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Quicksilver City

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About this City Journal

This is CLOSED, and has been superseded by my new CJ, 17 Regions of Wonder, Terror and Craziness. There is a new version of QSC in that CJ. Please do NOT post comments.

Entries in this City Journal


Hi all,

Sorry I haven't updated in ages, but I've been too busy with other things...

Anyway, it appears I have had some comments. Let's start by replying to those, shall we?


@ aiumkastarkius: Yeah... the incinerator's been moved to a better location as you'll see... thanks for the tip.

@ strategist01: Could do, but what exactly is PropLE? I for one have never heard of it. I suppose there is the reader though...

Now that's been done, let's jump straight in to Chapter 6 of Quicksilver City.

Chapter 6 - Power to the People

Throughout the last 5 chapters the people have been rather willing to accept the stark immoral decisions made by the city council. They were sick of being dictated to and they'd decided that enough was enough.

They demanded that the incinerator by the main residential district be moved to Orchard, the industrial district. And so it was:


The residents weren't satisfied with that though. They weren't even satisfied with the big-name restaurants that had grown along the A1 avenue. They wanted their kids to have an education. And that meant building a school:


Next they demanded some landscaping features to identify their city, and they got a spike and a lake:


The town also got a train station. But it wasn't enough for commuters, who demanded the line be extended to north of the town:


A new road was also built. The council decided to branch out for maximum success.

And finally, the residents wanted something to do. They wanted somewhere to hang out. They got this:


Residents were furious that the stadium was not completed due to budget constraints. The mayor vowed to finish it as soon as the town budget allowed.

And then they were satisfied, and agreed to stop moaning until Chapter 7.

That will do for now.

See you in Chapter 7.



Time for Chapter 5 now - whether you like it or not. Ha!

I'm gonna continue where I left off - with a little teaser about highway protests... enjoy...

Chapter 5 - A Tale of Protests, Spending and Customizing

When construction of the M1 began, the council and the Dice got wind that a bunch of eco-hunks (a.k.a. the local residents) were going to protest against the new motorway being built on the grounds that it was an eyesore - but everyone knew that the REAL reason was because their homes were in the way and therefore were going to be torn down. 

So what did the Dice do? Tear that highway straight through their homes before they had a chance to protest, of course!


I should point out that that is my own personal custom backdrop, made on Paint. It's supposed to represent a night sky, and whether this does that or not is, well... you be the judge.

The council claimed that the residents were being given a motorway turnoff (shown in the pic) but this proved to be insufficient for most of the displaced, so the council were forced to create a new development next to the M1:


This kept all the displaced in Quicksilver City and allowed a few more to move in as well. Also construction on the city's rail system began as well.

The council was also forced to provide appropriate utilities with an upgrade of the water system:


Also, it was decided that some customization was needed in the main industrial district. It was named 'Orchard' after the tree species (very strange and hypocritical choice) and streets were relaid with the SAM:


Suddenly the city became very desirable to the smelters, and soon there were over 900 jobs - for 830 residents!

And that is that for now. Chapter 6 coming very soon - and I have NO idea what will be in it!

Have fun... and expect anything!



Well, well, well. I see that we have already beaten Democratia in terms of views! Yay!

Thanks to all of you who took the time to visit this CJ.

But I also see 0 comments - it would be nice if I did get some. I will reply, so don't think I'm ignoring you or ordering you about - that's the last thing I want to see you think.

Anyway, without further mucking about, let's resume the story of Quicksilver City. We now go to Chapter 4, where construction of the city is beginning:

Chapter 4 - Let's Get to Work!

Immediately after inception the dice got down to business. 

His first priority was to ensure all Sims had access to the bare necessities of life: juice, life drink and somewhere to put the excrement afterwards.

They already had juice - so the dice created this little necessity hole:


He also provided a little Milton Keynes - style redway for his Sims to walk to work. Needless to say, not being transit - enabled, it didn't work and car traffic ruled the daily commute:


This caused a little chaos at the road-avenue junction outside the residential area each day:


Yellow car, no returns. Yellow car, no returns.

(For those who actually know what I'm banging on about.)

Anyway, following on from this shot, the dice decided that to have a core principal transport system to work around was key to making Quicksilver City huge and vibrant and the greatest city in Sim Nation.

So he very quickly began work on the M1 motorway to the south of the town:


Later on he decided to put houses down that avenue (little teaser for Chapter 5 - also find out what the existing residents thought of the new highway!)

And just to entice new residents, he produced a picture of the whole city:


It looks rather attractive, doesn't it?

And that will do for now. Comment as you wish!

See you in Chapter 5.



 In the beginning, Quicksilver City was like this:


And now, a few weeks after the publically-chosen development was officially opened, it looks like this:


Indeed, it has not changed a bit.

The mayor of Quicksilver City, Simtropolis, was sacked yesterday after a revolt of angry Sims waiting for their houses to be built (which clearly wasn't going to happen) staged a lock-in protest outside the Mayor's house.

It was decided to abandon the democratic system and return to a standard procedure in Sim Nation - build the city with a dice. 

The dice was elected Mayor 2 hours after Simtropolis' sacking.

As such, it meant that Quicksilver City was open to completely random constructions. As it said on its inauguration, to quote from the site rules:

"Quicksilver City is no longer a democracy. Think of it as an extortionate Christatorship."

And construction begins...today.

So can I just use this opportunity to officially scrap the interactive part of the CJ (as nobody used it). This means that you no longer have control over Quicksilver City - it has been transferred to a dice.

Now all events of QSC are completely random.

Let's see how it goes! It should be fun!

I will update whenever possible.

Oh, by the way, I know it's a little late now, but happy Easter everyone.

See you whenever...


PS You can still make suggestions as to what should happen - but it's up to the dice as to whether it wants to listen...

Hello again,
Thanks for your comments - they are appreciated.
Now that this ICJ has been established and there is good interest in Quicksilver City (a whopping 61 views!), let's get down to business. This is how this whole thing is going to work:
Your mission is to make Quicksilver City a vibrant attractive metropolis. To do this, you are going to need to decide what is going to happen, where and when.
This is a very simple process, and is explained below:
1. If you want something to happen, just post and say! Unlike my previous ICJ, whatever you say goes! Just bear in mind that a) it does have to be reasonable (i.e. no mega-huge airports or landmarks before time or stupid pointless additions to Quicksilver City) and b) bear in mind that this applies to everybody. If someone objects to your idea then it wonít happen. End of story. 
2. Please be specific when making requests - in other words, don't just say what you want - say where you want it to go and the type of construction that you'd like (if appropriate) e.g. instead of 'build a bridge across the river' say 'build a cable-stayed highway bridge across the river by the sea' so I can deliver what you really want and you don't get upset.
3. Last one. I appreciate that some of you are passionate souls and that this might lead to conflicts with other passionate souls regarding city decisions. If that is the case, then the next neutral person (i.e. not involved in the dispute) to have their say will get their say. That sound fair? 
Now, a quick word about updates and custom content and then I'll stop droning.
Because my SC4 PC is different to my Internet PC which I do not have constant access to, I cannot offer any guarantees as to when I will update the CJ. Sorry. I will try to update as frequently as possible (hopefully no less than every week), but you will have to be patient. What I can guarantee, however, is that when I do update, I will reply to all posts made since my last update. OK?
And finally, Custom Content:
As of 2/4/09, I have the following major custom content installed:
  • NAM 01/09
  • RHW 3.0
  • SAM v3
  • HSRP
  • RAM (STR recently released version)
  • CAM
  • Diagonal Edges Mod
  • Edmonton Water Mod
  • Edmonton Transport Map Mod (I think)
  • PEG Canal Kit
  • PEG Port Set
  • Kevdan25's restaurants
  • Bridge Height Mod
  • Hole Digging Lots
These are mods that I will use in Q.S.C. if appropriate or if requested. However, if you would like any other custom content implemented into Q.S.C., then just say and leave a link and I will be more than happy to download it and put it in.
That's all folks.
Now let's get down to business.
HELLO, one and all, and a very warm welcome to a very special City Journal.
A very special interactive city journal, to be more precise.
Now, a minority few of you will be thinking 'You've tried this before'. And you'd be right. This is my 2nd crack at an interactive city journal and my 2nd city journal on ST.
In December of last year I created the Democratia ICJ, in which ST members were entitled to make democratic decisions on the development of a self-made island region.
And it was a spectacular failure. It lasted about 6 weeks and never made pg 2.
But it also taught me a few vital 'tricks of the trade'. And now I am going to have another go with a different region and a different system, and, with your support, we can hopefully put this one beyond 6 weeks and onto multiple pages!
I'll explain how it works some time; but first, let me tell you the (brief) story of Quicksilver City.
The Story of Quicksilver City
Sim Nation was in crisis. The demand for homes was huge, and supply of viable regions and cities was scarce. The island of Democratia had gone bankrupt, and on the mainland, it was not good either. Milton Keynes had gone one redway too far. The regions of Barrier Islands, Invermere Lake and Mount Robson had been given up on. Fairview was struggling to make a few dollars. And GRV was under strict building laws, making it unattractive to residents and fat cats.
As if this wasnít bad enough, Sim Nation was affected by the global economic situation massively.
For the good of the country, the central government decided that something had to be done. Their solution: create a one-tile region developed into a metropolis by the people, for the people. After much searching, they thought they had the perfect spot:
It had everything they were looking for. And they decided to make this the 1-tile region, named 'Quicksilver City'. Developers rushed in and the decision-making was about to begin.
However, they then found out to their horror that about 200 people had set up a small community on the western edge of the new region:
The developers (and everyone in Sim Nation) were even more dumbstruck when the locals told them that they weren't having this development. They were quite happy with their little slum hole, thanks very much.
But thankfully, after a very fierce battle, the locals agreed to develop as long as everyone (including themselves) decided what was to be built, where, and when.
The story leaves off there.
And that 'everybody' is you.
Your mission is simple : to develop this place into a thriving metropolis.
Iíll explain the finer points in my next post, but until then, I'll just leave you to comment on what you think so far.
Until then, adios!
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