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Port Novac

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About this City Journal

Port Novac is a large coastal city. As the name implies it is a port and a hub of commerce.

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Port Novac - Stage 2

Sorry about the time between posts...not that anyone viewed my other one >_>

Port Novac. A small, bustling town of 10,000 people on a slab of rock. Only a short 10 years ago the town was 4,000 people. A massive overhaul of zoning has been done by the mayor and has nearly bankrupted the city. The good thing is that now the city is running smoother than ever and has a profit margin of 4,000 simolians!

One of the citizens of the town had recommended the advantages of a high speed rail system. They mayor took it a step farther and built a monorail system! Then he tore it down after he realized that it would bankrupt the city again and decided to build a GLR system. The results of this is Port Novac's first rapid transit system. The route is fed by small commuter shuttles. The bridge below has the plaque on each entrance that reads.

“Here is to Daniel Fairview. Although he is not dead he is credited with the idea of a commuter rail.”

The sign is vastly incorrect...


A second main street has been made and both of them are now avenues. Traffic traverses rapidly and a couple traffic accidents have occurred. One example is a dog driving a car colliding with a ice cream truck. The result was a lot of kids and a sick dog.


The coastline is being developed as a boardwalk. So far all there is on it are some shops and a ship of some sort. A beach is nestled in there also but it seems to be eroding by the minute.


The industrial area has gone through a period of urban decay but is now being flooded with new, gleaming, high tech industry. Unfortunately it appears that most of the land is being bought by a single company. This may cause problems in the future.



Port Novac - Stage 1

Port Novac, developed out of the need for people on this stupid slab of a planet to live, Is a small community of around 4,000 sims. The current land availability, however, is enough that the town can develop into a massive megopolis. Named after the obvious and with a random word generator the town is consisted mostly of low wealth citizens. Then again who would want to live next to a huge oil plant...

The towns current industrial center (pictured below) is a small concentrated group of factories. The rail currently goes nowhere as there is no other city on the slabby planet.


Downtown (Or main street) is based near the industrial center near a small avenue. Filled mostly with low wealth, it is the hub for commerce in the town.


The surrounding neighborhood isn't that impressive but there is a ironically poor sector that has the only bridge in the area. It goes over a short river and into the small area.


Last but not least is the firehouse. Only the best (Or at least the alive) people are selected for the job. The firehouse to date has averted 1.5 fires (Don't ask about the .5)


That concludes the tour to Port Novac. Hopefully the city will develop more. If not maybe this meteor can...


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