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A state on the west coast of the US, made up of islands and cantankerous cities.

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This is an update about the Mercer Inlet, a little body of water that makes up the area where most of San Lorenzo's seaports and various nautical things are associated.


Below, you can see a mosaic with Chinatown at the top, and showing the industrial area along the inlet and even a small glimpse of the international airport on the other side of the water. This area used to be very dirty and undesirable, but urban gentrification brought on by high-tech industries is slowly making the area livable, and also quite expensive.


On the other side, by the airport, is a Naval submarine base. Although not nearly as useful as the much larger naval base in Redwood, this place still serves as a reminder of the past. San Lorenzo was once a major Pacific port for building ships during World War II.


There's also another nearby naval station, located in close proximity with the city's cable-stayed Mercer Bridge.


Farther east along the Mercer Inlet are quiet suburbs with desirable waterfront property. Many of the neighborhoods along the waterfront are located near high-tech industrial areas, which has made real estate prices skyrocket.


Thanks to the city's strict environmental codes put in place in the mid 1970s, the water quality in the inlet has drastically improved, and people can enjoy swimming there in the Summer.


Last, but not least, a mosaic of the port and nearby city. Unfortunately it looks like it's going to start raining!


Thanks for reading! :thumb:


You may have heard the old pop song:

"If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"

This update isn't about San Francisco, but a different city north of it.


Here's a new playlist for San Lorenzo's oldies station to put you in the mood.

In the 1960s, San Lorenzo was just like any west coast city. In the year 1965, one of the city's newest monuments was built, called the World Peace square. (Ironically during the controversial Vietnam War)


As you can see, not very many modern glass buildings quite yet. And also some older buildings that were replaced with glass towers in the '80s and '90s.

Jackson Square pretty much looked the same as it does today, without some of the more modern buildings around.


Much of the city's more trendy and cosmopolitan underground was burgeoning in some of the more run-down neighborhoods. One of them, Rockford, is an area near the freeway and was originally known for being a hub for homeless people.


The Fremont District was culturally diverse like it still is, although the Vietnamese & Southeast Asian community that now exists here did not come yet. It would become one of the many neighborhoods to become infested, according to locals, by so-called "flower children."


The city's victorian neighborhoods were attractive to artistic people.



Next thing you know, some of the neighborhoods became filled with colorful shop signs and banners. The most vivacious was the area around Collins Street, which at the height of the counterculture movement became filled with colorful vans and colorful people.


Outside the city & suburbs one could find hippie communities... that is, as long as you knew people who knew other people who knew where to look.

However, after the explosion of Hippie culture into the public conciousness in the area, a couple of the spiritual getaways became more well-known. One such place, run by Guru Abhayasinha (real name Hank Thompson), became infamous when he was arrested by the IRS for fraud.


More pics:




As a bonus, here's a totally trippy picture I made for San Lorenzo university.



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Hey, so I've decided to come back to Simcity after a couple-month long hiatus. I've just gotten caught up in RL schoolwork and other games that I haven't found time for Simcity. I'm also considering getting Cities XL 2012 (which I was originally planning on getting last year but then a different game came out and I decided to get the other one instead :P )

So, anyways, it's kinda hard to get back into the groove of things since I haven't used GIMP in a while. But anyways... today looks like it will be quite rainy in San Lorenzo. Spring isn't exactly known for it's good weather in this part of New Loreto.

The Fremont District is a neighborhood northeast of downtown San Lorenzo. (At the bottom of the pic below) It is considered one of the more culturally significant neighborhoods of the city, due to its multicultural diversity.


The main thoroughfare in the district is Gardenvale Avenue.


On this avenue you will find a dense population of Vietnamese and Cambodian businesses. In particular, Vietnamese Pho soup is very popular.


Also along Gardenvale Avenue is the small Greek community, with their own Orthodox church.


A bit north of the avenue is a large Russian community. So large, in fact, that on the corners of Johnson & Garden Streets is a massive Russian orthodox cathedral. The cathedral is considered one of the city's prettiest buildings.


There is also suggested to be a Russian mafia presence around the area. But regardless, it is a great place to try some Russian and Eastern European food.


And here's some more random pics around the area.







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Hey. I haven't disappeared, just busy with other things. :P

I've added some new songs to these radio stations:




Now for a word from our friends over at K-ALT....

"... huh? What? Oh, sorry about that. I was just busy reading about obscure Nigerian fashion trends on my uTablet. For all you folks out there that don't know, a uTablet is like an iPad only cheaper and even more like an oversized cellphone. But I digress, let's play some music that isn't catchy enough for top 40 radio."

Here's a little update about San Lorenzo State University in San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo State University is one of the oldest campuses in the whole state, and was built in the late 1890s. Most of the students are from San Lorenzo or surrounding country areas. There is also a busy exchange student program which brings many different students from around the world to study.


The university is mostly known for Engineering, but also has many other majors for students to choose from. In the 1980s a Medical school was built nearby as well.


Many of the student housing buildings are located across Hazel Avenue and are considered to be well-kept, aside from the occasional molded pizza slice or beer can laying around. :P


San Lorenzo State University also has a football team, the Flying Equines. Near the center of the campus is a statue of the mascot, the Pegasus.


The surrounding neighborhoods are close to Chinatown & Little Italy, and many of the takeout & delivery restaurants make a fortune off of hungry college students.


There are also some industrial buildings nearby, some of which have been converted or demolished in place of modern offices.

That's all for this update. Thanks for reading!




San Lorenzo's Chinatown area is a district of the city that was filled with Chinese immigrants in the 1800s and early 1900s. Today there are still very many Chinese & various other Asian businesses and residents here.


The central part of the Chinatown district is the Buddhist Meditation Center, one of the oldest Buddhist places of worship in the United States. The current building was built in the late 40s as a donation from a wealthy local businessman.



Nearby Chinatown is the city's baseball stadium. It is located in a formerly industrial area that has, in the past decades, become more technology focused.


A bit east of Chinatown, along Washington Carve Avenue, is Little Italy. This area was historically an area of Italian-descended people and immigrants. Today there are a few Italian restaurants and businesses, but the demographics have mostly changed into a more integrated community.


The area is popular with tourists due to the easy accessibility from the Washington Carver Ave tram.


That's all, thanks for reading this update! :thumb:


Welcome again to San Lorenzo! As you may or may not know, I've mostly redesigned the entire city. I needed a change since the old San Lorenzo wasn't feeling right. For this update, I'll show the downtown area & other things.

San Lorenzo is the largest city in the state of New Loreto. It is the main port and commercial center of the state, which consists of multiple islands. San Lorenzo is located on the island of Santa Rosa.


This is Jackson Square, a popular area located just east of the downtown area. It intersects two of the busiest thoroughfares in the city - Washington Carver Avenue and 3rd Avenue. Around the area are many historic buildings, in particular the St. Lawrence Cathedral.


Here's a mosaic showing Washington Carver Ave at the top with a glimpse of Chinatown, and the city skyline at the bottom. The city's downtown is dense and therefore makes it an unaffordable place to live for most people.


A close up of the US Bank tower & Lawrence Tower - the city's two tallest buildings. The US Bank tower is the tallest, and was built in 1972. The Lawrence Tower was built in 1943 and was one of the tallest buildings west of the Mississippi in its time.


One of the city's most famous landmarks is the Peace Globe in Peace Globe Square. It is considered the center of the city due to its location and importance. The square is surrounded by pine trees, various skyscrapers, and in the center it is dominated by the Peace Globe Sculpture. The sculpture was built in 1965 for the World Pacific Fair. It was dedicated to hope for world peace and was a very popular rallying place for hippies in the late 60s. Locals joke you can still smell patchouli in the surrounding plaza. :P


Another of the city's most iconic landmarks is the Seahawk Building. It was the city's first skyscraper, built in 1915. It continues to be an iconic fixture on the waterfront skyline. There are plans to convert the empty stores in the building into a microbrewery to attract upper-middle class folks.


The city's waterfront is a fun area for people to visit for shopping and dining... particularly Fisherman's Wharf, which is a former fishing port area converted into commercial properties. The main avenue in front of the waterfront is Wharf Avenue. Buildings along Wharf Avenue are the Seahawk Building, some converted lofts, and high-rise office buildings.


Now some random pics...






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Well.... I haven't been posting updates for a while because I decided to almost entirely redesign San Lorenzo. The only part I didn't remove was the downtown area, which I changed a little bit. But otherwise, the other city was starting to feel weird with me always changing it, so I decided to start (almost) fresh.


Sorry about the coffee stains. :P

Anyways, the city is essentially inspired somewhat by San Francisco and Seattle. However, it is a unique city with its own unique landmarks (which technically are BATs of landmarks in other real American cities, but uh... WHO CARES! :P )





Cedarwood is a small city located along the freeway that connects San Lorenzo & Santa Rosa Island with the mainland. It is located in a valley area next to the coastal fishing village of Suqualnut and has become one of the fastest growing areas in the state, due to its proximity to San Lorenzo, while also being comfortable away from much of the congestion of the city.


Despite having grown a lot, the city still contains a lot of small town feel to it.


The city's old city hall is located by Cedar Park, and there is also an old train station that is still in use by passenger trains. Also nearby is a modern library.


The city has recently gone through a bit of a transformation due to the increase in population of middle-upper class families and young adults. This is highly apparent in the old shops by Cedar Park, which have become hipster-oriented cafés and clothing stores.


Cedarwood's downtown is small but contains a couple midrise offices. The tallest building and local landmark is the Nelsson Building, built in 1945. It was built to bring more commerce to the area that was struggling after the Great Depression and during World War II. Also in downtown is the First National Bank and St. James Catholic Church.


The eastern side of town is more spread out and contains mostly chain businesses like groceries, fast food, etc. There's a new spacious fire station that was built in the area to replace the old, compact one.


And of course nearby is the fishing village of Suqualnut... which may merge with Cedarwood if the city continues to grow at its current rate.


And here's an aerial view of both Cedarwood & Suqualnut.


That's it for the update. This update was brought to you by...



As you probably know, San Lorenzo is the largest city in the state of New Loreto.


East of the central part of the city, which is located on a peninsula, is the area of Labordale & North Coolidge. Labordale was originally an industrial area until most of the industrial companies moved elsewhere (mostly to the areas near the seaport and south of North Coolidge. Nowadays, Labordale is mostly commercial and also has some new condominium complexes. The two most prominent structures here are the indoor skating arena, the largest in the state, and the nearby Brimstone Megachurch, a church known for its passionate preachers and spending of money on donations to local socially conservative politicians.


And right near the Labordale area is the historic San Lorenzo State University. It was founded in the 1890s and continues to be a very important center of learning. It is located on University Hill, which is one of a few hills in the central area of San Lorenzo. Although there are a couple other major universities, this campus is the largest and offers the widest range of degrees.


In addition to the classroom buildings on the main campus, there are some off-campus buildings (built off-campus due to space restrictions on the university hill)... these buildings were mostly built after the original campus, with the Medical school being the most recent.


Nearby the university is the area of North Coolidge, commonly referred to as the University District. Although there are dramatic changes due to an increase in population, the area can still use some rejuvination. Regardless, it is very popular with university students with many businesses that cater to young adults. (I.E. Fast food and pencils :P )


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The New San Lorenzo

I've decided to redesign a bit of San Lorenzo. There was just too much of different stuff that made me feel like the city didn't have a definitive style to it. My mission was to make the city feel like an authentic West coast American port city like Seattle and San Francisco. (Both just happen to be my favorite cities in the U.S. :P )

Anyway, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!








That's all for now. :thumb:


Here's a map of the two (main) islands in New Loreto - Santa Rosa & Santismo. The islands are actually seperated by quite a distance, with Santa Rosa Island being far north near the border of California & Oregon, while Santismo Island is more south, and farther off the coast. Because of this, Shaston City is quite isolated from the rest of the state. For that reason, Shaston City is quite different from San Lorenzo.


We're heading now to New Loreto's second largest city. It is Shaston City... a city of sandy beaches, gambling, and nightlife. It also is known for its art deco neighborhoods.


Shaston City is a popular vacation spot because of the numerous beaches and casinos. During the Summer and Spring Break, the city is flooded with drunken tourists and sunburned families.


The most prominent casinos are Carthage and Casablanca, themed after an ancient Roman colony and North Africa respectively. Casablanca is the oldest one, and was originally just the fancy Moroccan-style structure. The taller part was added in the late '70s.


Another famous casino is the Four Queens casino, which is popular because it is the most affordable.


And ANOTHER casino, also famous, is the Treasure Cove Resort. It is pirate-themed and second most affordable casino in the city.


The city contains many condominium and apartment buildings near the shore, with great views of the beach and ocean.


The city also contains a freeway system that keeps traffic coming from and going into the city. The city does have a tram system connecting the Stone Ravine, Downtown, and southern parts of the city, but otherwise the city is dependent on automobile use.


Stone Ravine is a suburb where the Stone Ravine Shopping Center is located. It is the largest mall in the state of New Loreto. It just recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of its construction.


Near the central part, in the area of Torino Beach, are Art-Deco style houses. These architectural sites have made this city very notable... sometimes referred to as the Miami of the west coast. This contrasts to the brownstones and victorian townhouses of San Lorenzo.


And finally, Landaro Boulevard, considered the raunchy entertainment center of the city. In recent years the area has improved as far as family-friendliness goes, but it's still not recommended to go there at nighttime. In its heyday, this area was a center for rock & roll venues with wild after parties.


Thanks for reading!!




Redwood is the state capital. It is a city located in the far north-eastern tip of the island of Santa Rosa. It is the center of politics for the state of New Loreto, and also is home to a Naval base. The city also has a prominent hydroelectric dam system connecting Lake Opekoi to the ocean.


For the most part, the city is quite livable and considered the healthiest city in New Loreto because of the large number of joggers and active people. The city has a large amount of classic small-town American architecture, but also larger office buildings and government structures. The city also shares many of the same radio stations with San Lorenzo, such as Radfm, K-Ko and K-ALT.

"You're listening to

K-ALT... where apathetic college students listen to whatever we play. I'd like to make a shout out to our listeners in the state capital Redwood, without you guys our state government would get nothing done. Actually, our state government gets nothing done even WITH you guys. However being a pessimistic art student, I'd rather not bother with politics. I just splatter paint across an empty canvas, display it in the university student commons and call it a political statement."


The state capitol is the main landmark of the city, built in a Beaux-Arts design in the 1920s. Across from the capitol is a modern shopping center & the historic Waterton Building.


The city's other landmarks include the St. Catherine Episcopal Cathedral (at the top of the mosaic below), Waterton building (the neo-gothic looking building), and the Fallen Soldier memorial (in the next picture).


The Fallen Soldier Memorial is a mausoleum structure that is located in the city's Military Cemetery.


A pic of the cathedral & surrounding area. It's a densely developed area with high real estate value. In front of the cathedral is a small park that is commonly used for community picnics, some of which are meant to promote a political agenda.


Across the connecting Lake Opekoi waterway from the downtown area is the affluent neighborhood of Kirkhill, which is where the governor & various other politicians live. It is the location of the Kirkhill Prepatory School, a very expensive boarding school that prepares kids for high-level universities.


Here's the Fort Redwood Naval Base. It is the only military base of its kind in the state. The other military base in the state is located near Shaston City.


And finally, a region view of Redwood:


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Tony Bushowitz is up to some more shenanigans. He has been promoted and is now NLN's main reporter for events around the city.


Tony rushes into the newsroom of NLN.

Sandra (the boss's secretary): Hello Mr. Bushowitz.

Tony: Hello!

Sandra: Nice to see you, but you're late from your lunch break.

Tony: Yea, sorry, I know. It's a long story which could be best described as a symphony of car horns on the downtown freeway.

Sandra: Well, I told the boss that you weren't here because you were completely immersed in researching about the Chinatown restaurant food-poisoning cases. I figured I'd save your butt since you're usually so punctual.

Tony: *sigh of relief* Thank you Sandra! I actually have been researching quite a bit for this thing. Speaking of which, when is my new cameraman coming in?

Sandra: He's actually been waiting in the news van for some time. He doesn't speak much English, though. He was speaking in Chinese I think.

Tony: Okay, well thanks for the warning. See you later!


Tony runs to the news van, located in the nearby parking lot, and gets into the front passenger seat. The new camera man is sitting in the driver seat.

Tony: Hi, I'm Tony. Uhhh, you must be the cameraman.

Cameraman: *huge smile* 你好!

Tony: *argh* Umm..... Ni hao?

Cameraman: BUAHAHAHAHA! Dude, I'm totally messing with you. I don't even know Chinese except a few words, and most of them are entrees at the Panda Box restaurant.

Tony: *whew* Wow, that's a relief. I thought it was going to take a long time to explain everything. Of course it wouldn't be the first time NLN hired a foreign worker with little English speaking abilities. Where ARE you from?

Cameraman: My name's Mike, and I was pretty much born and raised in this city. I'm actually not even ethnically Chinese, my parents are Korean.

Tony: Well, Mike, I'll tell you what. You cut the crap and let's get on with this news broadcast.

Mike (Cameraman): Oh come on, man. Lighten up. It's not like you're doing a report on sewer alligators or something. Haha.

Mike starts up the van and drives, leaving the parking lot and heading towards Chinatown.


Mike: So we're going this way to Chinatown, right?

Tony: Yes, turn right by the Bhutanese temple. Then left by the Chinatown gate.

Mike: Say, what restaurant was it that had the food poisoning? Because I just went to the Panda Box for lunch so I don't want to spend the night hugging the toilet. Haha!

Tony: I hate to break it to you but, it is Panda Box.

Mike: Oh crap... well, it won't be the first time I've spent the night sleeping on the bathroom floor.

(awkward silence)

Tony: I need to get this thing finished. It's driving me nuts!

Mike:You need to relax a little. Hey, maybe you'll meet a cute girl and exchange numbers! Haha!

Tony: *sigh* This is going to be a long day...


Tony: Okay here, park near the restaurant. We'll start recording in front of it.

Mike: Right on! Haha! Let me just get out this filming equipment. While I was waiting an hour for you to arrive, I was really trying to learn to use this camera. I think I have all the buttons and gizmos figured out!

Tony: Say, Mike. Can I ask you something?

Mike: Sure Tony!

Tony:Well, you seem to have an...... interesting personality. But I tend to be kind of monotone when I speak. I don't want to be 'boring' to the viewer. How can I be a bit more entertaining or enjoyable to watch?

Mike: Hmmm... let's see. OOOH! Tell a joke! It usually works for me.

Tony: Okay, well let's just start filming. Maybe it'll just come to me.


Tony: This Tony Bushowitz, in Chinatown for NLN's Lorenzo News 7. I'm here at the Panda Box restaurant, and we will be asking the owner, Mr. Dan Wong, some questions.

Tony & cameraman enter the restaurant.

Tony: Mr. Dan Wong, we would like to ask you some questions about the...


Tony: Listen, we just have some questions to ask. It won't be too long.

Dan Wong: Well, I do look pretty good in the camera, and my bald spot is unnoticeable. Okay, fine.


Tony finishes watching the broadcast in the newsroom with Mike.

Tony: Well I guess that wasn't a complete failure.

Mike: C'mon, you did great. You need to loosen up a bit.

Tony: I think you're right. This new promotion has really made me a bit uptight.

Mike: Yeah! And I loved your pun about how the owner said he had a "lo mein"-tenance kitchen! HAHAHAHA!

Tony: I'm hoping everyone will forget about that.

This update was brought to you by...



I've made San Lorenzo located on a peninsula, because it looks better in my opinion. I also redid Chinatown, and added in a new neighborhood inspired by San Francisco.



Below is how I changed Chinatown a bit. Before it looked a bit too gritty, but I think now it looks much more pleasant without losing any urban style to it.


The 'new' neighborhood is Kingsway, which is known for having historic victorian-style terraced houses. During the late 1960s, it was a haven for hippies and continues to be a largely artistic community.


Below, next to the park, you can see two of the city's museums: the Museum of Natural History (on the left) and the Museum of World History (on the right).


..And I'll finish off this update with a region view of San Lorenzo.



This is a short update about Montrose Valley. It is an area located in the east of the Santa Rosa Island (formerly Stratford Island, which to me was a name that didn't fit the island well) It is a valley through which the freeway between San Lorenzo and Redwood passes.


Montrose is a quaint town that caters mostly to people from San Lorenzo who visit on the weekends. The most notable places in the town are the old church, the park, and the main street lined with antique shops and wine bars.



Outside of the small town are fields of grapevines. There are large companies that run these vineyards, along with smaller, independent vineyards. Chateau d'Coeur is one of the large corporations, making wine that is sold mostly in grocery and liquor stores in San Lorenzo and other cities.




Thanks for reading!! This update was brought to you by...





So... this is probably, maybe the last update I'll do on the city of San Lorenzo for now. I've been spending too much time trying to mess around with the city so I feel like maybe I need to take a break from it. :P For my next updates I'll probably either show rural areas or Shaston City.

I like to think of San Lorenzo as a little bit of Seattle and San Francisco with New York brownstones. However, it is also a unique city.


The waterfront near downtown is one of the city's most charming features. It features a boat dock, marina, and various entertainment venues and activities.


In the 1930s until the end of World War II, the area was a ship-building port that constructed naval and civilian ships. After the war ended, the area was mostly abandoned until it was redeveloped.



Here's just a scene from Washington Carver Avenue that splits through downtown.


Nearby is the city's most famous building, the Emerald Tower, built in the 40s, and was the tallest building on the West coast until the Space Needle was built in Seattle in 1961.


Thanks for reading!


So..... I've done more alterations to San Lorenzo. I just felt like the city wasn't..... Western enough. San Lorenzo is a west-coast city, but I've always designed it like it was an Industrial East-coast port. Well, I have to balance it out. A lot of inspiration for the city comes from San Francisco, even though New Loretians don't like Californians. :P

The big modern structure at the top of the picture below is the Naval Museum. I also moved the arena and in it's place put a lovely little park, since I realized the central part of San Lorenzo did not have a park!! :dead:



Like San Francisco, San Lorenzo encounters heavy fog in the sky, caused by the lateral transfer of temperature by wind blowing over cooler water. (Yes, I copied that part from Wikipedia :P). This type of fog occurs in coastal Mediterranean climates like that in California and New Loreto. It usually happens either early in the morning or later in the evening.



And now, just a bunch of random pics!






Thanks for reading!


This update will take a look at one of the city's newest residential structures, called the Bridgeview Heights Condominiums. First, here's a little skyline picture I 'shopped. (I'm starting to enjoy this :P) It's actually originally a picture from Oakland, California, which is among many inspirations for San Lorenzo. I'd go into further detail, but that's an entirely different update :lol:


Anyways, here we head over to the new condos, which are conveniently located in St. Raphael right by the scenic Lawrence Island Bridge.


You can tell the towers have made an impact on the skyline. Some more luxury high-rise residential structures are being proposed to be built in the same area. However, due to the nearby airport, there are height restrictions in the area.


The proximity to the bridge makes it easy to jump on the freeway & commute downtown, and the towers are also located by the St. Raphael Shopping Center.

Anyways, it's a sunny day in San Lorenzo. A great time to be outside and having fun.


Now, another structure has also been completed in San Lorenzo - the Mark di Lorenzo Auditorium, named after a historic Italian-American figure who was one of the founders of the city after the territory was acquired by the U.S.


Thanks for reading! This update was sponsored by...




San Lorenzo is going crazy about the news that the Hawthorne Center was demolished just as entertainment to the owner of the building.

(In reality, I began hating that building because it stuck out too much. :P )


Here's some random mosaics of downtown & whatnot. Below is the Downtown area, which is of course the center of San Lorenzo. It is the largest city in the state of New Loreto.


Below is the area of Little Italy. This area seems entertaining and quiet during the day with it's plentiful Italian eateries, but it also has a dark side. Since the 20th century, the Italian mafia has lurked in this area. Of course nowadays, the mafia mostly does its dirty business at the seaport and industrial areas, but there are still occasions you will find a dead body floating near the Naval pier by Little Italy.


San Lorenzo is and was historically an industrial city. For years the city was a ship-building port, until the end of World War II when all of the shipyards were abandoned and redeveloped.

At the top of the mosaic below is Chinatown. The most notable landmark in Chinatown is the Bhutanese Buddhist Center.


That's all! To end this update, I'll show a full size of the Arrivederci's advertisement.


(I 'shopped the skyline :P)


Suqualnut Harbor is a town on the southern coast of Stratford Island (which is the island on which San Lorenzo & Redwood are located). It is usually just referred to as "Suqualnut" or "The Harbor" by locals.




For some reason the town is well known for Wine-tasting, even though the area isn't exactly a wine producing region. What people don't realize is that the wine they're tasting is just bought from the nearby grocery store. :P However, the local Fish & Chips and Clam Chowder are very delicious.


Along main street you'll find a lot of places to shop... such as the handbag clothing chain "Totes fo'Shotes" or you can by Arts & Crafts. You can also grab a bite to eat at the Pastrami Cafe & Deli or the Pasta Rasta.


One of the historic buildings is the Swedish Lutheran Church, which is a testament to the many Swedish immigrants who moved to this small fishing town.


East of the town is the Suqualnut Casino, owned and operated by the local Suqualnut Indian Nation. The casino makes a lot of revenue, so some shopping centers and housing developments have been popping up nearby.

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Waynesburg is a pleasant little town located east of San Lorenzo. It is considered a highly livable place because of the great schools & small town feel. It takes a little while for businesspeople to commute in their SUV's to San Lorenzo, but the high education & low crime statistics are worth it.


Waynesburg's downtown is a quaint area with plenty of businesses and venues. The town is quite a drive from San Lorenzo, but is still busy during the day.


The town has some good examples of 19th century architecture.



Undoubtedly, the town's most famous eatery is the "Lotsa Spaghetti" Italian Restaurant, which is well known for its, well, spaghetti.


Of course, small town life can be REALLY boring. So the town has a "Totally Emo" fashion store on main street.


Thanks for reading! This update was brought to you by




Let's take a gander at what new things San Lorenzo has since we've been gone. (Oh, btw... ignore the street textures. I've tried changing them back to the American style, but whatever. :whatevs: Let's just say the two-way roads are painted with white stripes because this state thinks it's better than everyone else :P )

First, here's a mosaic view of the downtown area as it is today. It's sunny but only a little warm.


The city's newest tower is the Hawthorne Center, designed by a Spanish architecture group. Surprisingly, the construction was very quick and efficient.


The structure has met some controversy, because some small businesses and shops were forced to pack up and relocate. However, the protests of the shop owners and locals were no match for the massive power of corporate interests.


Although the construction for the Hawthorne Center was quick and efficient, the site of the old Arena is still a construction site... not much has changed due to funding issues.


Around Globe Square, a new company has moved into the sleek modern Harborside Plaza 234. The company is "Intertube, inc" which specializes in Internet...stuff. To be honest, nobody really knows what exactly people do in there.


And with all of these new changes, of course the historic Lawrence Tower stands proudly as it has since the early Great Depression.


And finally, another mosaic...



Welcome to a wasteland of obscurity, nonconformity and undergroundness.

I've decided from now on, all of my CJ updates will be obscure and underground. Regular CJ updates are SOOOOO mainstream. *scoff*

I will tell you now, I am NOT hipster. I AM a nonconformist... a freak of culture... someone who claims to not follow trends when in reality I'm just like millions of other disenfranchised young adults in their early 20s. And yes, I wear glasses even though I don't actually need them.


You know what? I knew about San Lorenzo before you people did. I hate it when cities go mainstream.


This a picture of some area, it's pretty obscure though. You see? I know about a area you don't. That makes me superior.


I live on coffee... everyday. I usually drink my favorite coffee drink... a Mocha-Choca Latte Frappe with whipped cream and Peppermint sprinkles, chilled. Then I read novels on my iPad.


Whatever. This thing is over I guess.Mindless mainstream sheep. :whatevs:


Happy April Fools day!! :thumb::P



Why hello, there. I've reposted this update because I accidentally published a draft I made... a couple days before publishing it... so it got all buried. :dead:


Pinedale is constantly voted as the happiest suburb in the entire city, because of the beautiful coast, majestic pine trees, shopping outlets and family-run businesses. It's the perfect place to raise kids and have a family. In contrast with the rest of San Lorenzo, which consists mostly either of working class or a tiny percentage of wealthy people, Pinedale is a mostly middle-class suburb.

Anyway, I, Tony Bushowitz, am going to Pinedale to report on some crime activity there.


Tony: "Okay Ralph, remember to go across the Sandolito Bridge."

Ralph: "I'M NOT STUPID, Tony."

Tony: "Sorry!"

Ralph: "I don't like you acting so condescending."

Tony: "Sorry.... geez."

....*awkward silence*...

Ralph: "Let's turn on the radio."

Radio: "This is K-12 ALT. We play songs that are by far superior to popular hits. Then, we play those songs over and over again until you go nuts."

Tony: *sniff*

Ralph: "What's with you?"

Tony: "Sorry, these kinds of songs just makes me cry."


Tony: "Shut up! You cry every time they play '80s power ballads."

Ralph: "WHAT? Who told you that?"

Tony: "Oh, I heard it from a coworker."


Tony: "You know, I was going to be a police officer."

Ralph: "REALLY?"

Tony: "Yeah, but then I accidentally bumped into a cop once and caused the handcuffs on a convicted arsonist to break free."

Ralph: "Yikes."

Tony: "Indeed... I hear he's still on the run somewhere. Probably in Redwood wanting to burn down the capitol building. He hated Senator Honeybucket."

Ralph: "Did you get in trouble?"

Tony: "Did I? I spent the night in jail. It was awful."


Tony: "Okay, we're in Pinedale. We're just very lost.... in a very nice neighborhood if I do say so."

Ralph: "This place is ritzy! The closest thing we have to a driveway in my neighborhood is the alley that goes behind my neighbor's house."

Tony: "There's the mall! pull over!"


Several minutes later...

Tony: "Hi, I'm Tony Bushowitz with New Loreto News. I'm here at the Pinedale Shopping Center where a shooting took place in the food court, injuring several people. Here on my right is a witness to the crime, Mitch Willows.

Mitch: "It was HORRIFYING! I saw the crazy man flip out at the ChickenTacoLand because they wouldn't add extra Super Spicy Salsa on it. He pulled out a gun and started randomly shooting people, screaming 'I WANT CHICKEN. I WANT TACOS. I WANT CHICKENTACOLAND!' -you know, like on the commercials."

Tony: "That sounds terrifying!"

Mitch: "It was! I was so scared, I dropped by double fudge sundae and spilled it all over my shirt. What a waste of 3 bucks!"


Tony: "I also spoke with a local criminal, who was shocked and disappointed by the event."

Criminal: "What a shame. This town has always been so quiet, with only silent crimes happening. I mean, when I rob a home, it's usually quietly at night time while the homeowner's family is on vacation in Acapulco. I'd never go so low as to random cause a ruckus in a shopping center."

Tony: "As you heard, it was a horrific, and slightly idiotic crime. ....um, back to the studio."


Maybe Pinedale isn't THAT happy. Any town with an emo clothing store next to a flea market isn't as happy at all. Not to mention all of the small businesses in the "downtown" area are being plucked out, one by one, to be replaced by an extension to the shopping center.


Hey, I'm Tony. As you know, you probably know me as that reporter that you see on Channel 6 NLN news. If not...then... I guess you're missing out on a lot. Anyways, I'll show you how I get from the station to the scene that I go to when reporting on an event or interviewing someone. Ralph drives the truck, and he is absolutely nuts... he also uses the filming equipment.

Did I mention he's absolutely nuts?


Tony: “Remember, drive safer this time. I almost got whiplash last time.”

Ralph: “Oh, quit crying like a little girl. Come on, live on the fast lane for once!”

Tony: "Come on, you know I'm sensitive."

Ralph: "Sensitive? HAH! More like neurotic!"

Tony: "Eff you, Ralph."

*Ralph snickers*

Ralph: “Let's see what's on the radio...”

Radio: You're listening to K-Ko fm, where we play popular music and umm... well, commercials and stuff. Our DJs are void of personality, just like the celebrities they gossip about!



Tony: “Really?”

Ralph: “Yea, what's wrong?”

Tony: “Nothing, I just always assumed you were into AC/DC or something.”

Ralph: “What makes you say that?”

Tony: “Well, for one thing, you're wearing a AC/DC t-shirt.”

Ralph: “Oh, well I bought it at the store because it was on sale. I actually prefer Metallica."

(2 minutes later...)

Tony: “Shouldn't you slow do-”


Tony: “WHAT THE HECK?? You just hit another car!”

Ralph: “Sorry dude.”

Tony: “Luckily we crashed into another New Loreto News van so we won't be sued.”

*driver from other newsvan shouts*

Ralph:“YEAH YEAH, SAME TO YOU PAL! I haven't exactly had a great day either!”

Tony: “Let's just get to O'Malley's pub to interview that psycho cat lady.”


Tony: “What the... are we going through CHINATOWN now?? The place for the interview is in the opposite direction!”

Ralph: “It's a scenic detour. Plus I want to check if Wong's is open for lunch yet.”

Tony: "Isn't it kind of weird how the stripes on this road are white and dotted even though it's not a one way street?"

Ralph: "I blame it on the city government. We pay all these taxes and they screw it all up! Stupid politicians."

Tony: "I guess. Either that or this state is seceding to join the European Union."


Tony: "Okay, Ralph... we're in Little Mesias now."

Ralph: "Yes, I know... I wanted to see if El Pollo Rabioso would be open since that Chinese place is closed."

Tony: "Let's go..,"

Ralph: "¡CÁLLATE!"

Tony: ¡"VAMOS AL LUGAR donde tenemos una entrevista!"

Ralph: "Well geez, no need to get all Telemundo on me."

Tony: "I knew a year of Spanish in college would do me good."

*7 minutes later*

Tony: “Finally, we're near the location. And it took only.... 15 minutes?”

Ralph: “See, I'm punctual.”

Tony: “We were supposed to be there 5 minutes ago.”

Ralph: “Oh...”

Tony: “It's right over there, you almost passed it.... No wait DON'T BACK uh----- oh crap. I think you just backed into a car.”


Tony: “Oh no. That's a cop car. Oh no...."

Ralph: "Don't panic, I'll use my assertive personality to convince the officer not to fine us."

Tony: "This is going to go on my permanent file. I'm going to be ostracized by everyone I know!"

Ralph: "SHHH! Here he comes..."

Tony: "You mean 'she'."

Officer: "Hello fellas. I'm Officer Brittany Wallace with the San Lorenzo Police Department. I believe you guys just backed into my car."

Ralph: "Uhh... mmmu.......I ju..... uhhh.... ummm..."

Let's just say we spent the rest of the afternoon filling out paperwork at the police station and the office.

(If you're wondering why the stripes on the streets are Euro instead of American, the real blame lies with my plugins folder. Although I have my European files in one folder and my American files in another, for some reason the road textures are quite f'ed up. I tried fixing it; but only zoned areas, curved roads and diagonals are yellow-striped. I figure I'll just deal with it and try my best to make my cities look good despite the ugly roads. I'll just make a note that the infrastructure department in New Loreto is crappy. :lol:)


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