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About this City Journal

A Communist State

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The DMZ Teaser


The DMZ between Zerica and the nation who they fought to become an independent state, Alkoul. Two completely different political and economic polices separated by only a few hundred yards.


Today as we tour our glorious city we will see the new international airport that our Great Leader has provided for us. Of course we his people have no reason to use it, we lover our Great Leader so much why would we ever leave our city or country?


Right next to the new airport we have an section of the city for people to own and operate their own business. When our Great Leader announced this plan we his beloved people were worried that our former oppressors will come back to oppress us. Thankfully our Great Leader assured us that this will be called Controlled Capitalism, where the business owner will be allowed to operate but under strict laws. In return our Great Leader will let the owners keep 10% of their total income, that is less than $8,000 a year.

To further show that he loves us look what he built for us! We only pay five cents to enjoy this park!




Hochen County is located just south of our great capital city and the cities main producer of fruits and those veggies that the little ones seem to dislike. Many of the laborers that work the fields live small villages like this one located on the main highway, the name of this village is called Ho Kiyen with a population of 39.


Hochen County also helps produce much power through its 50 wind turbines that also help power our great capital city.



Welcome back to our nations glorious capital city! Our Great Leader built this city from from the ashes after the Revolution against our former oppressors thirty-five years ago. Each person in our glorious city lives in the same layout of an apartment. Three rooms; a bedroom, a bath room and a living room with a small kitchen. Some of us though are rewarded for our service to our Great Leader. I was very happy one day, the Great Leader gave my family a new home that we can live in he gave us in it a washer and dryer and a television! Such joy! That night the Great Leader came over and ate supper with my family!

(Layout of our apartment)


Our apartment is located next to the Great Hall of Law, where the People's National Congress meets to help our Great Leader to decide how to make our lives better.


Many years ago the Great Leader provided us and our children a water canal that after a longs hard days work that we can swim in or wash our clothes in.


Our former oppressors said that our Great Leader doesn't know how to build a country and that Zerica would never grow, the Great Leader proved them wrong and still is!


More beautiful housing near the memorial of the Great Leaders son who was killed in the Revolution against the oppressors.



Zerica City

Welcome comrade to the capital of the People's Republic of Zerica, Zerica City. Isn't a wonderful place to be, our great leader General Mao Hochen shows that he loves his people!


General Hochen, lead a great revolution that destroyed our nations former oppressors. Now we always have a home and a job with great pay! Great Leader General Hochen has given us, his people many things in return we must honor him in anyway we can, even if it means to die for General and country! What a great honor that would be!


Here in the Great Square of Zerica in honor for a our Great Leader we erected a twenty foot statue of him.


Surrounding the Great Square is all the very important government buildings to help our great country run effectively. The Great Leader is seen sometimes however his guards keep him away from the people who love him.


Our city that we live in surrounds the Great Square as protection from our enemies.


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