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About this City Journal

The development of the Fairwater Region

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Dixfield Town

Population: 687

One day Sid Dixie was walking along the local river looking for tasty fish to catch for that evening's dinner. Fish were scarce that day so Sid followed the river further downstream than usual. In the distance he noticed a very bright object. Intrigued, he set off to see what it could be. The object was large and yellow, and when Sid got close enough he recognised it; it was a melon!

Parched from his extensive fishing trip, Sid decided to take a break and enjoy one of the melons. This was the tastiest melon Sid had ever eaten. He enjoyed it so much that he ate two more melons, abandoned his fishing trip, and returned home with enough melons for his wife and young child.

Ever since stumbling across the tasty melon patch Sid would always stop by on his fishing trips to eat a melon, and put an extra one in his bag to have with that evening's supper. However, the melon field wasn't growing back! Eventually all of the tastiest melons would be lost! Sid was not going to let this happen. He ran back home and proposed that his family set up a farm at the melon patch. His wife, also a melon connoisseur, agreed.

Just two weeks later Dixfield farm was established. Sid and his wife worked hard to bring the melon field back to life. Their efforts paid off and they now had a plentiful supply. News of the Dixies' farm spread and melon enthusiasts from all over the state came to visit. Some very frequent visitors eventually decided to move near the farm. This pleased the Dixies as they now had a small community to share their love of melons with.

It wasn't long before enough people moved in and transformed the single farm into Dixfield Town. Dixfield officially has the best melons in the whole state. Melons are the town's primary export and source of income.

Aerial Photos


DixfieldTown. A wind turbine provides clean electricity. Pollution in the town is minimized to keep the melon crop healthy.


The Dixies' farm. Many of the Dixies' family and close friends live on the farm.


Some of Dixfield's first houses to not be build on farmland. The residents helped to construct a green parkland area in the center of the Farmland Woods housing estate. The water tower provides fresh drinking water to all the village's buildings.


The town is still expanding as more melon farmers move in.

Satellite Photos


Dixfield is located in the north west of Fairwater, along the river Kane.



Hello, this city journal will follow the development of the Fairwater region. The region starts off with a few towns and villages. In the future some of these settlements will expand and grow into cities.

I'm trying to keep growth somewhat natural: small communities will grow and merge, and eventually expand into cities. I'm using the by lewellan222.


Region overview.

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