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About this City Journal

The story of a city on a peninsula

Entries in this City Journal

Ol' Michiganian

Within a year of it's founding, the small settlement of Halbinsel has grown rapidly in the several-blocks-wide peninsula which gave the city it's name and where it was founded. Work has begun on the Halbinsel & Marquette Railroad, which would connect the fast-growing Halbinsel to the capital of the French Blue Coast, Marquette, on the west coast of the island the nation is located on. A small station was built on Main Street at the then-western edge of the settlement and continued west, with additional stops at Eaton Avenue and 1 Mile Road west of the settlement, reaching what would soon be Burns Center by 1840.


Halbinsel just after the expansion had started. The Halbinsel & Marquette Railroad can be seen heading west (left).


In 1840, a station was built on 10 Mile Road just south of Main Street about ten and a half miles west of Halbinsel along the Halbinsel & Marquette Railroad. As of now, the station is surrounded by forest in rural Burns Township, but it's about to give way to farms and the new town of Burns Center. Notice that the railroad itself is still incomplete.


The settlement of Halbinsel in 1840.

According to the 1840 Blue Coast Census, Halbinsel's population was 1,987 in 1840, with 966 commercial jobs and 1,860 industrial jobs.

Stay tuned for the next update, which will show the farms around Halbinsel County.

Ol' Michiganian

The year is 1839. Several people sailed out from Hamburg, Germany to found a new settlement in the Northern Atlantic. Several days later, they end up in Sherman Bay.


Eventually, they land on a peninsula (the one that's at the tip of the arrow in the photo above) and founded a new settlement. The founders named it Halbinsel (German for "peninsula").


Within a few months, industries, homes, farms and a small business district sprung up on that peninsula.


Stay tuned for the next update, which will chronicle the growth of Halbinsel.

Ol' Michiganian

The187inDetroit is back with a new City Journal! This time, this follows the story of the city of Halbinsel, located in the aptly-named Halbinsel County in the Municipality of Eaton in the nation of Blue Coast (French: Côte de Bleu), which is a fictional nation about 1,000 miles off the coast of Long Island, New York.

Halbinsel is the municipal capital of the Municipality of Eaton. It is located about 200 miles east of Marquette, the national capital of Blue Coast. It is located near the mouth of the Homer River and along the coast of the Sherman Bay. There's also the Wabash River to the north and the Sydney River to the south. The Wayne River marks the boundary line between the municipalities of Eaton (west) and Salem (east). Just east of Halbinsel lie the Gateway Islands, partially in Eaton and partially in Salem.

The Wells Mountains are located just south of Halbinsel. To the west of that are the Homer Hills.

The new region will use the default Maxis terrain and trees and Pegasus' excellent Brigatine Water Mod instead of the default Maxis water. It also uses the latest version of the NAM, SAM, RHW and NWM and will feature many BATs.

The photo below shows most of Halbinsel County, along with some of Salem's Bay County in the southeast corner.


Below is a map of the townships in the area covered by the aerial view above. Halbinsel is located in Sherman Township. There are towns in all of the townships shown here.


Stay tuned for the next update, which will cover the founding of Halbinsel. Until then, thanks for visiting and make sure to leave a comment.

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