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Flag of Jesusland as of 2013.

Jesusland is the hypothetical country based on the 2004 meme "Jesusland map" which became viral and was qualified by the New York Times as an internet classic.

"Ohhh ohhh see can't you see? Jesus's back so all clap!"

Jesusland is a democratic presidential federal state with a weak central government, strong state governments and very important military expanses. The Federal government of Jesusland manages only foreign policies, national defense and the rule of dependencies. It is the only remaining country in the world where slavery is legal and was created when the South won the American Civil War. During WWII, Jesusland kicked the Empire of Japan's arses by droping twenty atomic bombs on the island of Honshu. Today this island part of Jesusland's dependency of Japan is a giant wasteland and is the headquarters of the super pharamaceutical corporation, Illness inc. and the energy corporation, Lightsaber.


Flag of Japan as of 2013.

Japan, commonly known in mainland Jesusland as "Nip Wasteland", is a dependency of Jesusland which was liberated from the Devil by the Jesusland marines in the end of 1945, after Jesusland President, Dick O'Riley, "solved" the problems of Japan with the "Houston Project" 's 20 atomic bombs on Honshu. There are two official languages in Japan: japanese, which became a language of its own, mixing American and pre-1945's japanese; and American, which is also wrongly known in the rest of the World as English. Actual President, Gerald Ford, president since 1974, will be 100 years old this year and celebrations will be held in Nirvana and all over Jesusland. Despite the fact that he hasn't made any public appearance for 20 years, President Ford is in great health according to the government official releases.

Jesusland became a major ally of the theocratic state of Iran, the Capitalist Republic of China and the Korean Republic in the actualy Cold War which started in 1945. Its main enemies are the United States of Europe, the Soviet Union and the United States of Canada. The Free Republic of Hokkaido, remains the last Japanese resistence to Jesusland and is strongly supported by the USC and the Soviet Union.

Nirvana is a well known center for sex slavery and slavery in general. In recent days, major corporations from Las Vegas made major purshashes of Japanese slave women for their casinos. Chineses are still the biggest customers of the Japanese slavery market.

Nirvana International Airport is an airport located in Nirvana, capital of Jesusland's dependency: Japan. It is a hub for Japan Airlines.





Some overall views.



*Note for this CJ: This is totally fictive. If you are offended, then ignore this CJ.



100 Circle Farms are kinda famous in the States for being irregular... But guess what, random fact of the day, McDonald's uses potatoes from the 100 Circle Farms for their wonderful French Fries! Well, I was the one who thought McDonald's fries were actually made off of corn and other artificial products, guess it might not be the case...



On the other hand, we have as well the magnificient Boreal Forest which is present in many nordic nations, including in Canada, USA (Alaska), Russia and Scandinavia! But this forest is exploited in many places, not as much as the tropical forest of Amazonia in Brazil, but still quite well... I've personally been in parts of Quebec's boreal forest where there was clearcutting, and it's quite depressing.




This CJ is my recreations of RL cities or areas in the world and I'm describing the place.

I'm starting with Ghazipur's landfill in India. I had a 18 hours trip with Amtrak today and had spare time but the wifi didn't really worked out for me so I had to do something. I had a terrible headache and I didn't really had the will to work on sc4, but I did some work and I ended up doing this:

Just a few kilometers from the impressive Akshardham temple, where Indian and foreign tourists flock to see the structure's sandstone and marble work, the 29-hectare, slum-surrounded Ghazipur landfill in east Delhi seems a world apart. This landfill is New Delhi's largest and oldest, with many waste pickers joining the dogs, cows and crows to survive.



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