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:read:Here we see MANCHESTER the 4th largest city in GREEN COUNTY its a nice place to live and play its a mid size city wit parks a train station and busy downtown. The city sits do north east of CLARK the nations largest city MANCHESTER has a small but busy regional airport that is well used to the max. The city is fun to shop in and wine and dine in the downtown area. The city is home to M.U are MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY home to over 56.098 young minds that love to party hard and work even harder to reach there start to getting a good job in the real world. RIY AND HACKNEY are on the other side of the Genes river the 2 towns have nice homes and wonderful schools ans one large park with ferry service to most of the nation the 2 towns also have train stations and buses that go in to the hart of all the large cities in the area as well as MANCHESTER. The MANCHESTER area is full of life so come and stay and enjoy its views.:rofl::thumb:


MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Oct. 2, 161442706391.png

MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Sep. 28, 011441078209.png

MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Oct. 2, 011441078225.png

MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Jun. 6, 131442080088.png

MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Sep. 18, 011441078170.png

MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Oct. 2, 161442706499.png

MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Mar. 12, 031441080163.png

MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Oct. 12, 011441078252.png

MANCHESTER RIY HACKNEY-Oct. 2, 161442706436.png


city sites of gillerd

Today we look at the city of Gillerd one of the largest cities in the nation of Sudberry and the seat of Lee County and the capital as well as the largest city of the state of Allanzia the western most state of Sudberry. The city is bigger then Sissiro and smaller then the nations largest city Clark but it is powerful in its own might and lives up to it in every witch way from is tall towers and office blocks to large department stores and world renowned museums the city is like that of a runner in a 10k race around the world that just keeps on moving at great neck speed to keep up with the rest of the past of the worlds cities. The city gets its name from the 1 president of the nation Frank Galldon T Gillerd a man of great might and power just like the city that is named after him and in more ways then one is much like him from its wide boulevards that stretch as far as the eye can see to its eye popping night lights and towering heights of its most dizzying sky scraping skyscrapers right down to its large mansions and is robust houses of worship. the city is very likable it has sports venues like baseball 'football ' soccer and hockey to keep fans of any sport happy and also has lots of museums to make any sim go wow and bask in the glow of fine priceless art of the times of yesteryear. The city just like any other in Simland has a speedy transit system of subways' buses and cabs as well as heave commuter rail that will take you to all points of the city and beyond the state in addition its  international Airport will take you in to other parts of the nation and drop you at the door of other nations and continents of the world. The city also has a deep water port where large ocean going oil tankers and container ships as well as bulk carriers and l.n.g ships pick up and drop off its cargo to keep not only the city and state a float but to keep the nation competing with the world in commerce and keep it as a industrial super power.    

GILLERD-Nov. 19, 801353647302.png

GILLERD-Feb. 14, 2141440122242.png

GILLERD-Oct. 14, 2141440123178.png

GILLERD-Aug. 5, 2111440111214.png

GILLERD-Oct. 23, 2141440123206.png

GILLERD-Dec. 12, 2101440108891.png

GILLERD-Oct. 6, 2131440119322.png


city sites Sissiro

Here we see more shoots of the big green city of Sissiro largest city in the state of Anarondack a city on the up and up and up.In this entry we will look at the tall condos that calls this city home and hoses hundreds of millions of the cities population as well as the traffic and its tall towers of commerce. The city is in the middle of one of the greatest building booms the world has ever seen this city puts a building over 20 stores up ever day if not ever hour to keep past wit the other cities in the state country and world but at a past that set records the world over and seems to be building its power like a steam driven ship that cuts though the tides of the worlds ocean only thing is this is a city cutting though the land sky and ground to keep past and keep people coming back to live play shop dine and enjoy its night life. The city is like a cave you never know where you are gone to find the next gem but if this city was a cave its gem's would be its towers of commerce and would glow like lights at time square doing the new years festivities. The city is a magnet for the arts and sports fans from all over the state' nation and world wit soccer'  basket ball' base ball and hokey and talks to bring in a foot ball team the city will really be jumping to the beat in ever way imaginable. This city just finished a 23.7 million dollar project building a brand new state of the art train station with  connections to the rest of the state and nation as well as other cities in simland and simtropolis the city is on the fast track to your door step and a bus network with 889 bus going in and out of the city everyday wit 20 different transit companies from s.r.t to l.c.c and others such as simlind bus and sudberry motor coach Lines just to name a few the city is well connected beyond its bounders and if that is not the way some want to travel there are numerous ferry lines that go up and down the river menz this city is on the move. And so am i thanks for stopping by god bless see you next time.




SISSIRO-Sep. 18, 351440009589.png

SISSIRO-Sep. 17, 391440015268.png

SISSIRO-Nov. 24, 351440010109.png

SISSIRO-Sep. 6, 351440009430.png

SISSIRO-Feb. 20, 351440008592.png

SISSIRO-Feb. 26, 381440012693.png

SISSIRO-Mar. 10, 321439606027.png

SISSIRO-Apr. 30, 401440016506.png


atlanta of simtropilis

Here we see the city of Sissiro the seat of Lemon County and largest city in the state of Anarondack. this city started out as a small town on the river Menz as a place to catch fish and mind the river bottom for gold and silver but that was back in yesteryear in 1704. Doing the mid 17th century the town started to expand with the great migration west word and the great open spaces of the state of Anarondack. But as more and more people started to come in like bugs to a colony and bees to sweet honey the city started to spread like a wild fire in the forest the small town jumped from only 538 people to a mouth dropping 110.234 in just 4 weeks time this is just unheard of the city was on the move like a fright train and if anyone stood in its way would be run over like road kill on interstate 9. The city in its present day of shops towering office blocks and busy  Boulevards are the life blood of the city that is very bold and out spoken but yet friendly and very inviting to young and old people alike and has lots to do in its downtown area. The city has Museums parks sports complexes and a world renowned night life that puts New York in the dark and tells Tokyo it must go people can be seen dancing in its street and rocking to its beats until not 5 r 6 but get this 11 in the morning now that a party city i want to shake my grove thang in lol. but the city is not all about the party seen the city has lots of companies and large corporations in its downtown core and by its busy international airport the city is one of a kind and is like no other in the world its fun and full of youth so come by and say saha that means hello in simland native talks until then see you later.



SISSIRO-Dec. 20, 211437616282.png

SISSIRO-Dec. 20, 211437616509.png

SISSIRO-Dec. 20, 211437616605.png

SISSIRO-Jan. 6, 221437625722.png

SISSIRO-Nov. 6, 291437694156.png

SISSIRO-Dec. 20, 211437621951.png


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