I unveil: The Williamapolis International Airport! It was made in a medium city block, and the airport takes up more than 3/4 of the land. I cannot state it all in words, so here are some photographs. If you have a question, please post in the comments.

The map of the airport


Planes Lining up for takeoff.


The Cargo Plane Loading Area


An Asian Airline Terminal


The British Airways Terminal


The Airplane Repair Bay



The night picture of an A380.


The Jumbo Jets Terminal at Night



Republic City [UPDATE]

So, earlier this week, I said that I would show the community some pictures of Republic City. Republic City is the capital of Williamapolis. The city has a population over 800,000 people. The city is a popular tourist attraction. Cruise ships and major airlines stop here. All of the buildings and lots used in the city are all from Simtropolis!

The City's international airport. I put all the airplane stuff here(Helicopters, fire planes, etc.)


The City's Power District.


The City's bustling Financial District



FINISHED Port Galveston! 

So, I finished a few hours after I posted my first journal. Port Galveston contains some mods found right here on Simtropolis. It is a central area for industry. Most of the workers come from other cities in the region. The city has an advanced police unit and a coast guard station. The port is almost at full capacity. I also made a power district this time, where there is a bunch of waste-to power plants clumped in one place. (Thank You Pegasus)


blogentry-552048-0-83064300-1359010632_t The City at night.


blogentry-552048-0-18238000-1359010677_tOne of the city's industrial areas.


blogentry-552048-0-15514100-1359010713_t A midnight train approaching the city's main station. 


blogentry-552048-0-16763700-1359010820_t The coast guard station 




The Story Begins...

So, I just got Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition. I have always been playing with the normal Sim City. There were no mods. So, I started off shortly after The New Year's Celebration. Even though the area looks pretty filled up, there is still a lot of land. Right now, the city I am working on is Port Galveston. (Bottom Right) Pictures of Republic City are going to be released soon!


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