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About this City Journal

A Post war City Journal

Entries in this City Journal


Okay, so I haven't got round to doing the first proper entry yet but here goes:


The first entry is North Marais. Before the war it was a prosperous high-tech industry zone as well as a shopping hub in North Marias Centre. The first picture we see here is one of the camps of survivors. Since the structural damage to most of the buildings is huge, with collapses and fires occuring on a daily basis, a large percentage of the population have chosen to huddle outdoors in communities. This particular camp is built on an old city park that sat on the front of the industry zone. Logs are being brought in using logging trucks that scour the city for feasible wood and bring it back here for the construction of new permanent structures, like the new watchtower. Raiders and wandering, mad scavengers always pose a threat so the camp is lightly armed and defended with small walls of rubble.


Here is the Marais Maruaders Baseball Team Stadium, or what's left of it. The surrounding area was badly effected by fireblasting but the stadium has stubborly stood. Now it is home to the North Marais council, a group of people trying to bring control into the area. It may not look it but this is the site of thier new military base, as they seek to bring order.


Downtown North Marais wasn't took badly affected by the bombings, with most of its buildings still standing. However, it has been looted and fought over so many times it has been rendered a ghost town.


In one of the old Marais Archives a photo was found of the pre-war state of the city. However years of neglect have blackened and despoiled the area.


Just north of downtown is one of the blast craters. It landed right on the motorway, collapsing it and breaking communications. Short range radiation is too severe to go anywhere near it.


An arial shot of North Marais, showing downtown, the Stadium, North Marais Park Camp and the port which used to service the industry here. At the top right of the picture is the motorway again, just down from the blast crater.

I hope this proper first entry wasn't too bad. I'm looking for more ruins and stuff: buildings, car wrecks, whatever. In particular I'm looking for a beached or sunken ship. If anyone could point out anything like this it would be most appreciated. And of course any feedback or pointers.


Before the War

A preview to the city journal:

In the 1930s Marais was a prospectful village with a mediterranian climate. A photo was taken from the air:


The lighthouse was a famous icon to the village and rested on its own island. Around the city were expanses of farmland, besides that the industry sector generated most jobs, the export being taken via seaport.

After that the village began to grow rapidly into the 21st centuary. A highway was constructed to the west of the city and many large buildings began to appear. The river Marias was bridged three times and a small airport appeared just outisde the city centre. It was prospectful and the future was looking bright. Marais began to look towards the future and new, more grand buildings began to appear. But in the year 2031 that was all to change...

Wars over resources began to flare across the globe and deadly weapons were launched from struggling nations hungry for earths remaining natrual resources. It was then Marais took a direct hit from a new technology.

Bombs with a deadly potency stuck, causing vast craters and scars to appear on the landscape. But that was the least of the problems the city faced.

For in these weapons was a deadly payload. A genetically engineered disease that killed millions. The entire city of Marais was locked down and a quarantine was set around it. Panc and riots were rife as the dead lay everywhere. Connecion with the ouside world is gone.

Even though the wars are over, 16 years on the damage to the city is irreversible. A lone plane flies over taking an ariel shot, the first picture taken of Marias from the outside for 16 years. Although blurry, it shows just how much has changed.


Next time: photos from the ground and introductions to some of the peoples, places and faction from within the lockdown city!

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