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The small town of Coldwater settled 11 miles west of New Haven, along the Steamer-Schipper Railway in 1898. Now the only surviving picture of what the town first looked like was taken back in 1909 when the community had a population of 281. At this time Coldwater was larger than New Haven by 3.9% population wise. The small town had everything a small rural town needed. From 1908 to 1949 Coldwater was the Haven county seat during this time the community roughly stayed the same. In 1945 the Steamer-Schipper Railway Co announced that they'd be closing the line going through Coldwater.

(Coldwater era 1909)


Even with the building block that helped grow the town gone forever and now rusting away, the residents managed. However though with their neighbor to the west growing at a fast pace, many that lived in the town started to move to New Haven. Over the years (1979-1990) the town looked more like a ghost town, well it was becoming one.

(Andrew St: era 1987)


Then on July 18, 1991 the last resident of Coldwater died in her home, Sarah Andrews was 97. The town become a safe haven for arsonists, burning whatever they wanted, after all who would really notice? Well then on May 1, 1998 they whole town burned to the ground, when fire crews from New Haven and surround areas arrived they were to late.


Today there is only one house that survived the fires over the years. The only real viable sign from afar that there was once a town here is the old watertower that looks over a once prosperous community, now buried under ashes of its former self.



Since the last time we came to New Haven the city was still small around only 3,000 strong filled with middle class families. But now in 2007 New Haven is around 9,000 strong with a strong middle and upper class of residents. There are now three schools that inhabit the city, Lower Side Elementary that the upper class sends their children to and Parker Elementary that the rest of the city sends their children to. since the last time we visited New Haven the school has built a beautiful softball and baseball fields.


An aerial-veiw of the Lower South side of the city where New Havens rich primarily live. You can see how the city has grown with a new Target that was built in 2005. In a week the city will be celebrating its 50th Vintage Days, but however before they get to celebrate it, they must morn the death of many.


It was a sunny muggy August day the city was getting ready for its 50th Vintage Days. Latter in that afternoon the sky turned overcast and a few droplets of rain had begun to fall. At that time there was a funeral at the Holy Trinity Church of Christ located on Main Street(second picture at the bottom). With out warning the cities Main Street and North Side was destroyed by an EF4 tornado packing winds up to 178 mph. The historic Main Street was destroyed, in all 77 people lost their lives; 27 alone were attending that funeral at the Holy Trinity.


Next time we visit the New Haven City Council will re-build and remember those lost that tragic day.


Welcome to New Haven.

Welcome to New Haven the county seat of Haven County. We are very pleased to have you stop by for a chat or for a long visit. New Haven is a small town founded in 1873. The our town is located along the banks of the North River, which flows north to south. From 1873 to 1972 the town hardly changed remained with a population of around 300 all this time.

Vintage Days 1972

Now then you are very lucky to stop by New Haven is having its ninth Vintage Days that last three days. Many in the county consider Vintage Days anymore better than our own county fair! This year

New Haven (July, 1969)




As you can guess during the carnival the most popular attraction would be the fifty foot high Ferris Wheel. With our small town you can see it anywhere you are in town. During Vintage Days it's the tallest structure in town, taller than our water tower!

Nothing much here, but we admire our school. It house elementary, middle school and high school, for the 1971-1972 school year the enrollment was 181! Also just west of the school is Jackson Stadium home of the New Haven Bobcats, who are defending Class 1A state champions, they ended with a 11-2 record!


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