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March 18, 1980: Protests start at Westshire, the communist capitol in the communist country of Allgeria.

May 25, 1980: Protests start getting violent at the capitol building in Allgeria, causing 11 deaths and 9 injuries.

June 1, 1980: Allgerian Military Personnel bomb homes of suspected rebellioners in Leambourg, Westshire, Devereaux, Limoux, Marseillaise, Edinville, and Westshire Lesser School; causing 3,389 injuries, and 555,466 deaths, 334,000 were children.

June 2, 1980: Protestors assassinate Chancellor of the Fifth Region Hughgley H. Foard for double crossing and causing the bombings.

June 3, 1980: The first battle to cause the Grand War of the Empire broke out in the Tenth Region's Region Seat of Gladdney. 3,498,999+ were taken out of their homes and put in camps to see if they were rebellioners.Out of the 3 Million +, 1,774, 021 were killed

June 7, 1980: The first battle ends, and the Rebellion won. All of the Allgerian Army of Foot Warriors who went into battle were killed.

June 12, 1980: Emperor Shawncey G. Witherman issues Order Eight of the Empire, "Anyone Suspected of Treason will be Torchered, Flammed, and Killed on the Spot."

June 18, 1980: The Battle of the Fifth Cohort ( Larger than a region) Firman begins with the assissination of Cohort Repressentative Egers W. Firman.

June 26, 1980: The Battle of the Fifth Cohort, Firman, Ends with Rebellion General Quincy J. Jackson being killed by Imperial Sector (larger than a Cohort) Captain Kortney S. Quinn ( who later flips to the rebellion after a tangle with Emperor Shawncey Witherman.)

June 30, 1980: Emperor Shawncey's wife, Karen Gwen Witherman, gets abducted by not the rebellion.

July 4, 1980: Rebellion escapes to the U.S. to celebrate the 4th of July with the Americans, and the Americans ally with the rebellioners.

July 20. 1980: Champellion B. Witherman becomes a General of the Army of the Allgeria Millitary.

July 25, 1980: U.S. Defeats Brigadier General Mozakasesa Graefallieadeeer of Westmandale, 2nd Cohort

July 29, 1980: U.S. is charged with interferering with other country's own personal matters when the U.S. was not wished, Payment was 25 Billion Dollars (United States Currency,)and not to interfere.

August 1-30, 1980: Champellion B. Witherman rides his horse and terrorizes people not to become rebellionists of killung rebellioners.

October- December 1980: Beatrice Ruth Veronica Carroll Zenna meets, dates and marries General of the Army Champellion B. Witherman, son of Emperor Shawncey G. Witherman and wife of emperor Karen Gwen Trueween-Witherman.

1981: The Bloodiest Part of the War begins

February 14, 1981: War of the Vernecia Belt Begins; Karen Witherman is found in an Vernecian hut camp, the Imperial Desert Warrior Army kills 375 Vernecian Bandits and start to find the leader

April 15, 1981: Vernecian Bandit leader Almedaa D. Kinghaamei is killed by being burned and hung at the stake.

May 2, 1981: Champellion arrives and meets Lieutenant L.T. Turner in Vernecia and discuses battle strategies to defeat the rebels.

May 3, 1981: Battle of Calcutta City, the centuriut (larger than a cohort and sector) capital city of Vernecia begins. 2,000 Were killed and the whole city was taken to 10 Imperial Desert Camps.

May 4, 1981: Champellion is shot & wounded at Vernecia Capitolitia Complex as the Imperials were setting up a base there; he was taken back to Westshire to St. Luther Hospital where he will remain for 10 days.

May 5, 1981: Lieutenant L.T. Turner is kidnapped and torchered in a warehouse by rebellioners.

May 6, 1981: Imperial Desert Warriors found L.T. and took him to Jananieaei Medical Center for observation

May 7, 1981: 15 Imperial Soldiers were killed at Meianaee Hill in Calcutta City by injured rebels.

May 10, 1981: Battle of Calcutta City ends with 250 killed (100 Imperials, 150 Rebels)

May 12-15, 1981: Battle of Jeraslafan begins; 1500 Imperials were killed and 25 rebels were killed

May 17, 1981: Imperial Marshall Law is placed on Shwansnow, an icy region on the edge of the empire

May 18, 1981: Kortney S. Quinn meets with Emperor Shawncey Witherman and started arguing. The Emperor called Quinn stupid, incompetent, and not worth his time and a terrible leader.

May 19, 1981: Quinn meets General of the Army Champellion B. Witherman, Shawncey's son, and discusses how to change the course of the war, overthrow the Empire, and kill the Emperor.

May 19, 1981, 2:48 A.M.: Kortney S. Quinn is arrested for treason and is awaited for trial by Senior Jailor Harry Withershaw

May 21, 1981: Quinn is charged with treason and is sentenced to death by Judge Ryana Poterian of the High Court of the Allgerian Empire.

May 25, 1981: Judge Ryana Poterian is charged with helping Quinn by not ordering the execution therefore committing treason

May 30, 1981: Quinn and Poterian break out of prison and help out the Rebels by giving locations of the Imperials.

June 5, 1981: The War of Vernecia Belt Ends with 250,000 Imperials dead and 256,000 Rebels dead.

June 20, 1981: The Campaign of the Century Begins at Kingstown and the scouts ended at Sarapolis.

July 1, 1981: The War of Infamy and End of Oppression Begins

July 2, 1981: Battle of Westshire begins; Champellion joins the fight and kills 80 Rebels.

July 3, 1981: Karen Witherman commits suicide because she knows her whole family is about to die.

July 4, 1981: The U.S. joins the fight even though they're not wanted.

July 5, 1981: Emperor Shawncey holds a Temporary Imperial Senate meeting to discuss how to eliminate the Rebels.

July 5, 1981: Senator Hanedei Glaewsom (Han-a-die Glay-som)is discovered to be a rebel sympathizer. He is arrested and taken to Senate Court

July 7, 1981: Hanedei is hanged for treason in Westshire.

July 10, 1981: Champellion's wife discovers she is pregnant.

July 11, 1981: Champellion's private villa burns down, killing his wife and unknown child.

July 12, 1981: Gen. Hampton wins a major victory for the rebels, he captures Westshire, an important trade center and capital of Allgeria.

October 13, 1981: Benaxaii City is captured by rebels.

*The total number of people dead currently is

-19,485,666 Imperials

-21,895,974 Rebels

December 1981:

Territory- (Currently)

Imperials: Trent, Tress, Kathryn, Southard, Terrytown, Charles Point, Springfield, Lucy, and Miranda Falls

Rebels: Westshire, Benaxaii City, Verandeoa, Lomase, St. Catherine, Gluke

January 12,1982: Zyirrah Neiles International Air Station and Base opens.

January 15,1982: Capt. Opelucah Novonannacah Henderson and Gen. Hampton capture Tress, Kathryn, Southard, and Lucy.

January 28, 1982: The Imperial Senate is dissolved because of a debate of a War on the Senate.

February 25, 1982: Miranda is caught on fire and destroyed.

March 16, 1982: The Rebels lose St. Catherine.

March 30, 1982: The Rebels gain St. Catherine.

April 14, 1982: Secretary of Defense Aswuellaei DeBellenchae` forms the Imperial Unite Council because of the slim chance of the Imperials winning.

November 26, 1982: Periot LaBelle forms the Free For All Group, to restore freedom and peace to all.

December 2, 1982: Battle of Terrytown-Catalona begins.

December 3, 1982; Sgt. Miles Perdusky surrounds Springfield.

December 5, 1982: Kortney S. Quinn and the former Imperial Senate form the Committee of Buchanan

December 10, 1982: Springfield is conquered by the Rebels.

January 5, 1983: The Battle to End the War Begins with the Rebels invading Ft. Winston, an important and vital navy port for the Empire (Allgeria)

January 25, 1983: Battle of Terrytown-Catalona Ends.

January 27, 1983: Emperor Shawncey Witherman is poisoned and rushed of Royal Mary Memorial Hospital.

January 29, 1983: Centurion Vernicium Albergnalia kills Brunicasuhi DeCasngret, commander of the Rebellion Army.

January 30, 1983:Champellion attacks Oprekanuccah, a Rebel fort and city.

January 31, 1983: Oprekanuccah is destroyed, killing 10,564 Rebels.

February 1, 1983: Air attacks commence in Buchannan, a neutral city in Allgeria.

February 2, 1983: Shawncey is released from the hospital.

February 3, 1983: Shawncey is attacked by 13 Senators of the Former Imperial Senate.

February 4, 1983: Fellonius Hampton arrives in Westshire to negotiate with the Emperor.

February 5, 1983: Shawncey is stabbed by members of The Committee of Buchannan.

February 6, 1983: Free For All Group arrives in Westshire to negotiate.

February 7, 1983: Periot LaBelle is murdered by Champellion who arrives in Westshire to officiate over the negotiations.

February 8. 1983: Shawncey is killed by Fellonius Hampton.

Februrary 8, 1983: Ryana Poteran is found in Chief Imperial Director of Enviromental Services, Julie A. Clairmont-Witherman, the Emperor's second wife.

February 8, 1983: Champellion becomes Emperor of the Empire.

February 9, 1983: Julie A Witherman is arrested for treason, but not affected by the eighth order of the Empire.

February 11, 1983: Julie escapes and hides in Devereaux, the aristocratic city of the Empire.

February 12, 1983: Fellonious corners Champellion and forces him to sign a treaty, ending the Empire and creating the Democratic-Republic of Hampton Valley, or for short, Hampton.

February 15, 1983: Kortney S. Quinn fatally shoots Champellion.

Februray 16, 1983: Julie Witherman becomes the Chief Head of the Hamptonian Council of Governorshipment.

February 16, 1983: Fellonious Hampton becomes Head Chief of the Grand Military of Hampton Valley.

May 5, 1984: Champellion is released from the hospital and arrested for for ordering 100 assasinations of Rebel Dignitaries.

May 6, 1984: Hampton resigns as H.C.G.M.H.V. and the President of Hampton Valley.

May 7, 1984: Hampton dies of natural causes at his Jefferson City home.

May 8, 1984: Julie A. Clairmont-Witherman becomes sit-in President, the first and only woman President of Hampton Valley, and the first woman president in the world.

June 17. 1984: Champellion is ordered 30 years Prison time. no parole for the murders of 126 Dignitaries of Hampton

August 4, 1984: Elections start for the President of Hampton Valley

November 16, 1984: Julie A. Clairmont (removed Witherman from her last name) becomes the Official President of Hampton Valley from 1984 until 1998.

November 16- The official election day in Hampton Valley because of the Historic election of 1984 of the first official woman president in the world.

Presidents of R.O.H.

1. Fellonious Hampton 1983-84

2. Julie A. Clairmont 1984-99

3. Jordan Morgan 1999-

Terms- the Governorshipment and the country elected in 1998 that the term for President would be 15 years because of the number of Julie's terms.


Julie's term- school reform, health reform, education taxes increased. minimum wage increased, prison reform, tax deductions, economy increased, fashion flourished, encouraged the Arts.

January 14, 2014- Julie's 45th birthday, birthday became Julie Day, a national holiday.

March 15, 2014- Champellion is released from prison and celebrates his 50th birthday.


The country of Hampton was founded after the protest of Allgeria, a communist country, because the people of the soon to be country at that time of Republic Hampton wanted a democracy. After a bloody war that they did not want, they won, and founded the country of Republic of Hampton after the war hero Fellionus C. Hampton of the city Westshire ( now E./W. Westshire after a Civil War). The capitol was first in Athens because the name Athens reminds people of democracy, arts, literature, and intellengence. After the Ronald River Flood flooded and swept the country's capitol away,the picked an area north of the Riley Lake area and called it Jefferson City after the 1st President of Hampton Wilson A. Jefferson (not Thomas Jefferson). Today, the country has 155 cities and 11 states and a population of 455,622, 900, and is very prosperous, has 2 rivers, the Ronald, named after the city of Ronald, and the Florectsent, after the tribe, Florectsent, and now, Athens is the 4th largest city of 70,000 in Republic of Hampton after the flood. The civil war of Westshire started because the west side of Westshire, divided by the Ronald River, wanted Allgeria back because Westshire was the capitol, and that side of the city were wealthy and were officials that controlled Allgeria, the land that Republic of Hampton is on. The east side of Westshire were the democrasists, the people who wanted democracy. So the seperate views caused civil war that lasted 1 year and ended in a draw. So they lived in a seperate, divided community. The R.O.H. (Republic of Hampton) boasts over 10 interstates, and a list of state and country highways.


This is the unfinished part of Hawthorne Olympic Park. I still need the archery range, athelete's village, shooting range, and more. The gray rectangle is the soccar stadium. And I maybe still need the opening ceremony Stadium, but I think I' m going to use the Reliant Staduim I got from this website ( I can't remember the creator so sorry.)


Jefferson City

Here's a picture of the county's capitol and of the country, Hampton. The city was selected after the flood of the city of Athens. The country's capitol was the first thing built and the federal buildings second.

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